45-3361 A Dose of Rock 'N' Roll
Produced by Arif Mardin
Released on September 20, 1976
US CHART POSITION #26 (charted Oct. 2, 1976 for 9 weeks)
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45-3361 wo. picture sleeve
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Y ou’re feelin’ down? You’re feelin’ blue? You do know that you care, but you don’t know what to do? A dosa rockinrolla do you every time. I was a kid when this was made, and I remember my ears pricking up whenever it came on the radio (which was pretty often). 1976 was Beatlemania all over again: The Beatles had an album (Rock & Roll) and a single (“Got To Get You Into My Life”) on the charts, and the trio of Paul, Ringo and George took their turn dominating the airwaves with “Silly Love Songs,” “Let ‘Em In,” “A Dose of Rock ‘N’ Roll,” “This Song” and (to start off the new year) “Crackerbox Palace.” In fact, 1976 may have been the best year to be a Beatles fan during the ‘70s (it felt that way to me). The flip side is “Cryin’,” a passably good honky tonk ballad that makes the most of Ringo’s strained cords. Both tracks are identical to the elpee versions, by the way.


  1. A DOSE OF ROCK 'N' ROLL    (Carl Grossman)    3:24
  2. CRYIN'    (Vini Poncia/Richard Starkey)    3:17


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US September 20, 1976 Atlantic 7" 45-3361  
UK/GER October 15, 1976 Polydor 7" 2001 694 picture sleeve


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