7-28498 The Finer Things
(a) Produced by Russ Titelman and Steve Winwood
(b) Produced by Steve Winwood
Released on January 1987
US CHART POSITION #8 (charted Feb. 7, 1987 for 23 weeks)
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7-28498 wo. picture sleeve
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K ronomyth 4.3: MORE FINERY. Six months after the release of Back In The High Life, Island chose to release the title track as the third single in the UK and, in the US, “The Finer Things.” (The title track would be released in the US four months later as the final single from High Life.) “The Finer Things” is simply one of the finest things he’s done on the synthesizer, avoiding the cold remoteness of synthesizer-driven songs before and after by injecting an irrepressible chorus and deliberately quirky rhythm into the song. Although High Life wasn’t as obviously influenced by African pop music as Peter Gabriel’s Go or Paul Simon’s Graceland, the vibe of Highlife is just under the surface of “The Finer Things.” For the single, an edited version of the song was released at an even four minutes which tightens up the song considerably (gone is the long, moody intro and the meandering middle section). The B side is an instrumental version of “Night Train”—possibly the same instrumental version that graced the original backside of the Night Train single in 1981. Winwood has often included instrumental versions as the flipsides to singles; collectively, they represent his contribution to muzak, and hold little interest for fans.

PRO-A-2651 cover
PRO-A-2651 cover
[high resolution scan]


  1. THE FINER THINGS    (Steve Winwood/Will Jennings)    4:00
  2. NIGHT TRAIN (INSTRUMENTAL)    (Steve Winwood/Will Jennings)    4:10

    12-inch promo single
  3. THE FINER THINGS (EDIT)    (Steve Winwood/Will Jennings)    4:00
  4. THE FINER THINGS (LP VERSION)    (Steve Winwood/Will Jennings)    5:47


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US 1986 Island 12PRO PRO-A-2651  
US January 1987 Island 7" 7-28498 picture sleeve
CAN 1987 Island 7" 92 84987  


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