BS 2872 Now Look
Produced by Ron Wood, Bobby Womack, Ian McLagan
Released on July 1975
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BS 2872 cover
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I t’s all about accepting what you need out of life. It’s all up to what you value. It’s all pretty much the same to me. Ron Wood’s second solo album could pass for a George Harrison record in spots, which is to say more polished than its scratchy sub-Rod Stewart exterior would first indicate. In fact, Now Look sounds like what I expected a Keith Richards record to sound like: boozy with moments of sobering lucidity (“Breathe On Me”). Wood was at a crossroad between The Faces and The Stones (hardly a rock and a hard place); within the year, his fortune would be assured as a member of the world’s greatest rock & roll brand. Without the heavy mantle of the Stones yet on his shoulders, Wood remains free to try on different Faces: disco (“If You Don’t Want My Love”), island rock (“Caribbean Boogie”) and boogaloo (“I Can Say She’s Allright”). He gets support from Bobby Womack, Kenny Jones and Ian McLagan, not to mention Keith Richards and Mick Taylor. Nothing on Now Look is a revelation (well, maybe “Breathe On Me”) but with repeated listenings you’ll agree that songs like “Now Look” and “I Got Lost When I Found You” deserve to be heard and enjoyed. Wood’s guitar playing is unimpeachable, his vocals surprisingly effective considering, the arrangements straightforward but not stingy. Like I said, George Harrison. I’m not sure how much mythology Ron Wood can lay claim to, however. George was a mystic Beatle, Ron was merely the less haggard-looking of the latter-day Stones’ two guitarists. Now Look is better than I expected, but I didn’t expect a whole lot. I sometimes wonder whether these middle-distance runners (Jim Capaldi, George Harrison, David Gilmour) harbor illusions of grandeur or just like stretching their legs once in a while. Now Look is good for a stretch, but it really was an accidental purchase on my part. It may elevate your opinion of Ron Wood but only a little, and costs the same as a lot of albums that are frankly better.

BS 2872 back cover
BS 2872 back cover


  1. I GOT LOST WHEN I FOUND YOU    (Ron Wood/Bobby Womack)    4:27
  2. BIG BAYOU    (Gib Gilbeau)    2:41
  3. BREATHE ON ME    (Ron Wood)    6:34
  4. IF YOU DON'T WANT MY LOVE    (Bobby Womack/Gordon D. Witty)    4:17
  5. I CAN SAY SHE'S ALLRIGHT    (Ron Wood/Bobby Womack)    6:22
  6. CARIBBEAN BOOGIE    (Ron Wood)    2:25
  7. NOW LOOK    (Ron Wood)    3:50
  8. SWEET BABY MINE    (Jim Ford/Bobby Womack)    3:27
  9. I CAN'T STAND THE RAIN    (Donald Bryant/Peebles & Bernard Miller)    3:13
  10. IT'S UNHOLY    (Ron Wood)    6:29
  11. I GOT A FEELING    (Bobby Womack/Ian McLagan/Jean Roussell)    3:21


RON WOOD -- vocals, guitar, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, pedal steel, backing vocals, cover design
IAN McLAGAN -- piano, organ
ANDY NEWMARK -- drums, percussion
JEAN ROUSSELL -- electric piano, synthesizer, clavinet
WILLIE WEEKS -- bass, guitar, backing vocals
BOBBY WOMACK -- guitar, vocals, backing vocals
Kenny Jones -- drums
Keith Richards -- harmony vocal, guitar
Mick Taylor -- slide guitar (10)
The Womack Sisters -- backing vocals (11)
Keith Harwood -- engineer
Mike Dowd, A.G.I. -- cover design
Chevy Kervorkian -- front cover photo
Morris Tate -- tinting
Dick Polack, Laurens Van Houten -- back cover photos

UK July 1975 Warner Bros. LP K56145  
US July 1975 Warner Bros. LP BS 2872  
JPN 1975 Warner LP P-10027W lyric insert
MEX 1975 Warner Bros. LP GWEA5173  
YUG   Suzy LP WB56145  
UK 1987 Thunderbolt LP/CD THBL/CDTB 046  
UK 1989 Thunderbolt LPPIC THBL046P picture disc
US September 13, 1994 Warner Archives CD 45693  


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