BHS 3522 Healing
Produced by Todd Rundgren
Released on February 1981
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BHS 3522 cover
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I t was only a matter of time before one of Todd Rundgren’s DIY projects took him down a simpler, more electronic path. Healing is that project, a spiritual “lite” journey through Todd’s core beliefs, beginning with the visitation of “Healer” and culminating in the side-long transmigration of the soul, “Healing.” Heavy stuff, you’re thinking, except that Healing is wonderfully uncluttered, voice and melody in union with tasteful embellishments (percussion, airy textures, and intoxicating patterns). Only “Shine” recalls the cacophonous rush of Utopia; otherwise, this album is a lot closer to the work of Steve Winwood than Utopia’s electronic adventures. As immaculate a studio album as it is, not everyone will buy into the idea of a spiritual pop album (although spirituality has always been a part of Rundgren’s vision). Fortunately, Healing is a soft sell; in fact, the album is completely enjoyable as a new album of Rundgren compositions independent of any deeper meaning. You have the heart-rending love song (“Compassion”), the funny novelty song (“Golden Goose”), the bubbly pop tune (“Pulse”) and so on. Healing also included a free seven-inch single featuring “Time Heals” and “Tiny Demons.” They’re nice additions, although keeping track of an extra single is always more work than it’s worth. I should note that not everyone likes Healing; you’d think Rundgren fans would be a resilient bunch by now, but the new wave scene in 1981 had a lot of sensible folks feeling synthe-phobic. Today, getting past the electronic arrangements is less of an obstacle, making Healing feel remarkably accessible (at least to these ears).

BHS 3522 back cover BHS 3522-EP free single
BHS 3522 back cover BHS 3522-EP free single


  1. HEALER    3:40
  2. PULSE    3:07
  3. FLESH    3:58
  4. GOLDEN GOOSE    3:16
  5. COMPASSION    4:43
  6. SHINE    8:12
  7. HEALING PART I    7:28
  8. HEALING PART II    7:52
  9. HEALING PART III    4:40

    Free 7-inch single track listing
  10. TIME HEALS    3:33
  11. TINY DEMONS    3:08

    All songs written by Todd Rundgren


TODD RUNDGREN -- singing, playing, engineering
Bean -- additional engineering
Praire Prince -- artwork

US February 1981 Bearsville LP/CS BHS/W5 3522 w. bonus 7"
UK 1981 Island LP ILPS 9657 w. bonus 7"
AUS'L 1981 Bearsville LP L 37547  
CAN 1981 Bearsville LP XBR 3522  
GER/NET 1981 Bearsville LP 203 352 320  
JPN 1981 Bearsville LP 26AP-2021 lyric insert w. bonus 7"
US   Rhino LP/CD/CS RNLP/RNCD 70874 digital remaster
UK May 17, 1999 Essential CD ESMCD 705 digital remaster


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