1964.08†††††† A1.DONíT START CRYING NOW

††††††††††††† B1.One Two Brown Eyes

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Decca


1964.11.04††† A1.BABY PLEASE DONíT GO††††††††††††††††† UK.10 (UK.65-1991) US.93

††††††††††††† B1.Gloria

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Decca F-12018, March 1965: US Parrot 45-9727

(reiss 7Ē)††† July 1973: UK Deram, May 1982: UK Deram, October 1983: UK Old Gold, January 1991:

††††††††††††† UK London

(1988)††††††† B1.Baby Please Donít Go (w. Adrian Cronauer introduction)

††††††††††††† 12PRO: US A&M SP-17540


1965.02†††††† THEM (EP)

††††††††††††† 1.Donít Start Crying Now2.Philosophy3.One Two Brown Eyes4.Baby Please Donít

††††††††††††† Go


(orig 7EP)††† FRA Decca 457.069M [flipback]


1965.03.05††† A1.HERE COMES THE NIGHT††††††††††††††††† UK.2††††† US.24

††††††††††††† B1.All For Myself

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Decca F-12094, May 1965: US Parrot 45-9749

(reiss 7Ē)††† September 1973: UK Deram, October 1983: UK Old Gold


1965.06†††††† THE ďANGRYĒ YOUNG THEM†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.54

††††††††††††† A1.Here Comes the NightA2.Mystic EyesA3.Donít Look BackA4.Little Girl

††††††††††††† A5.One Two Brown EyesA6.GloriaB1.One More TimeB2.If You and I Could Be as

††††††††††††† TwoB3.I Like It Like ThatB4.Im Gonna Dress in BlackB5.Route 66B6.Go on

††††††††††††† Home Baby


(orig lp)†††† UK Decca LK-4700 [mono], GER Decca SLK-17029P

(reiss lp)††† 1968: JPN London SLC-506, 1973: UK Deram, February 1989: UK Deram, 2008: GER Decca

††††††††††††† LK-4700

(orig lp-us)repackaged as THEM

††††††††††††† US Parrot PA-61005 [mono], US Parrot PAS-71005 [stereo]


1965.06.11††† A1.ONE MORE TIME††††

††††††††††††† B1.How Long Baby?

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Decca F-12175


1965.08.08††† A1.(IT WONíT HURT) HALF AS MUCH

††††††††††††† B1.Iím Gonna Dress in Black

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Decca F-12215, US Parrot 45-9784


1965.10†††††† A1.MYSTIC EYES†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.33

††††††††††††† B1.If You and I Could Be As Two

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Parrot 45-9796, November 12 1965: UK Decca F-12281


   Jim Armstrong (guitar), Ray Elliott (piano, sax), Alan Henderson (bass), Van Morrison (vocals, harmonica), John Wilson (drums)

1966.01.21††† THEM AGAIN†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.138

††††††††††††† Produced by Tommy Scott

††††††††††††† A1.Could You Would YouA2.Something You GotA3.Call My NameA4.Turn on Your

††††††††††††† Love LightA5.I Put a Spell on YouA6.I Can Only Give You EverythingA7.My

††††††††††††† Lonely Sad EyesA8.I Got a WomanB1.Out of SightB2.Itís All Over Now, Baby

††††††††††††† BlueB3.Bad or GoodB4.How Long BabyB5.Hello JosephineB6.Donít You Know

††††††††††††† B7.Hey GirlB8.Bring Ďem on In


(orig lp)†††† UK Decca LK-4751 [mono], FRA Decca 158.019, GER Decca BLK 16427-P [mono]

(reiss lp)††† 1970: GER/NET Decca 6412001, 1982: JPN London L20P-1063, 1989: UK/US Deram 820 564

(orig lpz)††† w. only tracks: 1-4,6-7,9-12,14,16

††††††††††††† April 1966: US Parrot PA-61008 [mono], US Parrot PAS-71008 [stereo]

(reiss cdx)†† UK version w. bonus track: 17.One More Time

††††††††††††† 1989: UK/US Deram 820 564-2


1966.03.11††† A1.CALL MY NAME

††††††††††††† B1.Bring ĎEm On In

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Decca F-12355 [feat. Later, alternate takes of the album cuts]


1966.04†††††† A1.GLORIA††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.71

††††††††††††† B1.Baby Please Donít Go

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US London

(reiss 7Ē)††† UK Deram DM-394

(1968.01)†††† B1.Here Comes the Night

††††††††††††† 7Ē: JPN London TOP-1233 [ps]


1966.05.13††† A1.RICHARD CORY

††††††††††††† B1.Donít You Know

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Decca F-12403, US Parrot 45-3003


1966††††††††† THEM (ONE MORE TIME)

††††††††††††† A1.Here Comes the NightA2.I Put a Spell on YouA3.Baby Please Donít GoA4.All

††††††††††††† for MyselfA5.Donít Look BackA6.How Long BabyB1.Richard CoryB2.Philosophy

††††††††††††† B3.One More TimeB4.Donít Start Crying NowB5.One Two Brown EyesB6.(It Wonít

††††††††††††† Hurt) Half As Much


(orig lp)†††† NET Decca XBL-646005 [mono], NET Decca 9286900

(reiss lpz)†† repackaged as BELFAST GYPSIES

††††††††††††† 1969: SWE Sonet


1966††††††††† PORTLAND TOWN (EP)

††††††††††††† 1.Portland Town2.Itís All Over Now Baby Blue3.Midnight Train4.The Gorilla


(orig ep)†††† FRA label unknown

(reiss cdep)2006: FRA Magic 3930281


1966††††††††† GLORIAíS DREAM (EP)

††††††††††††† 1.Gloriaís Dream2.The Crazy World Inside Me3.Secret Police4.Aria of the

††††††††††††† Fallen Angels


(orig 7EP)††† FRA Disques Vogue INT.18079

(orig cdep)†† 2008: FRA Vogue INT-18079


1966††††††††† BRING ĎEM ON IN (EP)

††††††††††††† 1.Bring ĎEm On In2.Call My Name3.Mystic Eyes4.I Can Only Give You Everything


(orig 7EP)††† FRA Decca 457.108M


1967††††††††† A1.GLORIA††††

††††††††††††† B1.Fridayís Child

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Major Minor


1967††††††††† A1.THE STORY OF THEM

††††††††††††† B1.The Story of Them (Part 2)

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Major Minor


1968.01†††††† NOW AND THEM

††††††††††††† 1.Iím Your Witch Doctor2.Whatís the Matter Baby3.Truth Machine4.Square Room

††††††††††††† 5.Youíre Just What I Was Looking for Today6.Dirty Old Man7.At the Age of

††††††††††††† Sixteen8.Nobody Loves You When Youíre Down and Out9.Walking the Queenís Garden

††††††††††††† 10.I Happen to Love You11.Come to Me


(orig lp)†††† US Tower ST-8404

(reiss lp)††† December 1988: UK Zap! ZAP-7

(reiss cd)††† December 1988: UK Zap!



††††††††††††† B1.Happen to Love You

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Tower


1968.04†††††† A1.SQUARE ROOM

††††††††††††† B1.But Itís Alright

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Tower


1968.11†††††† TIME OUT! TIME IN FOR THEM

††††††††††††† 1.Time Out For Time In2.She Put a Hex on You3.Bent Over You4.Waltz of the

††††††††††††† Flies5.Black Widow Spider6.Weíve All Agreed to Help7.Market Place8.Just

††††††††††††† One Conception9.Young Woman10.The Moth


(orig lp)†††† US Tower

(reiss cd)††† December 1988: UK Zap!


1968.11†††††† A1.WALTZ OF THE FLIES

††††††††††††† B1.We All Agreed to Help

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Tower


1969.03†††††† A1.DARK ARE THE SHADOWS

††††††††††††† B1.Corina

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Tower


1969††††††††† THEM

††††††††††††† 1.I Keep Singing2.Lonely Weekends3.Take a Little Time4.You Got Me Good5.Jo

††††††††††††† Ann6.Memphis Lady7.In the Midnight Hour8.Nobody Cares9.I Am Waiting

††††††††††††† 10.Just a Little


(orig lp)†††† US Happy Tiger HT-1004

(reiss cd)††† 2008: UK Fallout FOCD-2100


1969††††††††† BELFAST GYPSIES

††††††††††††† 1.Gloriaís Dream2.The Crazy World Inside Me3.Midnight Train4.Aria of the

††††††††††††† Fallen Angels5.Baby Blue6.People Letís Freak Out7.Boom Boom8.The Last Will

††††††††††††† and Testament9.Portland Town10.Hey Gyp! Dig the Slowness11.Suicide Song

††††††††††††† 12.Secret Police


(orig lp)†††† SWE Sonet GP-9923


1970††††††††† A1.LONELY WEEKENDS

††††††††††††† B1.I Am Waiting

††††††††††††† 7Ē: CAN Happy Tiger HT-525


1970††††††††† A1.NOBODY CARES

††††††††††††† B1.Memphis Lady

††††††††††††† 7Ē: CAN Happy Tiger HT-534


1970††††††††† THE WORLD OF THEM


(orig lp)†††† UK Decca SPA-86, GER Decca ND-585




(orig lp)†††† FRA Decca 210.003


1971††††††††† THEM IN REALITY

††††††††††††† 1.Gloria2.Baby Please Donít Go3.Laugh4.Let My Song Through5.California Man

††††††††††††† 6.Lessons of the Sea7.Rayn8.Back to the Country9.Can You Believe


(orig lp)†††† US Happy Tiger

(reiss cd)††† 2008: UK Fallout FOCD-2101



††††††††††††† 1.Gloria2.I Like It Like That3.One More Time4.My Lonely Sad Eyes5.Go on

††††††††††††† Home Baby6.Just a Little Bit7.Mystic Eyes8.If You and I Could Be As Two

††††††††††††† 9.Little Girl10.My Little Baby11.Philosophy12.Itís All Over Now Baby Blues

††††††††††††† 13.Baby Please Donít Go14.I Gave My Love a Diamond15.You Just Canít Win

††††††††††††† 16.Could You Would You17.Richard Cory18.Bad or Good19.Bring Ďem on In

††††††††††††† 20.One Two Brown Eyes21.All for Myself22.It Wonít Hurt Half as Much23.Hey

††††††††††††† Girl24.Here Comes the Night


(orig 2-lp)†† US Parrot BP-71053/4 [gf], October 1973: UK Deram DPA-3001/2 [gf]


1972††††††††† BAD OR GOOD


(orig 2-lp)†† GER Decca SD-3008/1-2


1974††††††††† BACKTRACKINí


(orig lp)†††† US London PS-639


1976.05†††††† ROCK ROOTS


(orig lp)†††† UK Decca ROOTS-3


1977††††††††† THE STORY OF THEM

††††††††††††† 1.The Story of Them (Parts 1&2)2.Timeís Gettiní Tougher Than Tough3.Stormy

††††††††††††† Monday4.Baby, What You Want Me to Do5.Bright Lights, Big City6.My Little

††††††††††††† Baby7.I Got a Woman8.Philosophy9.Fridayís Child


(orig lp)†††† US London LC-50001


1978††††††††† THEM FIRST

††††††††††††† 1.Mystic Eyes2.If You and I Could Be As Two3.Little Girl4.Just a Little Bit

††††††††††††† 5.I Gave My Love a Diamond6.Gloria7.You Just Canít Win8.Go on Home Baby

††††††††††††† 9.Donít Look Back10.I Like It Like That11.Iím Gonna Dress in Black12.Bright

††††††††††††† Lights Big City13.My Little Baby14.Get Your Kicks on Route 66


(orig lp)†††† JPN London GFX-2028

(reiss lp)††† 1982: JPN London L20P-1062 [mono], 1988: JPN London L18P-1267


1979††††††††† SHUT YOUR MOUTH

††††††††††††† 1.Hamburg Connection2.Iím a Lover Not a Worker3.Shut Your Mouth4.Needed on

††††††††††††† the Farm5.Streetwalking Lady6.Firewater7.Child of the Sixties8.Slowdown

††††††††††††† 9.Losing You10.Weekend Entertainer11.Holy Roller12.Cincinnati Diceman


(orig lp)†††† UK Decca


1986††††††††† THEM

††††††††††††† 1.Donít Start Crying Now2.Baby Please Donít Go3.Here Comes the Night4.One

††††††††††††† More Time5.(It Wonít Hurt) Half As Much 6.Mystic Eyes7.Call My Name

††††††††††††† 8.Richard Cory9.Gloria10.The Story of Them (Part 1)11.One Two Brown Eyes

††††††††††††† 12.Philosophy13.All for Myself14.How Long Baby15.Iím Gonna Dress in Black

††††††††††††† 16.If You and I Could Be as Two17.Bring ĎEm On In18.Donít You Know

††††††††††††† 19.Fridayís Child20.The Story of Them (Part 2)


(orig lp)†††† UK See For Miles SEE-31


1986.08†††††† THE COLLECTION

††††††††††††† 1.Baby Please Donít Go2.Bright Lights Big City3.I Put a Spell on You4.Hello

††††††††††††† Josephine5.Turn on Your Lovelight6.Donít Start Crying Now7.Gloria8.Story

††††††††††††† of Them9.Itís All Over Now Baby Blue10.I Got a Woman11.My Little Baby

††††††††††††† 12.How Long Baby13.Here Comes the Night14.Stormy Monday15.I Like It Like

††††††††††††† That16.Go On Home Baby17.Out of Sight18.Baby What You Want Me to Do

††††††††††††† 19.Route 6620.Fridays Child21.Little Girl22.Hey Girl23.Call My Name

††††††††††††† 24.Mystic Eyes


(orig 2-lp)†† UK Castle CCSCD-131

(reiss cd)††† 1992: UK Castle


1987.09†††††† THE SINGLES


(orig lp)†††† UK See For Miles




(orig 2-cd)†† US Deram 4833-2 [digrem]