1876 Only You
Produced by Richard Perry
Released on November 11, 1974
UK CHART POSITION #28 . . . US CHART POSITION #6 (charted Nov. 16, 1974 for 13 weeks)
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1876 wo. picture sleeve
[high resolution scan]

I know what you’re thinking: only an ex-Beatle could score a Top 10 hit with a cover of a moldy oldie like “Only You.” And yet, it just might be Ringo’s best vocal performance on Goodnight Vienna, sounding downright seductive in spots. (Okay, trying to visualize it doesn’t help.) The flip side, “Call Me,” is more in line with what you’d expect from the Velvet Frog, a Starkey original cut from the same cloth as “Don’t Pass Me By.” It’s not an essential purchase since you can get both tracks (and more) with Goodnight Vienna, but I can’t seem to say “no” to that tantalizing Apple label (wrote the child of Eve). Tim Neely's 45 rpm Guide cites an alternate pressing of #1876 with the Goodnight Vienna nebula label in lieu of the apple.


  1. ONLY YOU    (Buck Ram/Ande Rand)    3:16
  2. CALL ME    (Richard Starkey)    4:05


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US/CAN November 11, 1974 Apple 7" 1876 picture sleeve
UK November 15, 1974 Apple 7" R6000 picture sleeve
GER 1974 Apple 7" 1C 006 05764 picture sleeve
JPN 1974 Apple 7" EAR 10670 picture sleeve
YUG 1974? Jugoton 7" SAP 88804  
US 1974 Apple 7PRO P-1876 feat. A mono on flip


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