Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Russian composer whose sense of melody has ingratiated his music to generations. Keith Emerson was particularly fond of his work, folding Tchaikovsky's 6th symphony and the Nutcracker Suite into the repertoire of The Nice and ELP respectively. The later symphonies, the violin concerto and several of the ballet suites (Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet) are perennial favorites. The discography below is obviously nowhere near complete, as I plan on building it as I go through my collection.

Date ALBUMS / Singles
1958 SYMPHONY NO. 4 IN F MINOR (Royal Philharmonic Orch./Beecham)
1960 SWAN LAKE (Prague Nat'l Theater/Skvor)
1960 June SYMPHONY NO. 6 IN B MINOR "PATHETIQUE" (Czech Phil./Talich)
1960 CONCERTO NO. 1 IN B FLAT FOR PIANO & ORCHESTRA (Richter, Czech Phil./Ancel)
1961 SYMPHONY NO. 5 IN E MINOR (Czech Phil./Matacic)
1962 SYMPHONY NO. 1 IN G MINOR "WINTER DREAMS" (Prague Symphony/Smetacek)

The Nice: Five Bridges
The Nice: Elegy


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