Steve Miller / Steve Miller Band

Incl. Tim Davis, Goldberg/Miller Blues Band, Tracker, Lonnie Turner


1968          REVOLUTION

              1.Revolution  2.Codine  3.Superbyrd  4.Your Old Lady  5.Babe I’m Gonna Leave You 

              6.Without Love  7.Mercury Blues  8.Stranger In My Own Home Town


(orig lp)     US United Artists 5185


1968.04       A1.SITTING IN CIRCLES

              B1.Roll With It

              7”: US Capitol


     Steve Miller (guitar, vocals), Tim Davis (drums), Jim Peterman (keyboards), Bozz Scaggs

       (guitar, vocals), Lonnie Turner (bass) plus guest Ben Sidran.


1968.04       CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE                             US.134

              Produced by Glyn Johns, Steve Miller Band

              A1.Children of the Future  A2.Pushed Me to It  A3.You’ve Got the Power  A4.In My

              First Mind  A5.The Beauty of Time Is That It’s Snowing  B1.Baby’s Callin’ Me Home  

              B2.Steppin’ Stone  B3.Roll With It  B4.Junior Saw It Happen  B5.Fanny Mae  B6.Key

              to the Highway


(orig lp)     US Capitol SKAO-2920

(reiss lp)    1971: US Capitol SF-718, US Capitol SN-16262, JPN Capitol ECS-80888 [gf]

(reiss cs)    US Capitol 4N-16262

(reiss cd)    US Capitol C2-91245

(boxed)       w. SAILOR

              1973: UK Capitol STBB-177 [2LP]


1968.10       SAILOR                                             US.24

              A1.Song for Our Ancestors  A2.Dear Mary  A3.My Friend  A4.Living in the U.S.A. 

              B1.Quicksilver Girls  B2.Lucky Man  B3.Gangster of Love  B4.You’re So Fine 

              B5.Overdrive  B6.Dime-a-Dance Romance


(orig lp)     US Capitol ST-2984

(reiss cd)    1991: US Capitol CDP 7 94449-2, November 11 2007: JPN EMI/Toshiba TOCP-70275

(reiss lpz)   repackaged as LIVING IN THE U.S.A.

              1971/3: US Capitol SF-719


1968.10       A1.LIVING IN THE U.S.A.  B1.Quicksilver Girl       US.94 [11.23.68-2w]

              7”: US Capitol 2287, UK Capitol CL-15564

(1974.05)     B1.Kow Kow Calqulator                              US.49 [5.18.74-7w]

              7”: US Capitol 3884

              B1.Living in the U.S.A. (Mono)

              7PRO: US Capitol P-3884


     Miller, Davis, Sidran, Turner plus guests Nicky Hopkins, Paul Ramon (Paul McCartney).


1969.06       BRAVE NEW WORLD                                    US.22

              Produced by Glyn Johns, Steve Miller

              A1.Brave New World  A2.Celebration Song  A3.Can’t You Hear Your Daddy’s Heartbeat 

              A4.Got Love ‘Cause You Need It  A5.Kow Kow  B1.Seasons  B2.Space Cowboy  B3.LT’s

              Midnight Dream  B4.My Dark Hour


(orig lp)     US Capitol ST-184 [mono], US Capitol SKAO-184 [gf], UK Capitol ETE-ST 184

(reiss lp)    US Capitol SN-16078, UK Capitol E-ST184, JPN Capitol ECS-80889

(reiss cs)    US Capitol 4N-16078

(reiss cd)    US Capitol C2-91246


1969.07       A1.MY DARK HOUR  B1.Song for Our Ancestors

              7”: UK Capitol CL-15604


1969.11       A1.LITTLE GIRL  B1.Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around

              7”: US Capitol CL-15618


1969.11       YOUR SAVING GRACE                                  US.38

              1.Little Girl  2.Just a Passin’ Fancy in a Midnite Dream  3.Don’t Let Nobody Turn

              You Around  4.Baby’s House  5.Motherless Children  6.The Last Wombat in Mecca  

              7.Feel So Glad  8.Your Saving Grace


(orig lp)     US Capitol ST-331

(reiss lp)    JPN Capitol ECS-80909


1970.07       NUMBER 5                                           US.23

              1.Good Morning  2.I Love You  3.Going to the Country  4.Hot Chili  5.Tokin’s 

              6.Going to Mexico  7.Steve Miller’s Midnight Tango  8.Industrial Military Complex

              Hex  9.Jackson-Kent Blues  10.Never Kill Another Man


(orig lp)     US Capitol, SKAO-436 [gf], UK Capitol EA-ST436 [gf]

(reiss lp)    JPN Capitol ECS-80910 [gf]

(reiss cd)    US Capitol 29686


1970.08       A1.GOING TO THE COUNTRY                            US.69

              B1.Never Kill Another Man

              7”: US Capitol P-2878


1970.12       A1.GOING TO MEXICO  B1.Steve Miller’s Midnight Tango

              7”: US Capitol


1971.09       A1.ROCK LOVE  B1.Let Me Serve You

              7”: US Capitol


1971.10       ROCK LOVE

              1.The Gangster Is Back  2.Blues Without Blame  3.Love Shock  4.Let Me Serve You 

              5.Rock Love  6.Harbor Lights  7.Deliverance


(orig lp)     US Capitol E-SW748, JPN Capitol BT-5152

(reiss lp)    JPN Capitol ECS-40039


1972.02       A1.MY DARK HOUR  B1.Song for Our Ancestors

              7”: US Capitol



              1.Welcome  2.Enter Maurice  3.High on You Mama  4.Heal Your Heart  5.The Sun Is

              Going Down  6.Somebody Somewhere Help Me  7.Love’s Riddles  8.Fandango  9.Nothing

              Lasts  10.Journey from Eden


(orig lp)     US Capitol EA-ST11022 [gf], UK/FRA Capitol EA-ST11022 [gf]

(reiss lp)    JPN Capitol ECS-80935


1972.05       A1.FANDANGO  B1.Love’s Riddle

              7”: US Capitol 3344


1972.11       ANTHOLOGY                                          US.56 t

              A1.I Love You  A2.Going to the Country  A3.Baby’s House  A4.Kow Kow Calqulator 

              B1.Your Saving Grace  B2.Going to Mexico  B3.Space Cowboy  B4.Living in the U.S.A. 

              C1.Journey from Eden  C2.Seasons  C3.Motherless Children  C4.Never Kill Another

              Man  D1.Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around  D2.Little Girl  D3.Celebration Song 

              D4.My Dark Hour


(orig 2-lp)   US Capitol SVBB-11114 [gf], UK Capitol EST-SP12 [gf], JPN Capitol ECS-40076/7 [gf]

(reiss cd)    US Capitol 94488


1973.10       A1.THE JOKER  B1.Something to Believe In           US.1 [10.20.73-20w] t

              7”: US Capitol 3732, UK Capitol CL-15765


(1990.08)     2.Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around       UK.1

              3.Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma

              12: UK Capitol 12CL-583

              4.Living in the U.S.A.

              CDS: UK Capitol CDCL-583, FRA Capitol 203975

(1997.02)     CDS: US Capitol 58603


     Miller, Gerald Johnson (bass), John King, Dickie Thompson plus Sneaky Pete Kleinow,

       Lonnie Turner.


1973.10       THE JOKER                                          US.2 t

              Produced by Steve Miller

              A1.Sugar Babe  A2.Mary Lou  A3.Shua Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma  A4.Your Cash Ain’t

              Nothin’ But Trash  B1.The Joker  B2.Lovin’ Cup  B3.Come on in My Kitchen  B4.Evil 

              B5.Something to Believe In


(orig lp)     US/CAN Capitol SMAS-11235 [gf], UK EA-ST 11235 [gf], GER Capitol 5C 062 81514 [gf]

(orig 8t)     UK Capitol Q8W-11235

(reiss lp)    1978: FRA Capitol SPC-81514 [green vinyl], UK EMI/Fame FA-3250 [gf], UK Simply

              Vinyl SVLP-339 [180g]

(reiss cd)    UK Fame CDFA-3250, April 1991: US Capitol 94445


1974.02       A1.YOUR CASH AIN’T NOTHIN’ BUT TRASH  B1.Evil      US.51 [3.2.74-7w]

              7”: US Capitol 3837


1974          THE BEST OF THE STEVE MILLER 1968-73     [UK.34 1990]  t

              1.Living in the U.S.A.  2.I Love You  3.Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around 

              4.Seasons  5.Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma  6.Kow Kow Calculator  7.The Joker  8.Going

              to the Country  9.My Dark Hour  10.Your Saving Grace  11.Celebration Song 

              12.Space Cowboy


(orig lp)     UK Capitol E-ST 24058

(reiss lp)    UK Fame FA-3030

(reiss cd)    September 1990: UK? Capitol 95271


1975.10       THE LEGEND

              1.Welcome  2.Rock Love  3.Living in the U.S.A.  4.Your Saving Grace  5.Going to

              the Country  6.Song for Our Ancestors  7.Children of the Future  8.Journey from

              Eden  9.My Dark Hour  10.Kow Kow Calqulator  11.The Joker


(orig lp)     UK Capitol Vine VMP-1008


     Miller, Gary Mallaber (drums), Lonnie Turner (bass) plus Charles Calamise, James Cotton,

       Les Dudek, Kenny Johnson, John McFee, Joachim Young.


1976.04       A1.TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN  B1.Sweet Maree          US.11 [5.8.76-16w]

              7”: US/CAN Capitol 4260, UK Mercury 6078 800

              B1.Take the Money and Run (Mono)

              7PRO: US Capitol P-4260


1976.05       FLY LIKE AN EAGLE                        UK.11     US.3 tttt

              Produced by Steve Miller

              A1.Space Intro  A2.Fly Like an Eagle  A3.Wild Mountain Honey  A4.Serenade 

              A5.Dance, Dance, Dance  A6.Mercury Blues  B1.Take the Money and Run  B2.Rock ‘N Me 

              B3.You Send Me  B4.Blue Odyssey  B5.Sweet Marie  B6.The Window


(orig lp)     US Capitol ST-11497, UK Mercury 9286 177, AUSL/FRA/NET Mercury 6303 925, JPN

              Capitol ECS-80600, YUG RTB LP-5632

(orig cs)     AUSL Mercury 7100 925

(orig 8t)     US Capitol 8XT-11497

(reiss lp)    JPN Capitol ECS-63029, 1979: US Mobile Fidelity MFSL-1-021, 1999: US Capitol 21185 [180g]

(reiss lpm)   wo. tracks A5 + B3

              1984: US Capitol SN-16339

(reiss cd)    US Capitol CDP 7 46475, GER Mercury 830 040, US DCC GZS-1033

(reiss cd/dvd)       w. bonus tracks + DVD: 13.Fly Like an Eagle ’73  14.Take the Money and Run

              (acoustic)  15.Rock ‘N Me (’76 slow)

              July 18 2006: US Capitol [30 ann.ed.]


1976.08       A1.ROCK’N ME                             UK.11     US.1 [8.14.76-18w]

              B1.Living in the U.S.A.

              7”: US Capitol 4323

(reiss)       7”: US Collectables COL-6276

              B1.Rock’N Me (Mono)

              7PRO: US Capitol P-4323

              B1.The Window

              7”: UK Mercury 6078 804

              B1.Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma

              7”: JPN Capitol ECR-20109


1976.08       A1.FLY LIKE AN EAGLE                               US.2 [12.18.76-20w] t

              B1.Mercury Blues

              7”: UK Mercury

(1976.12)     B1.Lovin’ Cup

              7”: US Capitol 4372

              B1.Fly Like an Eagle (Mono)

              7PRO: US Capitol P-4372


              7”: JPN Capitol ECR-20167 [ps]

(1991)        2.Space Intro  3.Winter Time

              CDS: UK Arcade AR-91621

              1.Fly Like an Eagle (Special Radio Mix)  2.Winter Time

              CDS: BEL Arcade 01621190


1976          A1.TRUE FINE LOVE  B1.Dance, Dance, Dance

              12PRO: US 9008-9010


1977.01       A1.SERENADE  B1.Dance, Dance Dance

              7”: UK Mercury 6078 808


     Miller, Mallaber, Byron Allred (keyboards), David Denny (guitar), Greg Douglass

       (guitar) plus Norton Buffalo, Curley Cooke, Les Dudek, Bob Glaub, etc.


1977.04       A1.JET AIRLINER  B1.Babes in the Wood              US.8 [4.30.77-18w]

              7”: US Capitol 4424, UK Mercury 6078 811, JPN Capitol ECR-20278 [ps]

              B1.Jet Airliner (Mono)

              7PRO: US Capitol P-4424


1977.05       BOOK OF DREAMS                           UK.12     UK.2 ttt

              A1.Threshold  A2.Jet Airliner  A3.Winter Time  A4.Swingtown  A5.True Fine Love 

              A6.Wish Upon a Star  B1.Jungle Love  B2.Electro Lux Imbroglio  B3.Sacrifice 

              B4.The Stake  B5.My Own Space  B6.Babes in the Wood


(orig lp)     US Capitol SO-11630, UK Mercury 9286 455 [lyrics], BRA/GER Mercury 6303 926

              [lyrics], JPN Capitol ECS-80834 [ps], YUG RTB LP-5696

(orig cs)     US Capitol 4X)-11630, UK Mercury 7299 393

(reiss lp)    1978: US Capitol SEAX-11903 [picture disc], UK Mercury PRICE-78

(reiss cs)    US Capitol 4N-16323, US Capitol C4-46476

(reiss cd)    US Capitol C2-46476, UK Capitol CDP7-46476, 2000: US DCC GZS-1077


1977.07       A1.JUNGLE LOVE  B1.Wish Upon a Star                US.23 [8.6.77-14w]

              7”: US Capitol 4466, UK/NET Mercury 6078 812 [ps]


1977.10       A1.SWINGTOWN  B1.Winter Time                       US.17 [10.15.77-15w]

              7”: US/CAN Capitol 4496

              B1.Swingtown (Mono)

              7PRO: US Capitol P-4496


1977          MASTERS OF ROCK, VOL. 3


(orig lp)     GER Capitol C054-81.583


1978.11       GREATEST HITS 1974-78                              US.18 ttttttttttttt

              A1.Swingtown  A2.Jungle Love  A3.Take the Money and Run  A4.Rock N’ Me 

              A5.Serenade  A6.True Fine Love  A7.The Stake  B1.The Joker  B2.Fly Like An Eagle 

              B3.Threshold  B4.Jet Airliner  B5.Dance, Dance, Dance  B6.Winter Time  B7.Wild

              Mountain Honey


(orig lp)     US Capitol SOO-11872, UK Mercury 9199 916 [ps], JPN Capitol ECS-81152 [ps]

(orig cs)     US Capitol 4X00-11872, CAN 4N-16321

(reiss lp)    UK Mercury HS-9199 916 [halfspeed master], 1997: US DCC 2028

(reiss cs)    US Capitol C4-46101

(reiss cd)    US Capitol C2-46101, US Capitol CDP5-46101, CAN Capitol CDP7-46101, 1997: US DCC



     Miller, Allred, Mallaber and Gerald Johnson (bass).


1981.10       CIRCLE OF LOVE                                     US.26 t

              A1.Heart Like a Wheel  A2.Get on Home  A3.Baby Wanna Dance  A4.Circle of Love 

              B1.Macho City


(orig lp)     US Capitol ST-12121 [ps], UK/AUSL/GER/NET Mercury 6302 061 [ps]

(cd reiss)    US Capitol CDP7-94446, GER Mercury 800 043, 2002: US Eagle EAMCD-043


1981.11       A1.HEART LIKE A WHEEL                              US.24 [10.31.81-14w]

              7PRO: US Capitol P-A 5068

              B1.True Fine Love

              7”: US/CAN Capitol A-5068 [ps]

              B1.Threshold  B2.Jet Airliner

              7”: GER Mercury 6000.734


1982.01       A1.CIRCLE OF LOVE                                  US.55 [1.23.82-7w]

              B1.Circle of Love (Instrumental)

              7”: US/CAN Capitol A-5086


1982.02       A1.MACHO CITY  B1.Fly Like an Eagle

              7”: NET Mercury 6000 774 [ps]


     Adds Kenny Lee Lewis, John Massaro plus guests Greg Douglass, Lonnie Turner.


1982.05       A1.ABRACADABRA                           UK.2      US.1 [5.29.82-25w]

              7PRO: US Capitol P-B-5126

              B1.Give It Up

              7”: US Capitol 5126, JPN Capitol ECS-17251 [ps]

              B1.Never Say No

              7”: UK Mercury STEVE-3 [ps]

(1997.02)     2.The Joker

              CDS: US Capitol 58603


1982.06       ABRACADABRA                              UK.10     US.3 t

              A1.Keeps Me Wondering Why  A2.Abracadabra  A3.Something Special  A4.Give It Up 

              A5.Never Say No  B1.Things I Told You  B2.Young Girl’s Heart  B3.Goodbye Love 

              B4.Cool Magic  B5.While I’m Waiting


(orig lp)     US/CAN Capitol ST-12216 [lyrics], UK/GER/ITA Mercury 6302 204 [lyrics], JPN

              Capitol ECS-81505, YUG RTB ST-2221330

(reiss cs)    US Capitol C4-46102, UK Mercury 7144 204

(reiss cd)    US Capitol CDP 7 46102, 2002: US Eagle Rock EAMCD-044


1982.08       A1.KEEPS ME WONDERING WHY                          US.52

              2.Abracadabra  3.Get on Home

              12: UK Mercury STEVE-412


1982.10       A1.GIVE IT UP                                      US.60 [12.11.82-9w]

              B1.Rock’N Me

              7”: UK Mercury STEVE-5 [ps]

(1982.12)     B1.Heart Like a Wheel

              7”: US Capitol B-5194


1982.10       A1.COOL MAGIC  B1.Young Girls’ Heart               US.57 [10.16.82-8w]

              7”: US/CAN Capitol B-5162


1983.03       A1.LIVING IN THE U.S.A. (LIVE)

              7PRO: US Capitol P-B-5223 [ps]

              B1.Buffalo’s Serenade

              7”: US Capitol B-5223


     Norton Buffalo returns for live album below.


1983.04       STEVE MILLER BAND LIVE!                  UK.79     US.125

              1.Gangster of Love  2.Rock ‘N Me  3.Living in the U.S.A.  4.Fly Like an Eagle 

              5.Jungle Love  6.The Joker  7.Mercury Blues  8.Take the Money and Run 

              9.Abracadabra  10.Jet Airliner


(orig lp)     US Capitol ST-12263 [ps], UK Mercury MERL-18 [ps], BRA/GER/NET Mercury 811 020,

              JPN Capitol ECS-81582

(orig laser]  w. bonus tracks: 1a.Macho City (Intro)  6b.Heart Like a Wheel  10b.Buffalo’s


              US Sailor 33032 [laserdisc]

(reiss cd)    1988: US Capitol CDP7-91315


1983.04       A1.TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN (LIVE)  B1.The Joker

              7”: US Capitol


1984.09       A1.SHANGRI-LA  B1.Circle of Love                   US.57 [10.6.84-6w]

              7”: US Capitol 5407, CAN Capitol 72956, JPN Capitol ECS-17495 [ps]

              1.Shangri-La (Long Version)  2.Shangri-La (Short Version)]

              12PRO: US Capitol 9250-1

              1.Shangri-La (Extended)  2.Shangri-La (7” Version)  3.Shangri-La (Dub)

              12PRO: US Capitol 9252-3


     Now quartet of Miller, Allred, Lewis and Mallaber plus guest Tim Davis.


1984.11       ITALIAN X-RAYS                                     US.106

              Produced by Steve Miller, Byron Allred, Kenny Lee Lewis, Gary Mallaber

              A1.Radio 1  A2.Italian X Rays  A3.Daybreak  A4.Shangri-La  A5.Who Do You Love 

              A5.Harmony of the Spheres 1  B1.Radio 2  B2.Bongo Bongo  B3.Out of the Night 

              B4.Golden Opportunity  B5.The Hollywood Dream  B6.One in a Million  B7.Harmony of

              the Spheres 2


(orig lp)     US Capitol SJ-12339 [lyrics], UK Mercury MERL-50 [lyrics], AUSL Mercury 822 823

(reiss cd)    1991: FRA Arcade 471751, US Capitol 94447, May 2, 2005: UK Eagle EAMCD-045


1985.02       A1.BONGO BONGO  B1.Get on Home                     US.84 [2.16.85-3w]

              7”: US/CAN Capitol B-5442


1985.03       A1.ITALIAN X-RAYS  B1.Who Do You Love

              7”: CAN Capitol B-5476


     Miller, Lewis, Mallaber, Gerald Johnson plus guests Byron Allred, Norton Buffalo, Charles

       Calamise, James Cotton, Les Dudek, Kenny G, Kenny Johnson, Waheem Young.


1986.11       LIVING IN THE 20th CENTURY                          US.65

              Produced by Steve Miller

              A1.Nobody But You Baby  A2.I Want to Make the World Turn Around  A3.Slinky 

              A4.Living in the 20th Century  A5.Maelstrom  B1.I Wanna Be Loved (But By Only You)

              B2.My Babe  B3.Big Boss Man  B4.Caress Me Baby  B5.Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby 

              B6.Behind the Barn


(orig lp)     US Capitol PJ-12445 [lyrics], UK Capitol EST-2027 [lyrics], BRA Capitol 64240649,

              FRA/NET Capitol 240 649-1 [lyrics], JPN Capitol ECS-91206

(orig cs)     US Capitol 4PJ-12445, AUSL Capitol TCST-240649

(orig cd)     US Capitol CDP 7 46326

(reiss cd)    June 16 1995: US Capitol CEMA Special Markets 18323 [digrem]

(reiss cs)    June 16 1995: US Capitol CEMA Special Markets 18323 [digrem]


1986.11       A1.I WANT TO MAKE THE WORLD TURN AROUND            US.97 [11.15.86-3w]

              12PRO: US Capitol SPRO-9847


              7”: US Capitol 5646, CAN Capitol B-5646, JPN Capitol ECS-17680 [ps]


1987          A1.NOBODY BUT YOU BABY


              7”: CAN Capitol B-5671 [ps]


1987.05       GREATEST HITS – A DECADE OF AMERICAN MUSIC (1976-1986)


(orig lp)     UK Mercury


1987.06       A1.I WANNA BE LOVED

              12PRO: US Capitol SPRO-9992 [blue vinyl]


1988.09       1.YA YA

              7”: US Capitol P-B-44222 [ps]

              CDSPRO: US Capitol DPRO-79389

              1.Ya Ya (Extended Version)

              CDSPRO: US Capitol DPRO-79410

              2.Filthy McNasty  3.Ya Ya (Version)

              12: AUSL label unknown ED-372


1988.09       BORN 2 B BLUE

              1.Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah  2.Ya Ya  3.God Bless the Child  4.Filthy McNasty  5.Born to

              Be Blue  6.Mary Ann  7.Just a Little Bit  8.When Sunny Gets Blue  9.Willow Weep

              for Me  10.Red Top


(orig lp)     UK Capitol/Sailor EST-2072

(orig cs)     US Capitol C4-48303

(orig cd)     US Capitol C2-48303

(reiss cd)    1995: US Capitol CEMA Special Markets 18324


1988          1.JUST A LITTLE BIT (LP Version)  2.Just a Little Bit (Extended Version)

              CDSPRO: US Capitol DPRO-79439




(orig box)    Capitol C2-92214


1990/1        THE BEST OF 1968 – 1973

              1.The Joker  2.Living in the U.S.A.  3.My Dark Hour  4.Going to the Country  5.Shu

              Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma  6.Going to Mexico  7.Come On In My Kitchen  8.Evil  9.Song

              for Our Ancestors  10.Your Saving Grace  11.Quicksilver Girl  12.Seasons  13.Space

              Cowboy  14.Gangster of Love  15.Kow Kow Calqulator  16.Little Girl  17.Don’t Let

              Nobody Turn You Around  18.Jackson-Kent Blues  19.Sugar Babe


(orig cd)     Capitol C2-95271

(orig cs)     Capitol C4-95271




(orig cd)     Arcade Benelux 6250


1993.06.08    WIDE RIVER                                         US.85

              1.Wide River  2.Midnight Train  3.Blue Eyes  4.Lost In Your Eyes  5.Perfect World 

              6.Horse and Rider  7.Circle of Ir  8.Conversation  9.Cry Cry Cry  10.Stranger

              Blues  11.Walks Like a Lady  12.All Your Love (I Miss Loving)


(orig cd)     US Polygram 519 441


1993          1.WIDE RIVER                                       US.64

              CDSPRO: US Polydor CDP-921

              B1.Stranger Blues

              7”: US Sailor 859 194


1993          1.BLUE EYES (Edit)  2.Blue Eyes (Album Version)

              CDSPRO: US Sailor 979


1993          1.CRY CRY CRY

              CDSPRO: US Polydor CDP-1077


1994.07       STEVE MILLER BAND

              1.Child’s Medley  2.Paul and Steve (Age 5)  3.T-Bone Walker (Steve’s House 1952) 

              4.Candy Cain (1958)  5.Met a Little Girl on Her Way to...  6.Children of the

              Future  7.Living in the U.S.A.  8.Space Cowboy  9.Going to Mexico  10.My Dark Hour 

              11.Steppin’ Stone  12.Fanny Mae  13.Going to the Country  14.Little Girl  15.Shu

              Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma  16.Jackson-Kent Blues  17.Your Saving Grace  18.Kow Kow

              Calculator  19.Seasons  20.Baby’s House  21.Journey from Eden  22.Baby’s Callin’

              Me Home  23.LT’s Midnight Dream  24.Quicksilver Girl  25.Song for Our Ancestors 

              26.Mercury Blues  27.Lovin’ Cup  28.Behind the Barn  29.I Want to Make the World

              Turn Around  30.Sacrifice  31.Slinky  32.Nobody But You  33.I Wanna Be Loved 

              34.Caress Me Baby  35.Sweet Maree  36.Born to Be Blue  37.God Bless the Child 

              38.When Sunny Gets Blue  39.C.C Rider – All Blues  40.Maelstrom  41.Harmony of the

              Spheres  42.Space Intro  43.Fly Like an Eagle  44.Wild Mountain Honey  45.Serenade 

              46.Dance, Dance, Dance  47.Take the Money and Run  48.Rock’N Me  49.Jungle Love 

              50.Swingtown  51.Threshold  52.Jet Airliner  53.The Joker  54.Who Do You Love 

              55.Abracadabra  56.Give It Up  57.The Stake  58.Out of the Night  59.One in a

              Million  60.True Fine Love  61.Winter Time  62.Rock It  63.Come On in My Kitchen 



(orig 3-cd)   US Capitol 89826


1994          BOX SET SAMPLER

              1.Met a Little Girl on Her Way to School  2.Livin’ in the U.S.A.  3.Space Cowboy 

              4.My Dark Hour  5.Fly Like An Eagle  6.Jungle Love  7.The Joker  8.I Wanna Be

              Loved  9.Sweet Maree  10.Slinky


(promo cd)    US Capitol 79817

(promo cs)    US Capitol 79383


1994          ROCK IT

              CDSPRO: US Capitol 79377


1995.05.16    LIVING IN THE USA                                  œ

              1.Living in the U.S.A.  2.Space Cowboy  3.Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around  4.The

              Joker  5.Gangster of Love  6.Lovin’ Cup  7.Quicksilver Girl  8.Your Saving Grace 

              9.Motherless Children  10.Mary Lou


(orig cd)     1992: US CEMA Special Markets 57288

(reiss cd)    July 29 2008: US Collectables [cover variation]




(orig cd)     Mushroom 53369


1998.11       GREATEST HITS

              1.The Joker  2.Space Intro  3.Fly Like an Eagle  4.Jet Airliner  5.Dance, Dance,

              Dance  6.Give It Up  7.Keeps Me Wondering Why  8.Abracadabra  9.Swingtown 

              10.Jungle Love  11.Take the Money and Run  12.Rock ‘N Me  13.The Stake  14.Heart

              Like a Wheel  15.Wide River  16.True Fine Love  17.Cry Cry Cry  18.Serenade 

              19.Winter Time  20.Wild Mountain Honey


(orig cd)     Polygram Int’l 559 240


1999.12.31    1.MIDNIGHT TRAIN  2.?

              CSS: Polygram 859 716




(orig 2-cd)   US King Biscuit 88001



              1.The Joker  2.Fly Like an Eagle  3.Living in the U.S.A.  4.Space Cowboy  5.Your

              Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Trash  6.Baby’s Callin’ Me Home  7.Going to Mexico  8.Going

              to the Country  9.The Window  10.Seasons


(orig cd)     US BMG Special Markets 45962


2003.09.16    YOUNG HEARTS: COMPLETE GREATEST HITS               œ

              1.Take the Money and Run  2.Abracadabra  3.Rock’N Me  4.Swingtown  5.The Joker 

              6.Living in the U.S.A.  7.Space Intro  8.Fly Like an Eagle  9.Threshold  10.Jet

              Airliner  11.Space Cowboy  12.Jungle Love  13.Serenade  14.Cry Cry Cry  15.Shu Ba

              Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma  16.Wide River  17.Wild Mountain Honey  18.The Stake  19.My Dark

              Hour  20.Who Do You Love  21.I Wanna Make the World Turn Around  22.Dance Dance



(orig cd)     US Capitol 90509, UK EMI 590509


2007.08.13    THE SESSIONS

              A1.Space Cowboy  A2.Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma  A3.Mary Lou  A4.Your Cash Ain’t

              Nothing But Trash  A5.Gangster of Love  A6.Jackson-Kent Blues  A7.Living in the

              USA  A8.Fly Like an Eagle  A9.My Dark Hour  A10.Evil  A11.Blues with a Feelin’ 

              A12.Lovin’ Cup  A13.So Long Blues  B1.The Joker  B2.Baby’s Callin’ Me Home 

              B3.Going to Mexico  B4.Nothing Lasts  B5.Mercury Blues  B6.Going to the Country 

              B7.Kitchen Blues  B8.The Window  B9.Fly Like an Eagle  B10.Wild Mountain Honey 

              B11.Song for Our Ancestors  B12.Seasons


(orig 2-cd)   Recall Canada


2008.02.18    THE JOKER LIVE


(orig cd)     label unknown


2010.06.15    BINGO!                                             US.37

              1.Hey Yeah  2.Who’s Been Talkin’  3.Don’t Cha Know  4.Rock Me Baby  5.Tramp 

              6.Sweet Soul Vibe  7.Come On (Let the Good Times Roll)  8.All Your Love (I Miss

              Loving)  9.You Got Me Dizzy  10.Ooh Poo Pah Doo


(orig cd)     US Roudrunner/Loud & Proud



              1.Children of the Future  2.Steppin’ Stone  3.Key to the Highway  4.Gangster of

              Love  5.You’re So Fine  6.Overdrive  7.Song for Our Ancestors  8.Dear Mary 

              9.Space Cowboy  10.LT’s Midnight Dream  11.Got Love ‘Cause You Need It  12.Brave

              New World


(orig lp)     GER Hor-Zu SHZE-901BL


???           MASTERS OF ROCK


(orig lp)     GER Electrola 1C 054 81583


Tim Davis



LP: 1972 Metromedia BML1054



LP: 1974 Metromedia 1075



              Jefferson Airplane   Crown of Creation    Sep68  conga

              Ben Sidran    I Lead a Life 1972   conga, conductor

              Ben Sidran    Puttin’ in Time on Planet Earth   1973   backing vocals, conductor

              Tommy Muellner       It’s All About Time  1998   drums



Goldberg/Miller Blues Band


1965          A1.THE MOTHER SONG  B1.More Than Soul

              7:” US 1965 Epic





LP: 1982 Elektra 60118

songs Steppin’ over the line / She’s gonna be in trouble / If you’re leaving / Say what you want to say / Take it or leave it / Walking along with you / Don’t let me go / Ronnie / .357 / I had enough. time 38:44. band Byron Allred, Mark Burger, Greg Douglass, Kenny Lee Lewis, Gary Mallaber, John Massaro, Lonnie Turner + Chris Kimsey (ep).


Lonnie Turner





              Dave Mason    Headkeeper    Feb72  bass

              Dave Mason    It’s Like You Never Left   Oct73  bass

              Albert King   I’ll Play the Blues for You Oct77  bass

              Albert King   Live   1977   bass

              Eddie Money   Eddie Money   1977   bass

              Eddie Money   Life for the Taking  1978   bass

              Albert King   Albert Live   1979   bass

              Eddie Money   Playing for Keeps    1980   bass*

              Tommy Tutone  Tommy Tutone 2       1981   bass