SRM-1-1023 Fly By Night
Produced by RUSH and Terry Brown
Released on February 15, 1975
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SRM-1-1023 cover
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K ronomyth 2.0: OWL, THE WORLD’S A STAGE. Three figures came riding from the North, ready to do battle with the notion that progressive rock was a dying art form. There was Geddy Lee, the renegade priest, singing incantations that could hurt or heal and fending off attackers with his flailing bass; Alex Lifeson, the guitar-slinging swashbuckler whose glowing steel was a beacon in battle; and Neil Peart, a mysterious mix of monk and magician, the Tolkien Moon of a new age whose sci-fi/fantasy spells and superlative stickwork would irreversibly alter/elevate Rush to progGods. John Rutsey was certainly a serviceable rock drummer, but Neil Peart was the missing ingredient to greatness. With this album, Rush charged from the shadows of Led Zeppelin’s heavy metal monolith and sought their own destiny in earnest. As the opening “Anthem” puts it: “We marvel after those who sought new wonders in the world they wrought.” There are still nods to the past--“In The End” is essentially an homage to Led Zeppelin’s “O’er the Hills and Far Away”--but songs like “Anthem,” “Fly By Night” and the (overblown) epic “By-Tor & The Snow Dog” owe their allegiance to no one. In finding their way, Rush makes a few missteps on Fly By Night; madrigals (“Rivendell”) and multi-part suites (“By-Tor & The Snow Dog”) are better left to Genesis and Yes, respectively. In harnessing the heavy heroics of Led Zeppelin for sci-fi/fantasy fans, however, Rush is ready for the task (“Beneath, Between, & Behind”). Caress of Steel got bogged down in big ideas, but Fly By Night strikes just the right balance of short, high-energy rock songs and mini-epics, making it a minor classic.

P2 22542 front cover SRM-1-1023 back cover
P2 22542 front cover
[high resolution scan]
SRM-1-1023 back cover


  1. ANTHEM    (Geddy Lee/Alex Lifeson/Neil Peart)    4:10
  2. BEST I CAN    (Geddy Lee)    3:24
  3. BENEATH, BETWEEN & BEHIND    (Alex Lifeson/Neil Peart)    3:00
  4. BY-TOR & THE SNOW DOG    (Geddy Lee/Alex Lifeson/Neil Peart)    8:57
      I. At The Tobes of Hades
      II. Across The Styx
      III. Of The Battle
      IV. Epilogue
  5. FLY BY NIGHT    (Geddy Lee/Neil Peart)    3:20
  6. MAKING MEMORIES    (Geddy Lee/Alex Lifeson/Neil Peart)    2:56
  7. RIVENDELL    (Geddy Lee/Neil Peart)    5:00
  8. IN THE END    (Geddy Lee/Alex Lifeson)    6:51


GEDDY LEE -- bass guitars, classical guitars, all vocals, "By-Tor"
ALEX LIFESON -- electric guitars, six and twelve string acoustic guitars, "Snow Dog"
NEIL PEART -- percussion

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US/CAN February 15, 1975 Mercury LP/CS/8T SRM/MCR4/MC-8-1-1023 lyric sleeve
UK April 1975 Mercury LP 9100 013  
AUSL/BRA/GER 1975 Mercury LP 6338 561  
CAN 1977 Anthem LP ANR-1-1002 lyric sleeve
JPN 1979 Mercury LP BT-5185  
UK   Phonogram LP/CS PRICE/PRIMC 19  
CAN   Anthem CD WANK-1002  
CAN   Anthem CD ANMD-1076 digital remaster
US April 1987 Mercury CD/CS 822 542-2/4  
US   Mercury CD/CS P2 22542 licensed through CRC
WW May 6, 1997 Mercury CD/CS 534 624 original master recording
JPN 1997 Atlantic CD AMCY-2290  
JPN 2009 Warners CD WPCR-13473 SHMCD remaster


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