†††† Rick Davies (keyboards, vocals), Roger Hodgson (acoustic guitar, bass, cello, flageolet,

†††††† keyboards, vocals), Bob Millar (drums), Richard Palmer (guitars, vocals).


1970.07†††††† SUPERTRAMP†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.158 [1978]

††††††††††††† 1.Surely2.Itís a Long Road3.Aubuade and I Am Not Like the Other Birds of Prey

††††††††††††† 4.Words Unspoken5.Maybe Iím a Beggar6.Home Again7.Nothing to Show8.Shadow

††††††††††††† Song9.Try Again10.Surely


(orig lp)†††† US A&M SP-4274 [brown label]

(reiss lp)††† US A&M SP-4274 [silver label], US A&M SP-3149


†††† Davies, Hodgson, Kevin Currie, Frank Farrell, Dave Winthrop.



††††††††††††† Produced by Supertramp

††††††††††††† A1.Your Poppa Donít MindA2.TravelledA3.Rosie Had Everything Planned

††††††††††††† A4.RememberA5.ForeverB1.PotterB2.Coming Home to See YouB3.Times Have

††††††††††††† ChangedB4.Friend in NeedB5.Aries


(orig lp)†††† UK/NET A&M AMLH-64306 [gf], US/CAN A&M SP-4311 [gf/brownlabel], AUSL A&M L-35700

††††††††††††† [gf]

(reiss lp)††† US A&M SP-4311 [gf/whitelabel], 1979?: JPN A&M AMP-7070 [gf], US A&M SP-3129, GER

††††††††††††† A&M 393129

(reiss cd)††† August 26, 1997: GER/NET A&M 393129


1971.10†††††† A1.FOREVERB1.Your Poppa Donít Mind

††††††††††††† 7: US A&M 1305


1974.09†††††† CRIME OF THE CENTURY†††††††††††††††††††† UK.4††††† US.38 t

††††††††††††† 1.School2.Bloody Well Right3.Hide in Your Shell4.Asylum5.Dreamer6.Rudy

††††††††††††† 7.If Everyone Was Listening8.Crime of the Century


(orig lp)†††† US A&M SP-3647 [lyrics], JPN A&M AML-225, NET A&M AMLS-68258 [lyrics]

(reiss lp)††† US Mobile Fidelity MFSL-1-005, 2005: US Speakers Corner SP-3647 [180g]

(reiss cd)††† US Mobile Fidelity UDCD-505

(reiss 2-cdz) repackaged w. CRISIS? WHAT CRISIS

††††††††††††† July 14 2009: UK 101 Distribution


1975.01†††††† A1.DREAMER††††††††††††††††††††† UK.13 [2.15.75-10w]

††††††††††††† B1.Bloody Well Right

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK A&M AMS-7132

††††††††††††† B1.Dreamer (Mono)

††††††††††††† 7PRO: US A&M AM-1660

(reiss)†††††† B1.Give a Little Bit

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Old Gold OG-9542


1975.04†††††† A1.BLOODY WELL RIGHTB1.Dreamer†††††††††††††††††† US.35 [4.12.75-10w]

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US A&M 1660, NZ A&M K-5845

††††††††††††† B1.If Everyone Was Listening

††††††††††††† 7Ē: NET A&M 16038-AT [ps]


†††† Davies, Hodgson, Bob C. Benberg (drums), John Anthony Helliwell (wind instruments,

†††††† vocals), Dougie Thomson (bass).


1975.11†††††† CRISIS? WHAT CRISIS?†††††††††††††††††††† UK.20†††† US.44

††††††††††††† Produced by Ken Scott and Supertramp

††††††††††††† A1.Easy Does ItA2.Sister MoonshineA3.Ainít Nobody But MeA4.A Soapbox Opera

††††††††††††† A5.Another Manís WomanB1.LadyB2.Poor BoyB3.Just a Normal DayB4.The Meaning

††††††††††††† B5.Two of Us


(orig lp)†††† UK A&M AMLH-68347 [ps], US/CAN A&M SP-4560 [ps], AUSL A&M L-35725, JPN A&M GP-279,

††††††††††††† NET A&M 394 560-1

(orig cs)†††† UK A&M CAM-68347

(orig 8t)†††† US/CAN A&M 8T-4560

(reiss lp)††† JPN A&M AMP-7044

(reiss cd)††† AUSL A&M 394560, US A&M 493347


1975.11†††††† A1.LADYB1.You Started Laughing (When I Held You in My Arms)

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK A&M AMS-7201, NET A&M 16469-AT [ps]

(1976.01)†††† B1.Lady (Mono)

††††††††††††† 7PRO: US A&M AM-1793


1976.06†††††† A1.AINíT NOBODY BUT ME (Edit)B1.Sister Moonshine

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US A&M 1814


1977.04†††††† EVEN IN THE QUIETEST MOMENTS†††††††††††† UK.12†††† US.16 t

††††††††††††† Produced by Supertramp

††††††††††††† A1.Give a Little BitA2.Lover BoyA3.Even in the Quietest MomentsA4.Downstream

††††††††††††† B1.BabajiB2.From Now OnB3.Foolís Overture


(orig lp)†††† UK A&M AMLK-64634 [lyrics], US/CAN A&M SP-4634 [lyrics], AUSL/NZ A&M L-36068, CAN

††††††††††††† A&M SPJ-4634 [gf/audiophile], GER/NET 28 600 XOT, JPN A&M GP-2044

(orig cs)†††† UK A&M CAM-64634, US/CAN A&M CS-4634

(reiss lp)††† JPN A&M AMP-7043, EEC A&M 394 634-1

(reiss cd)††† US A&M CD-3297, EEC A&M 394 634, 2002: EC A&M 493 348-2


1977.05†††††† A1.GIVE A LITTLE BIT†††††††††††† UK.29 [6.25.77-7w] US.15 [6.4.77-18w]

††††††††††††† B1.Downstream††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† SAF.4 [08.77-13w]

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US A&M 1938


1977.11†††††† A1.BABAJIB1.From Now On

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK A&M AMS-7326


1979.03†††††† A1.THE LOGICAL SONG††††††††††††† UK.7 [3.31.79-11w] US.6 [3.24.79-21w]

††††††††††††† B1.Just Another Nervous Wreck††††††††††††††††††††††††† SAF.3 [06.79-16w]

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US A&M 2128 [ps], JPN A&M AMP-1030 [ps], BRA EMI Odeon 1C-006-62805 [ps]

††††††††††††† B1.The Logical Song (Mono)

††††††††††††† 7PRO: US A&M 2128


1979.03.29††† BREAKFAST IN AMERICA†††††††††††††††††††† UK.3††††† US.1 tttt

††††††††††††† Produced by Peter Henderson and Supertramp

††††††††††††† A1.Gone HollywoodA2.The Logical SongA3.Goodbye StrangerA4.Breakfast in

††††††††††††† AmericaA5.Oh DarlingB1.Take the Long Way HomeB2.Lord Is It MineB3.Just

††††††††††††† Another Nervous WreckB4.Casual ConversationsB5.Child of Vision


(orig lp)†††† UK A&M AMLK-63708 [lyrics], US/CAN A&M SP-3708 [lyrics], AUSL A&M L-36715 [blue

††††††††††††† vinyl/lyrics], JPN A&M AMP-6034, NET A&M AMLK-64747 [lyrics], TUR Calliope LP-7911

(orig cs)†††† UK A&M CKM-63708

(reiss lp)††† US A&M SP-3708, US Mobile Fidelity MFSL-1-045 [lyrins], UK Nimbus AMLK-63708

††††††††††††† [lyrics/audiophile], 2000: UK Simply Vinyl SVLP-184 [180g]

(reiss cd)††† 1986: JPN A&M D32Y-3092, US A&M 3708, US Mobile Fidelity UDCD-534, JPN A&M

††††††††††††† POCM-1865, 2002: US A&M 493349


1979.06.01††† A1.BREAKFAST IN AMERICA††††††††† UK.9 [6.30.79-10w]††† SAF.6 [12.79-12w]

††††††††††††† B1.Gone Hollywood

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK A&M AMS-7451 [ps]

††††††††††††† B1.Lord Is It Mine

††††††††††††† 7Ē: JPN A&M AMP-1039 [ps]


1979.06†††††† A1.GOODBYE STRANGER††††††††††††† UK.57 [10.27.79-3w]†† US.15 [7.7.79-14w]

††††††††††††† B1.Even in the Quiestest Moments

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK A&M AMS-7481 [ps], US A&M 2162 [ps], BRA EMI Odeon 1C-006-63368 [ps]


1979.10.06††† A1.TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME (Edit)†††††††††††††††††† US.10 [10.13.79-15w]

††††††††††††† B1.From Now On

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK A&M AMS-7560 [ps]


††††††††††††† 7Ē: US/CAN A&M 2193-S, FRA A&M AMS-7646 [ps]

††††††††††††† B1.Take the Long Way Home (Album Version)

††††††††††††† 7PRO: US A&M 2193-S

††††††††††††† B1.Itís Raining Again

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US A&M 8707

††††††††††††† B1.?

††††††††††††† 7Ē: AUSL/NZ A&M K-7680


1980.09†††††† PARIS††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† UK.7††††† US.8 t

††††††††††††† Produced by Peter Henderson and Russel Pope

††††††††††††† A1.SchoolA2.Ainít Nobody But MeA3.The Logical SongA4.Bloody Well Right

††††††††††††† A5.Breakfast in AmericaA6.You Started LaughingA7.Hide in Your ShellA8.From

††††††††††††† Now OnB1.DreamerB2.RudyB3.A Soapbox OperaB4.AsylumB5.Take the Long Way

††††††††††††† HomeB6.Foolís OvertureB7.Two of UsB8.Crime of the Century


(orig 2-lp)†† UK/NET A&M AMLM-66702 [gf/ps], US/CAN A&M SP-6702 [gf/ps], AUSL A&M L-70167/8, BRA

††††††††††††† A&M 170004, JPN A&M AMP-44001/2 [gf]

(orig cs)†††† US/CAN CS-6702

(orig 2-cd)†† BRA/GER A&M 396702, July 30, 2002: US A&M 493350


1980.09†††††† A1.DREAMER (Live)B1.From Now On (Live)†††††††††† US.15 [9.20.80-14w]

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US A&M AM-2269 [ps], JPN A&M AMP-708 [ps]

††††††††††††† B1.You Started Laughing (Live)

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK A&M AMS-7576 [ps]


1980.11†††††† A1.BREAKFAST IN AMERICA (Live)†††††††††††††††††††† US.62 [12.13.80-8w]

††††††††††††† B1.You Started Laughing (Live)

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US A&M 2292


1980††††††††† A1.TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME (Live)B1.From Now On (Live)

††††††††††††† 7Ē: NET A&M AMS-9000 [ps]


1982.10†††††† A1.ITíS RAINING AGAIN††††††††††† UK.26 [10.30.82-11w]US.11 [10.30.82-13w]

††††††††††††† B1.Bonnie††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† SAF.6 [12.82-12w]

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK A&M AMS-8255, US A&M AM-2502 [ps], ITA/NET/POR A&M AMS-9230 [ps], JPN A&M

††††††††††††† AMP-754 [ps], NZ A&M K-8910

††††††††††††† B1.Itís Raining Again (Mono)

††††††††††††† 7PRO: US A&M AM-2502

††††††††††††† B1.Take the Long Way Home

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US A&M 8707


1982.10†††††† ď...FAMOUS LAST WORDS...Ē††††††††††††††† UK.6††††† US.5 t

††††††††††††† Produced by Peter Henderson, Russel Pope and Supertramp

††††††††††††† A1.CrazyA2.Put on Your Old Brown ShoesA3.Itís Raining AgainA4.Bonnie

††††††††††††† A5.Know Who You AreB1.My Kind of LadyB2.Cíest le BonB3.Waiting So Long

††††††††††††† B4.Donít Leave Me Now


(orig lp)†††† UK/ISR A&M AMLK-63732 [lyrics], US/CAN A&M SP-3732 [lyrics], JPN A&M AMP-28063,

††††††††††††† NET A&M AHLK-63732 [lyrics]


1982††††††††† A1.CRAZYB1.Bonnie

††††††††††††† 7Ē: BRA CBS 47066 [ps]


1982††††††††† A1.DONíT LEAVE ME NOWB1.Waiting So Long

††††††††††††† 7Ē: FRA A&M AM-9284


1983.01†††††† A1.MY KIND OF LADYB1.Know Who You Are††††††††††† US.31 [1.29.83-12w]

††††††††††††† 7: US/CAN A&M AM-2517 [ps]


1983††††††††† SUPER SAMPLER

††††††††††††† 1.The Logical Song2.Gone Hollywood3.Dreamer4.Goodbye Stranger5.Crazy

††††††††††††† 6.Waiting So Long7.Donít Leave Me Now8.Bloody Well Right


(promo lp)††† US A&M 17236



††††††††††††† A1.SchoolA2.The Logical SongA3.Breakfast in AmericaA4.DreamerA5.Itís

††††††††††††† Raining AgainA6.Give a Little BitA7.Take the Long Way HomeB1.My Kind of Lady

††††††††††††† B2.Bloody Well RightB3.Goodbye StrangerB4.Ainít Nobody But MeB5.Oh Darling

††††††††††††† B6.Crime of the Century


(orig lp)†††† GER A&M TV-4


†††† Davies, Helliwell, Siebenberg, Thompson with Cha Cha, David Gilmour, Scott Gorham, Scott

†††††† Page, Marty Walsh, Doug Wintz.


1985.02†††††† A1.STILL IN LOVEB1.Better Days

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK A&M 883 713-7 [ps]

††††††††††††† 2-3.?

††††††††††††† 12: UK A&M AMY-265


1985.04†††††† A1.CANNONBALL††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.28

††††††††††††† 7PRO: US A&M AM-2731 [ps]

††††††††††††† B1.Ever Open Door

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK A&M AM-248 [ps], US A&M AM-2731 [ps], JPN A&M AMP-217 [ps]

††††††††††††† 3.?

††††††††††††† 12: UK A&M AMY-248

††††††††††††† B1.Better Days

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US A&M 8663


1985.05†††††† BROTHER WHERE YOU BOUND††††††††††††††††† UK.20†††† US.21

††††††††††††† Produced by David Kershenbaum and Supertramp

††††††††††††† A1.CannonballA2.Still in LoveA3.No InbetweenA4.Better DaysB1.Brother Where

††††††††††††† You BoundB2.Ever Open Door


(orig lp)†††† UK A&M AMA-5014 [lyrics], US/CAN A&M SP-5014 [embossed, lyrics], ARG A&M 20631 [lyrics],

††††††††††††† BRA A&M 170092 [lyrics], FRA/GER/SPA A&M 395014-1 [embossed, lyrics], JPN A&M C28Y-3123,

††††††††††††† NZ A&M RML-53115, YUG RTB ST-222914

(orig cs)†††† US A&M CS-5014

(orig cd)†††† UK A&M AMCD-5014, US A&M CD-5014

(reiss cd)††† July 30 2002: US A&M 493354 [digrem], 2008: JPN Universal UICY-93616 [shmcd]


1985.09†††††† A1.BETTER DAYS (Edit)B1.No Inbetween

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US/CAN A&M AM-2760

††††††††††††† B1.Cannonball

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US A&M 8663



††††††††††††† 1.Goodbye Stranger2.The Logical Song3.Bloody Well Right4.Breakfast in

††††††††††††† America5.Take the Long Way Home6.Crime of the Century7.Dreamer8.From Now

††††††††††††† On9.Give a Little Bit10.Itís Raining Again11.Cannonball


(orig lp)†††† UK A&M TRAMP-1 [ps], COL A&M/Philips 393904, JPN A&M C28Y-3096, MEX A&M LPR-73010

(orig cdx)††† w. three bonus tracks

††††††††††††† JPN A&M PCCY-10249


1987††††††††† A1.SUPERTRAMP MEDLEY: Dreamer/Goodbye Stranger/Give a Little Bit/Breakfast in

††††††††††††† America/Take the Long Way Home/Goodbye Stranger/The Logical Song/Itís Raining

††††††††††††† AgainB1.From Now On

††††††††††††† 12: BRA A&M 2801198


1987.10†††††† A1.IíM BEGGINí YOUB1.No Inbetween

††††††††††††† 7Ē: AUSL A&M K-316 [ps], CAN A&M AM-2985, JPN A&M 7Y-3064 [ps]

††††††††††††† 1.Iím Begginí You (Straight Pass)2.Iím Begginí You (Madhouse Mix)3.Iím Begginí

††††††††††††† You (Dub Mix)

††††††††††††† 12: AUSL A&M X13302


1987.10†††††† FREE AS A BIRD†††††††††††††††††††††††††† UK.93

††††††††††††† 1.Itís Alright2.Not the Moment3.It Doesnít Matter4.Where I Stand5.Free as

††††††††††††† a Bird6.Iím Begginí You7.You Never Can Tell With Friends8.Thing for You

††††††††††††† 9.An Awful Thing to Waste


(orig lp)†††† UK A&M AMA-5181 [diecut/lyrics], US A&M SP-5181, JPN A&M C28Y-3207 [lyrics]


1987††††††††† CLASSICS VOLUME 9


(orig cd)†††† US A&M CD-2507


1988.02†††††† A1.FREE AS A BIRDB1.Iím Begginí You

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK A&M AM-430 [ps]

††††††††††††† B1.Thing for You

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US A&M 2996

††††††††††††† 2.Iím Begginí You (Madhouse Mix)3.Iím Begginí You (Dub Mix)

††††††††††††† 12: UK A&M AMY-430


1988.10†††††† LIVE Ď88


(orig cd)†††† JPN A&M D25Y-3291


1992.07†††††† 1.GIVE A LITTLE BIT

††††††††††††† 2.Breakfast in America3.Give a Little Bit (Live)

††††††††††††† CDSPRO: UK A&M AMCD-0007DJ


1990††††††††† THE VERY BEST OF SUPERTRAMP††††††††††††† UK.24†††† t

††††††††††††† 1.School2.Goodbye Stranger3.The Logical Song4.Bloody Well Right5.Breakfast

††††††††††††† in America6.Rudy7.Take the Long Way Home8.Crime of the Century9.Dreamer

††††††††††††† 10.Ainít Nobody But Me11.Hide in Your Shell12.From Now On13.Give a Little

††††††††††††† Bit14.Itís Raining Again15.Cannonball


(orig cd)†††† US/SWI A&M 397 091-2



††††††††††††† 1.Lady2.Oh Darling3.Even in the Quitest Moments4.Waiting So Long5.Babaji

††††††††††††† 6.Gone Hollywood7.If Everyone Was Listening8.Just Another Nervous Wrekc

††††††††††††† 9.Donít Leave Me Now10.My Kind of Lady11.A Soapbox Opera12.Downstream

††††††††††††† 13.Foolís Overture14.Free as a Bird


(orig cd)†††† UK A&M 540047



††††††††††††† 1.Itís a Hard World2.You Win, I Lose3.Get Your Act Together4.Live to Love

††††††††††††† You5.Some Things Never Change6.Listen to Me Please7.Sooner or Later8.Help

††††††††††††† Me Down That Road9.And the Light10.Give Me a Chance11.Cíest What?12.Where

††††††††††††† Thereís a Will


(orig cd)†††† US Oxygen 90002, NET EMI SPCD-2102

(orig cs)†††† UK EMI SPMC-2063

(reiss cd)††† 1999: JPN EMI TOCP-50194


1997††††††††† 1.YOU WIN, I LOSE (Edit)

††††††††††††† CDSPRO: NET EMI SPCD-2072

††††††††††††† 2.You Win I Lose (Album Version)

††††††††††††† CDSPRO: US Oxygen 04

††††††††††††† 1.You Win, I Lose

††††††††††††† CDSPRO: FRA EMI SPCD-2071


1997††††††††† 1.LISTEN TO ME PLEASE (Edit)2.Listen to Me Please (Album Version)

††††††††††††† CDSPRO: NET EMI SPCD-2102

††††††††††††† 2.-4.?

††††††††††††† CDS: GER EMI 883909


1999.10.08††† IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES

††††††††††††† A1.Itís a Hard WorldA2.You Win, I LoseA3.Listen to me PleaseA4.Ainít Nobody

††††††††††††† But MeA5.Sooner or LaterA6.Free as a BirdA7.CannonballA8.From Now On

††††††††††††† A9.Breakfast in AmericaA10.Give Me a ChanceA11.RudyB1.DownstreamB2.Another

††††††††††††† Manís WomanB3.Take the Long Way HomeB4.Bloody Well RightB5.The Logical Song

††††††††††††† B6.Goodbye StrangerB7.SchoolB8.And the LightB9.Donít You Lie to Me

††††††††††††† B10.Crime of the Century


(orig 2-cd)†† UK EMI 499390



††††††††††††† 1.Free as a Bird2.The Logical Song3.Take the Long Way Home4.Bloody Well

††††††††††††† Right


(promo cd-ep) UK EMI 886686


1999††††††††† INTERVIEW CD


(promo cd)††† NET EMI CDIN-119


2002.03.25††† SLOW MOTION

††††††††††††† 1.Slow Motion2.Little By Little3.Broken Hearted4.Over You5.Tenth Avenue

††††††††††††† Breakdown6.Sting in the Tail7.Bee in Your Bonnet8.Goldrush9.Dead Manís

††††††††††††† Blues


(orig cd)†††† UK EMI 538624


2002††††††††† 1.SLOW MOTION (Edit)2.Slow Motion (Album Version)

††††††††††††† CDSPRO: EEC EMI 550498



(2-cd vers.)A1.Surely (Edit)A2.Your Poppa Donít MindA3.Land HoA4.Summer Romance

††††††††††††† A5.SchoolA6.Bloody Well RightA7.DreamerA8.RudyA9.Crime of the Century

††††††††††††† A10.Sister MoonshineA11.Ainít Nobody But MeA12.LadyA13.Two of UsA14.Give a

††††††††††††† Little BitA15.DownstreamA16.Even in the Quitest MomentsA17.From Now On

††††††††††††† B1.Gone HollywoodB2.The Logical SongB3.Goodbye StrangerB4.Breakfast in

††††††††††††† AmericaB5.Oh DarlingB6.Take the Long Way HomeB7.You Started Laughing

††††††††††††† B8.Itís Raining AgainB9.My Kind of LadyB10.Donít Leave Me NowB11.Cannonball

††††††††††††† B12.Free as BirdB13.You Win, I LoseB14.Another Manís Woman (Live)B15.Over

††††††††††††† You

(1-cd vers.)1.Surely (Edit)2.Land Ho3.School4.Bloody Well Right5.Dreamer6.Crime of

††††††††††††† the Century7.Ainít Nobody Bt Me8.Give a Little Bit9.From Now On10.The

††††††††††††† Logical Song11.Goodbye Stranger12.Breakfast in America13.Take the Long Way

††††††††††††† Home14.Itís Raining Again15.Cannonball16.Free as a Bird17.You Win, I Lose


(orig 2-cd)†† UK/TAI A&M 9886 928, US A&M 5490

(orig cd)†††† AUSL A&M 9886 934



††††††††††††† 1.Land Ho2.The Logical Song3.Breakfast in America4.Take the Long Way Home


(promo cd-ep) UK A&M STRETROCDP-1


2006.04.04††† SUPERTRAMP LIVE, 1997

††††††††††††† 1.You Win I Lose2.Listen to Me Please3.Sooner or Later4.Free as a Bird

††††††††††††† 5.Cannonball 6.From Now On7.Breakfast in America8.And the Light9.Take the

††††††††††††† Long Way Home10.Bloody Well Right11.The Logical Song12.Goodbye Stranger

††††††††††††† 13.School


(orig cd)†††† US EMI Gold


2007.04.10††† CONCERT CLASSICS

††††††††††††† 1.School2.Bloody Well Right3.Hide in Your Shell4.Asylum5.Sister Moonshine

††††††††††††† 6.Just a Normal Day7.Another Manís Woman8.Lady9.Dreamer10.Rudy11.If

††††††††††††† Everyone Was Listening12.Crime of the Century


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