80136 2 A Return To The Inner Experience
Produced by Norman Kerner and Sky Cries Mary
Released on May 4, 1993
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X . Oh, and the Bunnymen too. That’s who I was reminded of. But in outer space or on a mystical plane. Trouser Press compared them to Hawkwind, and yes there’s some of the same space matter percolating in the background, but this is mostly a return to the Doors of perception: neo-psychedelia in the nineties with trekkies and spiritual spelunkerers. A Return to the Inner Experience is an ear-opener, headphone food for the electronic hippie set. Husband-and-wife team Roderick and Anisa Romero provide the words, but the music is the real story. Sampled vocals, turntables, ambient noise, mellotron, all of it swirled together into a big audio explosion that sounds like a middle eastern pink floyd some of the time, bunnymen and bunnywomen breeding strange ideas at other times. As with Echo, a lot of this doesn’t leap out at you on the first few listens. “Gone,” “Circus Church” and “Broken Down” bespeak the band well, the acoustic “Rosaleen” (sung by guitarist Marc Olsen) grabbed me from the beginning because it’s so different from anything else on here, but the real revelation is a cover of the Stones’ “2000 Lights Years From Home.” Not even the Stones nailed it this good, and it’s raison d’etre enough for SKM’s existence. Whether you want to invest the quality headphone time it’ll take to appreciate A Return to the Inner Experience, I don’t know. Bands without a big mythology like SKM usually have trouble getting listeners to make the leap of faith, but in a blind taste test they’re pretty intoxicating. Imagine The Cocteau Twins idolizing The Doors. It’s an interesting concept, one worth a flier from curious quarters who may (like me) return to the experience more than they expected.

80136 2 lyric gatefold 80136 2 back sleeve
80136 2 lyric gatefold 80136 2 back sleeve


  1. WALLA WALLA    3:48
  2. MOVING LIKE WATER    4:26
  3. GONE    5:02
  4. CIRCUS CHURCH    3:52
  5. 2000 LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME    (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)    4:44
  6. WHEN THE FEAR STOPS    (Roderick Wolgamott/Jon Auer/Ken Stringfellow)    4:14
  7. LAY DOWN YOUR HEAD    5:50
  8. RAIN    8:10
  10. BROKEN DOWN    3:41
  11. ROSALEEN    3:21
  12. BUSS TO GATE 23    4:33
  13. JOEY'S ARIA    1:39
  14. WE WILL FALL    (James Osterberg/Dave Alexander/Ron Asheton/Scott Asheton)    11:19

    All songs written by Sky Cries Mary unless noted


DJ FALLOUT -- turntables, drum programming and ambient noise
JOSEPH E. HOWARD -- found around 110Hz, stand up bass, mellotron and coral sitar
BENNETT JAMES -- drums and percussion
MARC OLSEN -- guitar, words and voice (11)
GORDON RAPHAEL -- keyboards and spiritual noise
RODERICK -- words and voice, associate producer, art direction
ANISA ROMERO -- voice, art direction
Beth Custer -- bass clarinet (12)
Norman Kerner -- engineer, mixing
Brian Zee -- engineer, mixing, associate producer
Tommy Steele -- art direction
Stephen Walker -- art direction, design
Karen Moscowitz -- photography
Chris Neptune -- logo

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US/CAN May 4, 1993 World Domination CD 80136 lyric sleeve
UK 1993 World Domination CD WDOM-006CD lyric sleeve


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