81759-1 Can't Wait To See The Movie
Produced by Alan Shacklock (track 2 by Chas Sandford and Alan Shacklock, track 6 by David Foster, track 7 by Jimmy Scott)
Released on July 1987
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81759-1 cover
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T rust me, you can wait. A few tracks on here are very good (“Hearts of Fire,” “Balance On Wires,” “When The Thunder Comes”), but you’ll have to wade through some pretty thick product to find them. Oddly, I don’t blame Roger Daltrey for this album’s shortcomings. He cowrites only two of the ten tracks, a ratio that might redden the cheeks of Ringo Starr even, and he sings them with more emotion than they probably deserve. The production from Alan Shacklock (oh, that Alan Shacklock) lays it on a little thick, but if you can’t make a fuss over Roger Daltrey than who can you fuss over? Daltrey has always been a ready-to-wear romantic on his solo albums, a legend like Bryan Ferry or Rod Stewart who isn’t particular about where his pixie dust settles. If a great singer stoops to sing a mediocre song, is the artist diminished or the author elevated? I guess the real question is whether the audience is cheated, and I’d say no. Roger Daltrey singing contemporary rock songs about love is what he does, unlike the head-scratchers that Pete Townshend releases (The Iron Man, anyone?). Daltrey has always seemed to approach his solo career the way I approach watering plants: it would be nice if they’d flourish, but really I just don’t want them to die. The hit records behind him, Can’t Wait To See The Movie simply keeps Daltrey’s recording career alive. It’s good enough to sustain the faithful, mediocre enough to draw the ire of Daltrey detractors, and irrelevant to the rest of you. However, before the words “singer” and “songwriter” were legally wed in the public’s imagination, this is how music was made. Daltrey’s voice may have grown a little rougher in spots, but his instincts are still spot on. Like Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury, the man’s reputation is already made, so let’s not see any more one-and-a-half stars (out of five) reviews.

81759-1 back cover 81759-1 lyric sleeve
81759-1 back cover 81759-1 lyric sleeve


  1. HEARTS OF FIRE    (Russ Ballard)    5:05
  2. WHEN THE THUNDER COMES    (Chas Sandford/Damon Metrebian)    3:44
  3. READY FOR LOVE    (Kit Hain)    3:29
  4. BALANCE ON WIRES    (Don Snow/Roger Daltrey)    6:22
  5. MIRACLE OF LOVE    (Jimmy Scott/Mark Morgan)    4:36
  6. THE PRICE OF LOVE    (David Foster/Jack Blades)    4:16
  7. THE HEART HAS ITS REASONS    (Jimmy Scott)    4:10
  8. ALONE IN THE NIGHT    (Larry Lee/Richie Zito/Tom Whitlock/Steve Bates)    4:28
  9. LOVER'S STORM    (Gary Usher/Tom Kelly)    3:54
  10. TAKE ME HOME    (Eli/Axel Bauer/Roger Daltrey/Nigel Hinton)    5:46


GARY BARNACLE -- saxophone
TONY BEARD -- drums
PETER BECKETT -- backing vocals
CLEM CLEMPSON -- guitars
MARTIN DITCHAM -- percussion
CHRIS EATON -- backing vocals
LANCE ELLINGTON -- backing vocals
GARY GRAINGER -- guitars
ANNIE McCAIG -- backing vocals
CHAS SANDFORD -- guitars
MIRIAM STOCKLEY -- backing vocals
JOHN VAN TONGEREN -- keyboards
MARK WILLIAMSON -- backing vocals
Bimbo Acock -- saxophone (7)
Russ Ballard -- guitar and backing vocals (1)
Michael Bodicker -- synthesiser programming (6)
David Boruff -- saxophone and synthesiser (6)
Phil Brown -- bass guitar and rhythm guitar (7)
David Foster -- keyboards (6)
Tris Imboden -- drum overdub (6)
Michael Landau -- guitars (6)
Mark Morgan -- keyboards (7)
Richard Niles -- horn arrangement (10)
John Payne -- backing vocals (7)
Jimmy Scott -- backing vocals (7)
Don Snow -- keyboards (4)
Alan Douglas -- engineer
Marc Frank -- remix engineer
Mark Wallis -- mix engineer
Graham Hughes -- concept and photography
Gary Warren -- typography and design
Ozzie of Halcyon Artists Limited -- typesetting and artwork

UK July 1987 10 Records LP/CD DIX/DIXCD54  
US July 1987 Atlantic LP/CD/CS 81759 lyric sleeve
CAN 1987 Atlantic LP 78 17591 lyric sleeve
GER 1987 10 Records LP 208.283.630  
JPN 1987 EMI LP 28VB-1176 lyric insert
  March 1, 2002 EMI CD 576055 postcards
US December 12, 2004 Wounded Bird CD 1759  


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