Tin Machine Discography

To hear it told, David Bowie wanted to make hard rock that he wanted to hear, under the creative environment of a band. A benefit performance with Reeves Gabrels convinced Bowie he'd found his guitarist, and he invited old Iggy mates Hunt and Tony Sales to round out the affair. Thus Tin Machine (they didn't care much what they were called) was fabricated with an eye toward making new rock the old-fashioned way, with a live-in-the-studio energy. Many simply saw it as a shiny new vehicle for David Bowie, and no doubt he needed a change of scenery, but the Machine was dismantled after two studio albums and a live contract ender. Tin Machine stirred up as much controversy for its cover choices and David's defiant insistence that the band was really a band, as for the music they made.

Date ALBUMS / Singles
1989 June Under The God
1989 June The Interview
1989 August Tin Machine
1989 October Prisoner of Love
1989 Heaven's In Here
1991 August You Belong In Rock 'n' Roll
1991 September TIN MACHINE II
1991 October Baby Universal
1991 One Shot
1992 July OY VEY, BABY

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