CD 26075 Flesh + Blood
Produced by Roxy Music and Rhett Davies
Released on May 1980
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CD 26075 cover
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F lesh + Blood ironically turned out to be the least substantive of the Roxy records, amounting to little more than a musical gilding of Ferry’s already-golden voice. It’s not a bad record by any means, especially for anyone who reached Roxy Music via the new romantic bands they inspired (Icehouse, Japan, etc.), but it does represent a final step in the path from subversive to submissive. If Manifesto was a Bryan Ferry album in disguise, Flesh + Blood drops the pretense altogether by featuring cover material (“In The Midnight Hour,” The Byrds’ “Eight Miles High”) and a title track recorded without Mackay and Manzanera (Paul Thompson had already left). In its defense, Ferry’s voice is a force to be reckoned with, like vintage Elvis. When he wilts over love on “Oh Yeah (On The Radio)” and “My Only Love,” it’s hard to keep your own knees from buckling under. And there’s no denying that Roxy Music does the new romantic bit better than anyone, expertly capturing the shades between playful (“Over You”) and pouty (“Rain Rain Rain”). If you enjoyed Manifesto and Avalon, you’ll obviously enjoy this record too; in fact, you could say that the three form a holy trilogy of sorts for new romantics.

CD 26075 booklet back cover
CD 26075 booklet back cover


  1. IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR    (Cropper/Pickett)    3:09
  2. OH YEAH    (Bryan Ferry)    4:51
  3. SAME OLD SCENE    (Bryan Ferry)    3:57
  4. FLESH AND BLOOD    (Bryan Ferry)    3:08
  5. MY ONLY LOVE    (Bryan Ferry)    5:16
  6. OVER YOU    (Bryan Ferry/Phil Manzanera)    3:27
  7. EIGHT MILES HIGH    (Gene Clark/David Crosby/Roger McGuinn)    4:55
  8. RAIN, RAIN, RAIN    (Bryan Ferry)    3:20
  9. NO STRANGE DELIGHT    (Bryan Ferry/Phil Manzanera)    4:44
  10. RUNNING WILD    (Bryan Ferry/Phil Manzanera)    5:03


BRYAN FERRY -- voice and keyboards
ANDY MACKAY -- saxes
Paul Carrack -- keyboards
Neil Hubbard -- guitar
Neil Jason -- bass
Andy Newmark -- drums
Simon Phillips -- drums
Allan Schwartzberg -- drums
Alan Spenner -- bass
Gary Tibbs -- bass
Rhett Davies -- engineer
Bob Clearmountain -- mixing
Bryan Ferry, Antony Price, Neil Kirk, Simon Puxley, Peter Saville -- cover

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UK May 1980 Polydor LP/CS POLH/POLHC 002 lyric sleeve
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