81269-1 Under A Raging Moon
Produced by Alan Shacklock
Released on September 1985
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81269-1 cover
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R oger returns to what his does best: appropriating other people’s anger. He does get a cowriting credit on four tracks, which is about the same ratio Ringo Starr was averaging, but the better tracks come from familiar names like Bryan Adams, Russ Ballard, Kit Hain and Pete Townshend. The opening “After The Fire” was a moderate hit for Daltrey, with Townshend donating the songwriting royalties to the Band Aid Trust (who knew they had a trust?). The rest of the songs were written in 1981, 1983, 1984 and (mostly) 1985, usually a sign that the artist is elbow-deep in the barrel scrounging for new material. But the material on Under A Raging Moon is actually pretty strong; in fact, it’s hard to understand how a song like “Move Better In The Night” took four years to see the light of day. The backing band this time features members of Big Country (who had been moonlighting as Pete Townshend’s rhythm section), Robbie McIntosh, John Siegler and Nick Glennie-Smith. And now for the awkward moment when I acknowledge that no Roger Daltrey record is a compulsory purchase. I suspect he makes records not because he has to, but because he can, and record buyers should approach his catalog with the same attitude. If you find his vocal style riveting and can tolerate generic rock arrangements in the pursuit of said style, then dive right into Under A Raging Moon. It’s one of the better Daltrey solo records (a statement that’s begging for an asterisk), which is to say better than the albums directly before and after it (Parting, Movies). Of minor interest, the closing “Under A Raging Moon” appears to be a tribute to Keith Moon, with guest solos from Zak Starkey, Stewart Copeland, Carl Palmer and others.

81269-1 back cover 81269-1 lyric sleeve
81269-1 back cover 81269-1 lyric sleeve


  1. AFTER THE FIRE    (Pete Townshend)    4:36
  2. DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS    (Julia Downes/Kris Ryder/Roger Daltrey)    4:12
  3. BREAKING DOWN PARADISE    (Russ Ballard)    4:07
  4. THE PRIDE YOU HIDE    (Nick Tesco/Alan Dalgleish/Roger Daltrey)    4:33
  5. MOVE BETTER IN THE NIGHT    (Chris Thompson/Stevie Lange/Robbie McIntosh/Roger Daltrey)    3:58
  6. LET ME DOWN EASY    (Bryan Adams/Jim Vallance)    4:08
  7. FALLEN ANGEL    (Kit Hain)    4:29
  8. IT DON'T SATISFY ME    (Alan Shacklock/Roger Daltrey)    3:14
  9. REBEL    (Bryan Adams/Jim Vallance)    4:19
  10. UNDER A RAGING MOON    (John Parr/Julia Downes)    6:43


ROGER DALTREY -- lead vocals, harmony voice, backing vocals
MARK BRZEZICKI -- drums, triangle, cabasa, octobans
NICK GLENNIE-SMITH -- keyboards, sequencing, emulator, Hammond organ
ANNIE McCAIG -- backing vocals
ROBBIE McINTOSH -- guitars, strat solo, slide solo
JOHN PAYNE -- backing vocals
ALAN SHACKLOCK -- piano, keyboards, sequencer, emulator, percussion, tambourine, sampling, Hammond organ, acoustic guitar, Fairlight, mixing
MARK WILLIAMSON -- harmony voice, backing vocals
Russ Ballard -- guitar and harmony voice (3)
Tony Butler -- bass (1)
Martin Chambers -- drums (10)
Stewart Copeland -- drums (10)
Mark Feltham -- harmonica
Carl Palmer -- drums (10)
John Parr -- backing vocals (10)
Cozy Powell -- drums (10)
Steve Rance -- Fairlight (10)
Zak Starkey -- drums (10)
Roger Taylor -- drums (10)
Bruce Watson -- e-bow (1)
Will Gosling -- engineer
Mark Wallis -- mixing
Graham Hughes -- concept and photography

UK 1985 Ten/Virgin LP/CD/CS DIX/DIX CD/CD1X 17 lyric sleeve
US September 1985 Atlantic LP/CD/CS 81269 lyric sleeve
CAN 1985 Atlantic LP/CD/CS 78 12691/4 lyric sleeve
GER 1985 Ten/Virgin LP 207.330.620  
JPN 1985 Toshiba LP 25VB-1052  


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