822 541-2 M-1 Rush
Produced by RUSH
Released on July 1974
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822 541-2 M-1 cover
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I f you’re in the mood for a little time travel, back when the heavy shadows of a certain Zeppelin crept over the earth into the cold North, this is the Rush you’re looking for. Mind you, I initially resisted the comparison -- it smacked of lazy criticism -- but Alex Lifeson’s guitar work sounds just like a Page ripped from Zep’s history, and Geddy Lee’s impassioned vocals are rooted (Planted?) in the same idolatry. (An exception is the monumental “Working Man,” from which the sulfuric pall of Sabbath emerges.) In other words, despite showing signs of the musical elasticity that would become a Rush hallmark, the band’s debut doesn’t step lightly. The trio instead takes their place in the first line of soldiers behind Ares himself, prepared to live and die by the hammer and the axe. Some fans (myself included) place their debut on the periphery because Neil Peart and his fantasickal imagery had yet to arrive. Original drummer John Rutsey is no shirker, though, generating his share of mayhem in the final assault. The album doesn’t lack for standout songs either: “Working Man” and “In The Mood” hold their ground, “Finding My Way” and “What You’re Doing” rock out respectably. Rush even steps back from the battle to reflect on “Before And After” before flying back into the fray, the first glimpse of an approach they would refine for “In The End.” Rush the artful assassins would come with time; here, the analogy might be a band of youthful beserkers with big designs in store. I’d stop short of calling this debut a diamond in the rough, but even the Peartless Rush proves capable of producing a few pearls.

822 541-2 M-1 back sleeve
822 541-2 M-1 back sleeve


  1. FINDING MY WAY    5:06
  2. NEED SOME LOVE    2:19
  3. TAKE A FRIEND    4:24
  4. HERE AGAIN    7:35
  5. WHAT YOU'RE DOING    4:22
  6. IN THE MOOD    (Geddy Lee)    3:34
  7. BEFORE AND AFTER    5:34
  8. WORKING MAN    7:10

    All songs composed by Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson unless noted. All arrangements by RUSH.


GEDDY LEE -- lead vocals & bass
ALEX LIFESON -- guitars & vocals
JOHN RUTSEY -- drums & vocals
Terry Brown -- remix engineer
SRO -- executive production
Robin McBride -- executive producer
BIC Photography -- photographs
Paul Weldon -- cover design

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US July 1974 Mercury LP SRM-1-1011  
UK 1974 Mercury LP 9100 011  
BRA 1975 Phonogram LP 6338 524  
  1980 Mercury 2LP 9111 065 repackaged w. FLY BY NIGHT
US   Mercury LP/CD/CS 822 541  
CAN   Anthem CD ANMD-1075  
US/EUR May 6, 1997 Mercury CD/CS 534 623 digital remaster


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