9 25660-1 Chronicles
previously released material
Remixes produced by Steve Winwood & Tom Lord Alge
Released on October 1987
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9 25660-1 cover
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s ome of the finer things that Winwood has recorded over the years, which might have you thinking this is a greatest hits record, only it isn’t. Instead, as the name implies, it’s more of a retrospective, though in looking back Winwood opted to remix the three tracks from Talking Back to the Night. The new version of “Valerie” charted better than the original, a good ambassador from an album of second impressions that are often more favorable than the first. The first time around, “Spanish Dancer” seemed a snore, but on Chronicles it’s actually seductive. It must be the surroundings, which confirms my suspicion that track placement is very important. Elevated by good company, even the previously unremarkable “My Love’s Leavin” shines. The track selection here is pretty good: “Vacant Chair” from his first record, “Higher Love” from his last. Again, it’s not meant to be his most famous (or even his best) music; “While You See A Chance,” “Back in the High Life” and “The Finer Things” are conspicuous in their absence. But if you already bought Back in the High Life (and who didn’t?), Chronicles fills in the gaps nicely. It’s intent was likely to drive listeners to dig deeper into Steve’s back catalog with a flattering sampler. Mission accomplished for me, since I bought his first elpee after hearing “Vacant Chair.” You might wish to do the same, but I’d warn you away from Talking Back to the Night, since you’re getting the best of it here (the remixes don’t differ radically from the originals).

9 25660-1 back cover 9 25660-1 picture sleeve
9 25660-1 back cover 9 25660-1 picture sleeve


  1. WAKE ME UP ON JUDGMENT DAY    (Steve Winwood/Will Jennings)    5:48
  2. WHILE YOU SEE A CHANCE    (Steve Winwood/Will Jennings)    4:05
  3. VACANT CHAIR    (Steve Winwood/Viv Stanshall)    4:35
  4. HELP ME ANGEL (REMIX)    (Steve Winwood/Will Jennings)    4:57
  5. MY LOVE'S LEAVIN'    (Steve Winwood/Viv Stanshall)    5:19
  6. VALERIE (REMIX)    (Steve Winwood/Will Jennings)    4:05
  7. ARC OF A DIVER    (Steve Winwood/Viv Stanshall)    5:25
  8. HIGHER LOVE    (Steve Winwood/Will Jennings)    4:13
  9. SPANISH DANCER    (Steve Winwood/Will Jennings)    4:37
  10. TALKING BACK TO THE NIGHT (REMIX)    (Steve Winwood/Will Jennings)    4:10


Tom Lord Alge -- remixing

UK October 1987 Island LP/CD/CS SSW/SSWCD/SSWC 1 picture sleeve
US October 1987 Island LP/CD/CS 25660 picture sleeve
CAN October 1987 Island LP/CS 92 56601/4 picture sleeve
GER 1987 Island LP/CD 208/258 595  
JPN 1987 Island LPPRO R28D-2097 lyric insert
NZ 1987 Island LP RML-53247  
YUG   Jugoton LP LSI-73233  
JPN   Island CD UICY-2602  
WW   Island CD 842 364  


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