EGMC 41 Exposure
Produced by Robert Fripp
Released on April 1979
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EGMC 41 cover  

R obert Fripp notes on Exposure that the album was “originally conceived as the third part of an MOR trilogy” -- his work on Peter Gabriel’s second album and Darryl Hall’s Sacred Songs being the first two parts. Exposure is Fripp’s most commercially successful solo album, actually charting in the US and UK, but he clearly had second thoughts about pandering to commercial tastes before creating this. Drawn from some wildly divergent recording sessions between 1977 and 1979, this collection ranges from the soothing ambient sounds of Fripp & Eno to some violent rock recorded with Van der Graaf Generator’s Peter Hammill. In between are Fripp’s re-takes on songs that were recorded for the Gabriel and Hall sessions, including the lovely “North Star” and “Here Comes the Flood.” The intent of Exposure, apparently, is to show off Fripp’s range as an artist, but it’s presented in such a fractured format that the album’s extremes often seem too extreme. Individually, many of the songs are terrific: the Discipline-era Crimson invoked early on “Breathless,” Darryl Hall indulging in the strangeness of “You Burn Me Up I’m a Cigarette,” a cleverly reconstructed version of “Exposure.” But enjoying everything on Exposure is an impossible task -- there’s simply no common thread that holds the songs together, and the very different vocalists tend to make or break the material. Along with The League of Gentlemen, Exposure is a good place for curious King Crimson fans to start in Fripp’s discography, as it comes closest to re-creating the frenetic arrangements and dark energy of that band. It remains a fine sampler of Fripp’s musical interests during his band’s hibernation, but a cogent argument for MOR acceptance it ain’t.

EGMC 41 sleeve
EGMC 41 sleeve


  1. PREFACE    (Robert Fripp)    1:15
  2. YOU BURN ME UP I'M A CIGARETTE    (Robert Fripp/Daryl Hall)    2:22
  3. BREATHLESS    (Robert Fripp)    4:36
  4. DISENGAGE    (Robert Fripp/Peter Hammill/Joanna Walton)    2:47
  5. NORTH STAR    (Robert Fripp/Daryl Hall/Joanna Walton)    3:08
  6. CHICAGO    (Robert Fripp/Daryl Hall/Joanna Walton)    2:12
  7. NY3    (Robert Fripp)    2:16
  8. MARY    (Robert Fripp/Daryl Hall/Joanna Walton)    2:06
  9. EXPOSURE    (Robert Fripp/Peter Gabriel)    4:25
  10. HAADEN TWO    (Robert Fripp)    1:53
  11. URBAN LANDSCAPE    (Robert Fripp)    2:35
  12. I MAY NOT HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF ME BUT I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU    (Robert Fripp/Joanna Walton)    3:40
  14. WATER MUSIC I    (Robert Fripp/J.G. Bennett)    1:27
  15. HERE COMES THE FLOOD    (Peter Gabriel)    3:54
  16. WATER MUSIC II    (Robert Fripp)    6:10
  17. POSTSCRIPT    (Robert Fripp)    0:37


ROBERT FRIPP -- engineer
Barry Andrews --
Phil Collins --
Brian Eno --
Peter Gabriel --
Daryl Hall --
Peter Hammill --
Tony Levin --
Jerry Marotta --
Sid McGinniss --
Terre Roche --
Narada Michael Walden --
Shivapuri Baba -- voice
J.G. Bennett -- voice
Mrs. Edith Fripp -- voice
Mrs. Evelyn Harris -- voice
Ed Sprigg -- engineer
Steve Short -- engineer (9,15)
Jim Bonneford -- engineer (16)
Chris Stein -- design and photography
Amos Poe -- VTR images
Cream -- typography

UK April 1979 EG Records LP/CS EGLP 101 lyric sleeve, postcard
US/CAN April 1979 Polydor LP/CS PD-1-6201 lyric sleeve
GER/NET 1979 EG Records LP 2302 092 map, photo
JPN 1979 EG Records LP MPF-1239  
US July 1985 EG Records LP/CS EGLP/EGMC 41 lyric sleeve
US April 10, 1991 Caroline CD 1557  
GER   Virgin CD 787 209  

Did you know...

...Peter Hammill was brought in to sing on Exposure only after contractual problems prevented Darry Hall from singing most of the leads? (Source: Eric Tamm, "Robert Fripp: From Crimson King to Crafty Master".)


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