GEFD-24050 Juju
Produced by Nigel Gray and Siouxsie and the Banshees
Released on June 6, 1981
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GEFD-24050 cover
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K RONOMYTH 4.0: GOOD JUJU. All hail the high drow priestess of punk! Juju is the gothic technicolor nightmare you were dreaming of when all of this dark matter bubbled out of the English punk movement. Some bands went soft. Some went south. Siouxsie and The Banshees went black and never looked back. The greatly underrated John McGeoch delivered spellbinding rhythm and lead guitars drenched in a thick, oily coat of choruses while the mononymous Budgie petitioned unseen pagan gods with his tribal drumming. Their music is as ancient as evil, as modern as anything on the airwaves. At the black heart of it is Siouxsie Sioux (with Steven Severin slightly to one side), spinning strange tales of the supernatural like some Scheherazade of the Subterranean (Persephone personified). As a pimply, angry teenager, songs like “Into The Light” (with its homage to Eno’s green world), “Monitor,” “Spellbound” and “Arabian Knights” rocked my bleak little universe. Juju is an exotic underworld of head collectors, killer brides, voodoo dolls, murderous children and televised executions, all ministered under the watchful eye of the sorceress Siouxsie. The production from Nigel Gray and the band is rich, complex, an indigo antidote to everything The Cure couldn’t fix in you. This is a seductive, terrifying album steeped in arcana and anarchy, not to be taken lightly by anyone who had lifted its dark veil and looked into it deeply. From the opening moments of “Spellbound,” you’re ushered into Siouxsie’s sanctum of dark impulses, where the black Isis holds you captive for forty minutes. Along with The Cure’s Head on the Door and Echo & The Bunnymen’s Ocean Rain, Juju should be considered essential listening in the 80s post-punk psychedelic scene.

GEFD-24050 gatefold sleeve
GEFD-24050 gatefold sleeve


  1. SPELLBOUND    3:15
  2. INTO THE LIGHT    4:13
  3. ARABIAN KNIGHTS    3:06
  4. HALLOWEEN    3:37
  5. MONITOR    5:33
  6. NIGHT SHIFT    6:03
  7. SIN IN MY HEART    3:36
  8. HEAD CUT    4:22
  9. VOODOO DOLLY    7:02

    CD reissue bonu tracks
  10. SPELLBOUND (12" MIX)

    Tracks 1-9 written and arranged by Siouxsie and the Banshees. Lyrics by Sioux and Severin.


BUDGIE -- drums, percussion
JOHN McGEOCH -- guitar
STEVEN SEVERIN -- bass guitar
SIOUXSIE SIOUX -- voice, guitar (7)
Rob O'Connor -- sleeve design, art direction
Siouxsie and the Banshees -- sleeve design
Thomi Wroblewski -- sleeve design, photo illustration
Joe Lyons -- portrait photography

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UK June 6, 1981 Polydor LP POLS-1034 lyric sleeve
US June 6, 1981 PVC LP/CS PVC/PVCC-8903 lyric sleeve
CAN 1981 Polydor LP PDS-1-6311  
GER 1981 Polydor LP 2383 610 lyric sleeve
US August 25, 1992 Geffen CD GEFD-24050  
JPN 2006 Polydor CDX UICY-93059 digital remaster w. bonus tracks
UK January 25 2007 Universal CDX 9843512 digital remaster w. bonus tracks


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