23686-1 Avalon
Produced by Rhett Davies and Roxy Music
Released on May 1982
PLATINUM RECORD. . . Rolling Stone's 100 Best Albums of the '80s (#31, 1989 poll)
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23686-1 cover
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K ronomyth 10.0: THE LAST FERRY TO AVALON. More than this, you know, there’s nothing. Avalon is quite simply the final word on everything Roxy, the perfectly conceived swan song to a career that had come full circle from iconoclasm to iconic. Yes, it’s a Bryan Ferry solo album in all but name. So was Flesh + Blood, but that album pales in comparison to Avalon. There’s an ethereal, otherworldly quality to this record that suits the spirits of mythical Avalon, as if the remaining trio knew this would be their last ride together and wanted to leave behind one last, heroic adventure that would resound through the ages. In the world of Avalon, Ferry’s wilting voice always arrives on cue, a halting half-second behind the beat as though he still, years later, is searching for the right words. Here, romance reigns eternal: “More Than This,” “Avalon,” “Take A Chance With Me,” “To Turn You On.” In this company, songs like “Over You” and “Dance Away” seem clumsy and nearly childish. In between what are the greatest love songs ever recorded by Roxy or Ferry, Avalon slips wisps of music (“India,” “Tara”) and ultra-sophisticated dance music that would better foreshadow Ferry’s future as a solo artist (“The Main Thing,” “The Space Between”). Many of Roxy’s original fans had misgivings about Manifesto and Flesh + Blood; on Avalon, all sins are forgiven. Those albums were the steps that led to Avalon, and I (like many) have returned here countless times to dance again with the old ghosts and remember. On a pedantic note, Kevin Sheridan (who served as a communications consultant with EG Records) was kind enough some years back to inform me that Lucy Helmore is the cover model, a point you can these days as easily find on Wikipedia, but I was (and still am) grateful for the information, as it then settled a nagging question in my mind. On a pedanticker note, I’ve heard the Virgin digital remaster (ROXYCD9/47460) and it sounds fine, although I didn’t notice anything that wasn’t already evident on the original, fine-sounding LP mix.

23686-1 back cover
23686-1 back cover


  1. MORE THAN THIS    (Bryan Ferry)    4:31
  2. THE SPACE BETWEEN    (Bryan Ferry)    4:28
  3. AVALON    (Bryan Ferry)    4:15
  4. INDIA    (Bryan Ferry)    1:45
  5. WHILE MY HEART IS STILL BEATING    (Bryan Ferry/Andy Mackay)    3:26
  6. THE MAIN THING    (Bryan Ferry)    3:53
  7. TAKE A CHANCE WITH ME    (Bryan Ferry/Phil Manzanera)    4:41
  8. TO TURN YOU ON    (Bryan Ferry)    4:14
  9. TRUE TO LIFE    (Bryan Ferry)    4:22
  10. TARA    (Bryan Ferry/Andy Mackay)    1:27


BRYAN FERRY -- vocals, keyboards, guitar synth
NEIL HUBBARD -- guitar
ANDY MACKAY -- saxophone
JIMMY MAELEN -- percussion
Paul Carrack -- piano (8)
Yanick Etienne -- vocals (3)
Neil Jason -- bass
Rick Marotta -- drums (8)
Kermit Moore -- cello (8)
Rhett Davies -- engineer
Bob Clearmountain -- engineer, mixing

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UK May 1982 E.G. Records LP/CS EGHP/EGHPC-50 lyric sleeve
US May 1982 Warner Bros./E.G. Records LP/CS 23686-1/4 lyric sleeve
AUSL/GER/GRC/NET 1982 EG/Polydor LP 2311 154 lyric sleeve
AUSL 1982 EG CS 3100 641  
BUL/HUN 1982 Balkanton LP BTA 11848  
CAN May 1982 Warner Bros./E.G. Records LP/CS 92 36861/4 lyric sleeve
JPN 1982 Polydor LP 28MM 0172  
YUG 1982 Polydor/RTB LP 2221357  
UK January 1987 E.G. Records CD EGCD-50  
US January 1987 Warner Bros. LP/CD/CS 23686  
JPN 1988 EG/Virgin LP VJL-142  
UK/US 1999 Virgin CD ROXYCD9/47460 HDCD remaster
UK September 10, 2001 Virgin CD ROXYCDX9/47438 ltd. ed. HDCD remaster
UK 2001 Simply Vinyl LP SVLP-311  
JPN 2001 EMI/Toshiba CD TOCP-65830 24-bit remaster
UK October 21, 2003 Virgin CD 83871 SACD remaster
JPN 2007 Virgin CD VJCP-68829 digital remaster


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