PE 34935 Citadel
Produced by Roy Thomas Baker
Released on 1977
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PE 34935 cover
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S tarcastle was an interesting entríacte while the story of Yes fell silent for a few years, but how would they fare in a side-by-side comparison? Letís see. Going for the One reached #8 in the US charts, Citadel #156. Clearly, the usurperís star was no longer in ascension. The rightful king had returned and a world (with the possible exception of Starcastleís label) rejoiced. However, those who found their cup of wonder still empty after One could get their fill at Citadel. Starcastle never really developed as a band; releasing three albums in two years, it was enough that they kept coming up with new songs. And yet, even on this point, you could argue they were mimicking a style rather than making music. American prog bands like Kansas and Styx were guilty of the same mimicry at first, but they were using the travels of Yes, ELP and Genesis as a map in search of new worlds. Starcastle seems content to walk in the footsteps of Yes without discovering anything new. Itís my primary knock on the bandís catalog: for a prog rock band, they lack ambition (or is it personality?). Citadel is a more compact record than its predecessors, adopting traditional rock structures as opposed to loose and lengthy epics. Sound familiar? It was a comment many made after hearing Going for the One. But Styx and Kansas were the more likely catalysts. The Grand Illusion and Leftoverture proved that a hybrid of prog and American rock could sell records, so Starcastle perhaps felt more comfortable letting its Midwestern roots show. Itís only a slight tweaking of the original formula (remember, only a year had passed since their debut), but itís enough of a push in a pedestrian direction to make it a tiny bit less magical than their first two records.

PE 34935 back cover PE 34935 picture sleeve
PE 34935 back cover PE 34935 picture sleeve


  1. SHINE ON BRIGHTLY    5:14
  2. SHADOWS OF SONG    5:08
  3. CAN'T THINK TWICE    3:51
  4. WINGS OF WHITE    4:48
  5. EVENING WIND    5:27
  6. CHANGE IN TIME    4:31
  7. COULD THIS BE LOVE    3:23
  8. WHY HAVE THEY GONE    6:53

    All songs written by Stephen Hagler/Herb Schildt/Matthew Stewart/Gary Strater/Terry Lutrell/Stephen Tassler


STEVE HAGLER -- guitars, vocals
TERRY LUTRELL -- lead vocals
HERB SCHILDT -- synthesizer, organ, piano, mellotron, Oberheim synthesizer
MATT STEWART -- guitars, mandolin, vocals
GARY STRATER -- bass guitars, Moog pedals, vocals
STEVE TASSLER -- drums, percussion, vocals
Barry Hammond -- engineer
Geoff Workman -- remix engineer
Hildebrandt -- art
Mark Hauser -- photos
Ed Lee (with a little help from Alan Ostroff) -- design

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US 1977 Epic LP/CS PE/PET 34935 picture sleeve
UK 1977 Epic LP EPC 82232  
JPN 1998 Epic/Sony CD ESCA-7739  
US November 3, 1998 Renaissance CD 129  


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