26402-2 Heart Still Beating
Produced by Rhett Davies
Released on October 1990
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F lush from the listening pleasures of Viva! Roxy Music, I decided to expand my Roxy catalog with another live document, Heart Still Beating, recorded in France in 1982. Suffice to say that’s ten bucks I won’t see again; if Roxy’s heart was still beating in 1982, you wouldn’t know it from this lifeless performance. Nowhere in their prior catalog, including Flesh + Blood, is there an indication that Bryan Ferry and the band could walk through the music with so little passion. Andy Mackay is a virtual nonentity, his half-hearted squeaks no better than David Bowie, while Phil Manzanera fails to step forward and fill the void. But the real disappointment is Ferry, who hardly skims the surface of the roiling passion beneath such classics as “Editions of You” and “Love Is The Drug.” Even on the more recent material, which constitutes most of the show, Ferry is on auto-pilot, allowing himself to be upstaged by his own backing singers on “Avalon.” And don’t even get me started on the cover! So it seems I’ve taken one for the team, which isn’t bad if it saves at least one person from making the same mistake I made. If you need to hear Roxy Music live, listen to Viva! If you’re still hungry for more, listen to Viva! again, ad infinitum, until the hunger goes away. Under no circumstances should you consider Heart Still Beating a viable alternative. It’s the lamest Roxy Music album I own, and that includes The Atlantic Years. It may be better than The High Road, but this is a road best not taken. If you’re intent on boycotting products from France, I’d start with this.


  1. INDIA    (Bryan Ferry)    0:51
  2. CAN'T LET GO    (Bryan Ferry)    5:19
  3. WHILE MY HEART IS STILL BEATING    (Bryan Ferry/Andy Mackay)    3:52
  4. OUT OF THE BLUE    (Bryan Ferry/Phil Manzanera)    4:24
  5. DANCE AWAY    (Bryan Ferry)    3:47
  6. IMPOSSIBLE GUITAR    (Phil Manzanera)    3:42
  7. A SONG FOR EUROPE    (Bryan Ferry/Andy Mackay)    6:22
  8. LOVE IS THE DRUG    (Bryan Ferry/Andy Mackay)    3:51
  9. LIKE A HURRICANE    (Neil Young)    7:44
  10. MY ONLY LOVE    (Bryan Ferry)    7:16
  11. BOTH ENDS BURNING    (Bryan Ferry)    5:33
  12. AVALON    (Bryan Ferry)    4:22
  13. EDITIONS OF YOU    (Bryan Ferry)    4:10
  14. JEALOUS GUY    (John Lennon)    6:39


BRYAN FERRY -- vocals and keyboards
ANDY MACKAY -- saxophone and oboe
TAWATHA AGEE -- backing vocals
MICHELLE COBBS -- backing vocals
GUY FLETCHER -- keyboards
NEIL HUBBARD -- guitar
JIMMY MAELEN -- percussion
FONZI THORNTON -- backing vocals
Bob Clearmountain -- mixing
Rhett Davies -- mixing
Nick Savage -- mixing
Tony McGee -- photography

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UK October 1990 EG Records 2LP/CD/CS EGLP/EGCD 77 gatefold cover
US October 1990 Reprise 2LP/CD/CS 26402  
JPN 1990 Virgin CDPRO VJCP-2805 lyric booklet
US March 2000 Virgin CD 47461 digital remaster
UK September 10, 2001 EMI CD 847 440 ltd. ed. HDCD remaster
JPN   EMI/Toshiba CD TOCP-65831 24-bit digital remaster


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