SD 18193 Ringo's Rotogravure
Produced by Arif Mardin
Released on September 17, 1976
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SD 18193 cover
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I ripped Ringo for Rotogravure the first time round. Despite the same formula, it’s not as good as his last two studio albums. Yes, it has a song each from John, Paul, George. ‘Ton even adds a tune. Rotogravure is a pretty good Ringo record and, really, we couldn’t reasonably expect an album of Photographs. The record contained his last big hit for a while, “A Dose of Rock ‘N’ Roll,” written by Ring o’Records artist Carl Grossman. The contributions from The Beatles range from great (“Cookin’ in the Kitchen of Love”) to good (“Pure Gold”) to awful (“I’ll Still Love You”). Clapton’s “This Be Called A Song” is at least better than it sounds. There’s no denying that, on Rotogravure, the air is leaking out of deRingogible. Starr himself contributes only a few tracks, none of them memorable. Yet the album isn’t bad either, especially if your affections for Ringo run deeper than the (often) errant darts of a (sometimes) surly critic. You certainly can’t go into these things expecting the man to sing well. The middle-period Ringo records are parties, some of them more fun than others. Ringo’s Rotogravure simply isn’t a great party. Maybe the world overpartied in the early 70s, because everyone sounded tired in 1976: the Beatles, Paul Simon, Elton John, etc. While I certainly wouldn’t make this the first album you own (Ringo, Vienna, Blast or Vertical in case you’re wondering), the stuff that followed was pretty terrible, the two albums that kicked it off (Journey, Blues) just curios, so Rotogravure should find its way into rotation eventually, as a little magic still remains.

SD 18193 inner gatefold SD 18193 picture sleeve
SD 18193 inner gatefold SD 18193 picture sleeve


  1. A DOSE OF ROCK 'N' ROLL    (Carl Grossman)    3:24
  2. HEY BABY    (Margaret Cobb/Bruce Channel)    3:10
  3. PURE GOLD    (Paul McCartney)    3:13
  4. CRYIN'    (Vini Poncia/Richard Starkey)    3:17
  5. YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL    (Dave Jordan)    3:15
  6. COOKIN' (IN THE KITCHEN OF LOVE)    (John Lennon)    3:37
  7. I'LL STILL LOVE YOU    (George Harrison)    2:56
  8. THIS BE CALLED A SONG    (Eric Clapton)    3:13
  9. LAS BRISAS    (Andrews/Richard Starkey)    3:33
  10. LADY GAYE    (Vini Poncia/Richard Starkey/Clifford T. Gaye)    2:56
  11. SPOOKY WEIRDNESS    (uncredited)    1:15


RINGO STARR -- vocals, drums, maracas
JOHN JARVIS -- keyboards
VINI PONCIA -- background vocals, vocals
LON VAN EATON -- guitar
Joe Bean -- background vocals
Michael Brecker -- tenor sax
Randy Brecker -- trumpet
Eric Clapton -- guitar (8)
Lewis Delgatto -- baritone sax
George Devens -- congas, marimbas
Jesse Ed Davis -- guitar
King Errisson -- percussion (6)
Peter Frampton -- guitar (1)
Los Galleros -- the Mariachi band (9)
Jane Getz -- keyboards, piano
Robert Greenidge -- steel drums (8)
The "Fab" Harry -- background vocals (10)
Dutch Helmer -- background vocals
Sneaky Pete -- pedal steel (4)
Danny Kortchmar -- guitar
David Lasley -- background vocals
Will Lee -- bass (6)
John Lennon -- piano (6)
Cooker Lo Presti -- bass
The Mad Mauries -- background vocals and claps (2)
Melissa Manchester -- background vocals
Arif Mardin -- electric piano, ARP string ensemble, string & horn arrangements
Lou Marini -- tenor sax (10)
Linda McCartney -- background vocals (3)
Paul McCartney -- background vocals (3)
Gene Orloff -- concert master for strings
Mac Rebennack -- keyboards, guitar, organ
Alan Rubin -- trumpet (1)
Alan Young -- trumpet (2)
George Young -- tenor sax
Lew Hahn -- recording & mixing engineer
David Alexander -- cover photography

UK September 17, 1976 Polydor LP/CS/8T 2302 040/3100 317/3801 180 gatefold cover, lyric sleeve
US/CAN September 27, 1976 Atlantic LP/8T SD/TP 18193 gatefold cover, lyric sleeve
AUSL/BRA/GER/NZ 1976 Polydor LP 2310 473 gatefold cover, lyric sleeve
JPN 1976 Polydor LP MPF-1030 gatefold cover, lyric insert
YUG   RTB LP LP555637  
US August 18, 1992 Atlantic CD 82417  
RUS   CD-Maximum CDX CDM-343 repackaged w. RINGO THE 4TH


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