74523-2 Anthology: The Essential Crossexion
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Released on September 26, 2006
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K ronomyth 8.5: INTO THE WOOD. This is a really intriguing idea: a double-disc anthology featuring Ronnie Wood’s solo material on disc one and his group material on disc two. Even more intriguing is the decision to include four tracks from Ronnie’s earliest and seldom-heard work with The Birds. And then there’s the even more than more intriguing to the point where I should actually admit it’s just baffling and not intriguing at all decision to include as many tracks from the Creation, a band that no one even remembers Wood playing in, as the Rolling Stones, a band that arguably overshadows all of his other work combined. The solo disc is pretty good, although it omits anything from Gimme Some Neck and Mahoney’s Last Stand. The best tracks are those that feature a little help from friends like Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Keith Richards, George Harrison and Bob Dylan. It sags in the middle but picks up again on the last few tracks, when Wood returns to the roots for songs like “Whaddya Think” and “You Strum And I’ll Sing.” The second disc (featuring group material) takes a while to heat up, but it finally does when the Jeff Beck cuts roll around and never cools down again. Wood had the good fortune to work with some great vocalists (Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger) and the iron balls to play alongside some great guitarists (Jeff Beck, Keith Richards). I can appreciate the fact that The Essential Crossexion looks to shake his image as the Stones’ third second guitarist by heavily favoring his work with Rod and The Faces, but what emerges here is a journeyman guitarist whose solo career never took off. And maybe that is Ronnie Wood’s story: a good guitarist on an amazing journey. These songs don’t tell the whole story, or even the more interesting parts of the story, but I’ll give Virgin a nod and a wink for dreaming up the idea in the first place.


    Disc One
  1. I CAN FEEL THE FIRE    (Ronnie Wood)    4:55
  2. CANCEL EVERYTHING    (Ronnie Wood)    4:36
  3. FAR EAST MAN    (Ronnie Wood)    4:40
  4. BIG BAYOU    (Gib Guilbeau)    2:36
  5. IF YOU DON'T WANT MY LOVE    (Bobby Womack/Gordon D. Witty)    4:51
  6. 1234    (Ronnie Wood)    3:28
  7. FOUNTAIN OF LOVE    (Ronnie Wood)    5:11
  8. SEVEN DAYS    (Bob Dylan)    5:26
  9. ALWAYS WANTED MORE    (Ronnie Wood/Bernard Fowler)    5:43
  10. BREATHE ON ME    (Ronnie Wood/Bernard Fowler)    5:39
  11. SOMEBODY ELSE MIGHT    (Ronnie Wood/Bernard Fowler)    4:52
  12. JOSEPHINE    (Ronnie Wood/Bernard Fowler)    5:30
  13. TESTIFY    (George Clinton/Daron Taylor)    5:36
  14. WHADDYA THINK    (Ronnie Wood)    2:59
  15. THIS LITTLE HEART    (Ronnie Wood)    3:39
  16. LITTLE MIXED UP    (Ronnie Wood)    3:03
  17. YOU STRUM AND I'LL SING    (Ronnie Wood)    3:20

    Disc Two
  18. The Birds: YOU'RE ON MY MIND    (Ronnie Wood)    2:49
  19. The Birds: YOU DON'T LOVE ME    (Ellas McDaniel)    2:06
  20. The Birds: NO GOOD WITHOUT YOU BABY    (William Stevenson)    2:39
  21. The Birds: HOW CAN IT BE    (Ronnie Wood)    2:58
  22. The Creation: MIDWAY DOWN    (Wanderling/Shapiro)    2:45
  23. The Creation: THE GIRLS ARE NAKED    (Kenny Pickett/Kim Gardner/Ronnie Wood)    1:58
  24. The Jeff Beck Group: I AINT' SUPERSTITIOUS    (Willie Dixon)    4:56
  25. The Jeff Beck Group: ALL SHOOK UP    (Otis Blackwell/Elvis Presley)    4:53
  26. The Jeff Beck Group: PLYNTH (WATER DOWN THE DRAIN)    (Nicky Hopkins/Ronnie Wood/Rod Stewart)    3:08
  27. The Jeff Beck Group: JAILHOUSE ROCK    (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)    3:16
  28. Faces: FLYING    (Rod Stewart/Ronnie Wood/Ronnie Lane)    4:18
  29. Rod Stewart: GASOLINE ALLEY    (Rod Stewart/Ronnie Wood)    4:05
  30. Faces: MISS JUDY'S FARM    (Ronnie Wood/Rod Stewart)    3:41
  31. Faces: TOO BAD    (Ronnie Wood/Rod Stewart)    3:16
  32. Rod Stewart: MAGGIE MAY    (Rod Stewart/Martin Quittenton)    5:15
  33. Faces: STAY WITH ME    (Ronnie Wood/Rod Stewart)    4:37
  34. Rod Stewart: EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY    (Rod Stewart/Ronnie Wood)    5:59
  35. Faces: OOH LA LA    (Ronnie Wood/Ronnie Lane)    3:31
  36. The Rolling Stones: EVERYTIHNG IS TURNING TO GOLD    (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards/Ronnie Wood)    4:06
  37. The Rolling Stones: BLACK LIMOUSINE    (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards/Ronnie Wood)    3:31


Judy Totton -- cover photo
Andrew Day -- design

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