PE 34375 Fountains of Light
Produced by Roy Thomas Baker
Released on 1977
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PE 34375 cover
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I ’ve seen Fountains of Light referred to as the band’s most popular album. Of course the Yes parallels still hold. However, it could be said on Fountains that Starcastle go in search of themselves. The synthesizers from Herb Schildt are less derivative of Rick Wakeman, just as likely now to borrow from the burgeoning space scene, and the rest of the band likewise stops trying so hard to sound like the vintage Yes lineup. I’m over the yespionage of spotting pilfered packets anyway, since it didn’t stop me from enjoying Styx’ second album. The six songs on Fountains actually flow together as part of a larger picture. Of what I couldn’t tell you, since Starcastle’s lyrics are even more imagistic than the lyrics of Yes (e.g., “True to the light we stand in endless motion / True to the million stars we long to know the sea.”) Color, light and the basic senses are central, linear storytelling isn’t. I get the impression it’s much ado about nothing, which the busy arrangements only seem to confirm. As happened on Tales From Topographic Oceans, themes go underdeveloped and weedy patches crop up between the more manicured sections. And even among the best sections the presentation is strikingly similar, giving the impression that Fountains of Light is just one long song. There is no highlight, since each song has its high points; the choice of “Diamond Song” as the single was likely arbitrary. Despite a change of producers (Roy Thomas Baker, who would go on to produce the dismal 3 Ships from Jon Anderson), Starcastle stays their original course on Fountains of Light. If you were on board with them from the beginning, there’s no reason to jump ship now.

PE 34375 back cover PE 34375 lyric sleeve
PE 34375 back cover PE 34375 lyric sleeve


  1. FOUNTAINS    10:25
  2. DAWNING OF THE DAY    3:46
  3. SILVER WINDS    4:57
  4. TRUE TO THE LIGHT    6:27
  5. PORTRAITS    5:03

    All songs written by Stephen Tassler/Terry Luttrell/Gary Strater/Herb Schildt/Matthew Stewart/Stephen Hagler


STEPHEN HAGLER -- guitars, vocals
TERRY LUTTRELL -- lead vocals
HERB SCHILDT -- synthesizers, organ, piano, Oberheim sequencer
MATTHEW STEWART -- guitars, vocals
GARY STRATER -- bass guitars, moog pedals, vocals
STEPHEN TASSLER -- drums, percussion, vocals
Nick Blagona -- engineer
Gary Lyons - re-mix engineer
Ed Lee -- design
Peter Lloyd -- front cover art
G. Wayne Whittier -- tinted photography
Danny Wong -- back cover background art

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US 1977 Epic LP PE 34375 lyric sleeve
UK 1977 Epic LP EPC81665  
NZ 1977 Epic LP ELPS3810 lyric sleeve
US November 3, 1998 Renaissance CD 1282  


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