Romeo Void


1981.03       IT’S A CONDITION

              1.Myself to Myself  2.Nothing for Me  3.Talk Dirty to Me  4.Love Is an Illness 

              5.White Sweater  6.Charred Remains  7.Confrontation  8.Drop Your Eyes  9.Fear to

              Fear  10.I Mean It


(orig lp)     US 415 Records 004


1981          A1.NEVER SAY NEVER                                 US.147

              7PRO: US Columbia 38-03378

(1982)        B1.Guards

              7”: US Columbia 38-03378


              7”: UK/NET CBS A-2733 [ps], JPN CBS/Sony 07SP-655 [ps]

              A2.In the Dark  B1.Present Tense  B2.Not Safe

              EP: US 415 Records 415A-0007, US Columbia 5C-38178, CAN Columbia C-38178, GER

              Columbia PC-38178

              CSEP: US Columbia 38178-4

(reiss)       B1.A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)

              7”: US Collectables PV-24862


1982          A1.WHITE SWEATER


              7”: US 415 Records 0012


1982          BENEFACTOR                                         US.119

              1.Never Say Never  2.Wrap It Up  3.Flashflood  4.Undercover Kept  5.Ventilation 

              6.Chinatown  7.Orange  8.Shake the Hands of Time  9.S.O.S.


(orig lp)     US Columbia ARC-38182 [lyrics]


1982          A1.UNDERCOVER KEPT

              2.Wrap It Up  3.Never Say Never  4.Chinatown

              12: US Columbia 1552


1984          INSTINCTS                                          US.68

              1.Out on My Own  2.Just Too Easy  3.Billy’s Birthday  4.Going to Neon  5.Six Days

              and One  6.A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)  7.Say No  8.Your Life Is a

              Lie  9.Instincts


(orig lp)     US Columbia


1984.08       A1.A GIRL IN TROUBLE (IS A TEMPORARY THING)        US.35 [9.1.84-13w]

              B1.Going to Neon

              7”: US Columbia 4534, UK CBS A-4756


1984          A1.SAY NO

              B1.Six Days and One

              7”: UK CBS A-5028


1992.05.02    WARM, IN YOUR COAT

              1.White Sweater  2.I Mean It  3.Charred Remains  4.Talk Dirty to Me  5.Myself to

              Myself  6.In the Dark  7.A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)  8.Out on My Own

              (Dance Mix)  9.Just Too Easy  10.Wrap It Up  11.Flashflood  12.Undercover Kept 

              13.Chinatown  14.Never Say Never  15.One Thousand Shadows


(orig cd)     US Columbia CK-47964




(orig cd)     SBME Special Markets 688139