Ron Wood


1974.09       I’VE GOT MY OWN ALBUM TO DO

              1.I Can Feel the Fire  2.Far East Man  3.Mystifies Me  4.Take a Look at the Guy 

              5.Act Together  6.Am I Groovin’ You  7.Shirley  8.Cancel Everything  9.Sure the

              One You Need  10.If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody  11.Crotch Music


(orig lp)     UK Warner Bros. K-56065 [insert], US Warner Bros. BS-2819, 1975: ARG Music Hall


(reiss cd)    June 1987: label unknown, 2006: JPN Warner WPCR-75191, 2008: UK Rhino Encore 99053

(reiss lpz)   repackaged as CANCEL EVERYTHING

              October 1985: UK Thunderbolt THBL-2.034, 1985: AUSL Possum POSSUM-5

(reiss 2-lpz) repackaged w. NOW Look as SURE THE ONE YOU NEED

              GER Perfect Beat PB006-2 [gf]


1974.11       A1.I CAN FEEL THE FIRE    

              B1.Breathe on Me

              7”: UK Warner Bros. K-16463

              B1.I Can Feel the Fire (Mono)

              7PRO: US Warner Bros. WBS-8036


     Wood, Ian McLagan, Andy Newmark, Willie Weeks, Bobby Womack with Kenny Jones, Keith

       Richards, Jean Roussell, Mick Taylor, The Womack Sisters.


1975.07       NOW LOOK                                           US.118

              Produced by Ronnie Wood, Ian McLagan, Bobby Womack

              A1.I Got Lost When I Found You  A2.Big Bayou  A3.Breathe on Me  A4.If You Don’t

              Want My Love  A5.I Can Say She’s Allright  B1.Carribean Boogie  B2.Now Look 

              B3.Sweet Baby Mine  B4.I Can’t Stand the Rain  B5.It’s Unholy  B6.I Got a Feeling


(orig lp)     UK Warner Bros. K-56145, US Warner Bros. BS-2872, JPN Warner P-10027W, MEX Warner

              Bros. GWEA-5173, YUG Suzy WB-56145

(reiss lp)    November 1987: UK Thunderbolt THBL-046, 1989: UK Thunderbolt THBL-046P [picdisc]

(reiss cd)    November 1987: UK Thunderbolt CDTB-046, September 13 1994: US Warner Archives

              45693, 2006: JPN Warner WPCR-75192, 2008: UK Rhino Encore 99054


1975.10       A1.IF YOU DON’T WANT MY LOVE

              B1.If You Don’t Want My Love (Mono)

              7PRO: US Warner Bros. WBS-8131

              B1.I Got a Feeling

              7”: POR Warner Bros. N-S-63-92 [ps]


1976.01       A1.BIG BAYOU  B1.Sweet Baby Mine

              7”: UK Warner Bros. K-16679


1976.09       MAHONEY’S LAST STAND

              1.Tonight’s Number  2.From the Late to the Early  3.Chicken Wire  4.Chicken Wired 

              5.I’ll Fly Away  6.Title One  7.Just for a Moment  8.”Mona” the Blues  9.Car Radio 

              10.Hay Tumble  11.Woody’s Thing  12.Rooster Funeral  13.Just for a Moment


(orig lp)     UK Atlantic K-50308, US Atlantic 36-126

(reiss lp)    December 1988: UK Thunderbolt

(reiss lpx)   1.Car Radio / 1-7 / 9.My Fault  10.Mona the Blues  / 10-13 / 15.Insurance 

              16.Safety Pin Queen  17.Anymore for Anymore  18.C&W Number

              1998: UK Burning Airlines PILOT-29, 1998: ITA Get Back GET-517



1979.05       GIMME SOME NECK                                    US.45

              1.Worry No More  2.Breakin’ My Heart  3.Delia  4.Buried Alive  5.Come to Realise 

              6.Seven Days  7.We All Get Old  8.F.U.C. Her  9.Lost and Lonely  10.Don’t Worry


(orig lp)     US/CAN Columbia JC-35702 [ps], COL CBS 141288, JPN CBS/Sony 25AP-1580, NET CBS

              83337 [ps]

(reiss 2-lpz) repackaged w. 1234

              May 1990: UK Castle TFOLP-025 [gf]


1979.08       A1.SEVEN DAYS

              B1.Come to Realise

              7”: UK CBS 7785

              B1.Breakin’ My Heart

              7”: US Columbia 3-11014

              B1.Lost and Lonely

              7”: JPN CBS/Sony 06SP-326 [ps], NET CBS CBS-83337 [ps]


1981.11       1234                                               US.164

              1.1234  2.Fountain of Love  3.Outlaws  4.Redeyes  5.Wind Howlin’ Through 

              6.Priceless  7.She Was Out There  8.Down to the Ground  9.She Never Told Me


(orig lp)     UK CBS 85227 [ps], US/CAN Columbia FC-37473, JPN CBS/Sony 25AP-2149

(orig cs)     UK CBS 40-85227

(reiss cd)    April 1993: EUR Sony, 2006: JPN Sony MHCP-1026


1987          1.I CAN FEEL THE FIRE

              2.sure the One You Need  3.Am I Grooving You

              12: GER Perfect Beat PB12.004 [multicolored vinyl], GER Perfect Beat PB12.004

              [picture disc]


1988          LIVE AT THE RITZ

              1.Road Runner  2.I’m a Man  3.Crackin’ Up  4.Hey Bo Diddley  5.Plynth/Water Down

              the Drain  6.Ooh La La  7.They Don’t Make Outlaws Like They Used To  8.Honkey Tonk

              Women  9.Money to Ronnie


(orig lp)     JPN JVC/Victor VIL-28122


1992.08       1.SHOW ME

              2.Breathe on Me

              CDSPRO: US Continuum 12210 (1993?)


1992.09.08    SLIDE ON THIS

              1.Somebody Else Might  2.Testify  3.Ain’t Rock and Roll  4.Josephine  5.Knock Yer

              Teeth Out  6.Ragtime Annie (Lillie’s Bordello)  7.Must Be Love  8.Fear for Your

              Future  9.Show Me  10.Always Wanted More  11.Thinkin’  12.Like It  13.Breathe on



(orig cd)     US Continuum 19210, JPN Continuum SRCS-6617

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus track: 14.Somebody Else Might (Remix)

              1998: AUST Koch 332802


1992          1.LIKE IT

              CDSPRO: US Continuum 12211


1992          1.JOSEPHINE (In Your Face Mix)

              2.Josephine (LP Version)

              CDSPRO: US Continuum 13210



              CDSPRO: US Continuum 14210

              2.Ain’t Rock & Roll

              CDS: US Continuum 14210

              2.Somebody Else Might (LP Edit)  3.Ain’t Rock & Roll

              CDS: AUSL Festival D-12572


1993          1.ALWAYS WANNTED MORE      (Strat Mix)

              2.Always Wanted More (Strad Mix)

              CDSPRO: US Continuum 15210


1993.09       1.STAY WITH ME (LIVE) (EDIT)

              2.Stay With Me (LP Version)

              CDSPRO: US Continuum 12309-2P

              2.Josephine (Remix)  3.Somebody Else Might (Remix)

              12: UK Continuum 12CTUM-102, US Continuum 12309

              CDS: US Continuum CDCTUM-102



              1.Testify  2.Josephine  3.Pretty Beat Up  4.Am I Groovin’ You?  5.Flying 

              6.Breathe on Me  7.Silicon Grown  8.Seven Days  9.Show Me  10.Show Me (Groove) 

              11.I Can Feel the Fire  12.Slide  13.Stay With Me


(orig 2-lp)   UK Continuum CTUM-3 [180g]

(orig cd)     US Continuum 19309


1993          A1.REASON TO BELIEVE

              B1.It’s All Over Now

              7”: US Warner Bros. 18427


2000          LIVE AND ECLECTIC

              1.Show Me  2.Flying  3.Testify  4.Pretty Beat Up  5.Always Wanted More  6.Breathe

              on Me  7.Silicone Grown  8.Black Limousine  9.Little Red Rooster  10.Stay With Me 

              11.Josephine  12.I Know I’m Losing Me  13.It’s Only Rock and Roll


(orig cd)     UK Burning Airlines PILOT-70, JPN Burning Airline MSIF-3730

(reiss cd)    March 25 2004: UK NMC Music PILOT-70


2002.08.13    NOT FOR BEGINNERS

              1.Wayside  2.Rock N’ Roll Star  3.Whadd’ya Think  4.This Little Heart  5.Leaving

              Here  6.Hypershine  7.R.U. Behaving Yourself?  8.Be Beautiful  9.Wake Up You

              Beauty  10.Interfere  11.Real Hard Rocker  12.Heart, Soul and Body  13.King of



(orig cd)     US Steamhammer 72762


2003          ALWAYS WANTED MORE


(orig cd)     UK Start Up 166



              A1.I Can Feel the Fire  A2.Cancel Everything  A3.Far East Man  A4.Big Bayou  A5.If

              You Don’t Want My Love  A6.1234  A7.Fountain of Love  A8.Seven Days  A9.Always

              Wanted More  A10.Breathe on Me  A11.Josephine  A12.Testify  A13.Whatdd’ya Think 

              A14.This little Heart  A15.Little Mixed Up  A16.You Strum I Sing  B1.You’re On My

              Mind  B2.You Don’t Love Me  B3.No Good Without You Baby  B4.How Can It Be 

              B5.Midway Down  B6.Girls Are Naked  B7.I Ain’t Superstitious  B8.All Shook Up 

              B9.Plinth (Water Down the Drain)  B10.Jailhouse Rock  B11.Flying  B12.Gasoline

              Alley  B13.Miss Judy’s Farm  B14.Too Bad  B15.Maggie May  B16.Stay With Me 

              B17.Every Picture Tells a Story  B18.Ooh La La  B19.Everything Is Turning to Gold  

              B20.Black Limousine


(orig 2-cd)   UK EMI 563955