82097-4 Time Takes Time
Produced by Don Was, Jeff Lynne, Peter Asher & Phil Ramone
Released on May 22, 1992
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J eff Lynne had revived the fortunes of George Harrison and Tom Petty with a liberal sprinkling of vintage pop faerie dust drawn primarily from The Beatles, but was there a bag of the stuff big enough to help Ringo? As it turns out, yeah. Time Takes Time approximates the sound of Full Moon Fever, Cloud Nine and The Traveling Wilburys, with producer Don Was doing a pretty good impersonation of Jeff Lynne (and Jeff doing a pretty poor impersonation of himself, ironically). The first challenge in making a good Ringo Starr record is how to get around that Velvet Smog; after all, Ringo hits so many flat notes he’s almost a human steamroller. Was and the other producers solve that problem by using plenty of backing singers and lots of sparkle. The material also is pretty good to start with, leaning on familiar “pros” like Diane Warren and Johnny Warman. Granted, those names are a specious source of entertainment, but their songs don’t require a compelling vocal performance to succeed (enter Ringo). Ringo does help write a few of ‘em, including “Don’t Go Where The Road Don’t Go,” “After All These Years” and “Runaways” (not coincidentally some of the duller moments on here). I’m not entirely comfortable with ghostwriters appropriating The Beatles’ classic sound (I didn’t like it when The Rembrandts did it either), but I have to admit that “Weight of the World” and “Don’t Know A Thing About Love” in particular are some of the best songs Ringo’s recorded since Goodnight Vienna, and a fair match for the filler of Full Moon Fever at least. If it’s product (and judged by the people involved it must be), Time Takes Time is still good product, which is something of an achievement among Ringo Starr albums. Goodness knows Ringo deserves to build off The Beatles’ success (or any retro revival inspired by them), so I say kudos. A good bit of fortune that couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy -- and it’s about damned time he played all the drum parts!

82097-4 picture sleeve
82097-4 picture sleeve


  1. WEIGHT OF THE WORLD    (Brian O'Doherty/Fred Velez)
  2. DON'T KNOW A THING ABOUT LOVE    (Richard Feldman/Stan Lynch)
  3. DON'T GO WHERE THE ROAD DON'T GO    (Richard Starkey/Johnny Warman/Gary Grainger)
  4. GOLDEN BLUNDERS    (Jonathan Auer/Kenneth Stringfellow)
  5. ALL IN THE NAME OF LOVE    (Jerry Lynn Williams)
  6. AFTER ALL THESE YEARS    (Richard Starkey/Johnny Warman)
  7. I DON'T BELIEVE YOU    (Andy Sturmer/Roger Manning)
  8. RUNAWAYS    (Richard Starkey/Johnny Warman)
  9. IN A HEART BEAT    (Diane Warren)
  10. WHAT GOES AROUND    (Rick Suchow)


RINGO STARR -- vocals, drums, percussion, tamborine
ANDREW STURMER -- background vocals, acoustic guitar
BENMONT TENCH -- keyboards, piano, Hammond B-3, harmonium
Peter Asher -- tamborine, background vocals
Berton Averre -- background vocals
Jeff Baxter -- guitar
Robbie Buchanan -- keyboards
Rosemary Butler -- background vocals
Valerie Carter -- background vocals
Craig Copeland -- background vocals
Kathryn Cotter -- background vocals
Doug Fieger -- background vocals
Wendy Fraser -- background vocals
Bob Glaub -- bass
Andrew Gold -- acoustic guitar, background vocals
Mark Goldenberg -- guitar
David Grissom -- acoustic guitar
Mark Hart -- synth keyboards, guitar, background vocals
Jim Horn -- sax
Mark Hudson -- percussion, background vocals, background vocal arrangement
Raven Kane -- background vocals
Suzie Katayama -- cello
Darlene Koldenhoven -- background vocals
Michael Landau -- guitar
Jeff Lynne -- guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, background vocals, mixing
Roger Manning -- background vocals, acoustic guitar
Jamie Muhoberac -- keyboards
Harry Nilsson -- special guest appearance
Brian O'Doherty -- background vocals, background vocal arrangement
Bobbie Page -- background vocals
Tom Petty --
Andrea Robinson -- background vocals
Stephanie Spruill -- background vocals
Naomi Star -- background vocals
Neil Stubenhaus -- bass
Michael Thompson -- guitar
Carmen Twillie -- background vocals
Jeffrey Vanston -- keyboards, arrangements
Waddy Wachtel -- guitar
Mark Warman -- background vocals
Brian Wilson -- background vocals
Terri Wood -- background vocals
Bill Drescher -- engineer
Ed Cherney -- engineer, mixing
Bob Clearmountain -- mixing
Richard Dodd -- engineer, mixing
Mark Linnet -- engineer
Rik Pekkonen -- engineer, mixing
Frank Wolf -- engineer, mixing
Melanie Penny -- art direction
Mark Ryden -- illustration
Catanzaro & Mahdessian -- photography
Kurt De Munbrun -- design

US May 22, 1992 Private Music CD/CS 82097 lyric sleeve
  1998 BMG Special Products CD 44684  


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