NB7-11-130 Wrack My Brain
(a) Produced by George Harrison (b) Produced by Harry Nilsson
Released on October 27, 1981
US CHART POSITION #38 (charted Nov. 7, 1981 for 11 weeks)
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NB7-11-130 w. picture sleeve
[high resolution scan]

I ’ve gotten to a stage in my writing where the things I accidentally type are more interesting than the things I intend to. For example, in pointing out (in the first iteration of this review) that George Harrison addressed the same commercial block on another song, I typed in the words “Bloof from a Clone.” The concept of bloof—what is it?, what does it look like?, is it something produced in the cloning process or something the clone produces?—was far more intriguing than whatever pedantic thing I was going to tell you about this single. (It sounds like outtakes from Goodnight Vienna. Anybody could have made that connection.) Was a time when I envisioned writing “new” criticism that matched art with art, or at least thought of building a mythological framework from which the legends (Vienna, Ringo) might leap from the page. But lately I’ve taken to carrying the cross of objective criticism, of telling you what an album actually is (and not what it was or wasn’t) in palatable palabras pruned carefully for weeds like “quite” and “hardcore fans.” Yet, If and But and laziness alike have found that garden too commodious. (I think therefore iambic pentameter.) So I’ll resolve to wrack my brain a little harder and write better. To those of you who came here hoping to see something of the single, you did. Fourth sentence. Hope you liked it.


  1. WRACK MY BRAIN    (George Harrison)    2:20
  2. DRUMMING IS MY MADNESS    (Harry Nilsson)    3:30


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US October 27, 1981 Boardwalk 7" NB7-11-130 picture sleeve
US 1981 Boardwalk 7PRO NB7-11-130 feat. A mono on flip
UK November 13, 1981 RCA 7" RCA-166 picture sleeve
FRA 1981 Boardwalk 7" 101575 picture sleeve


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