DGCD-24618 The Woman's Boat
Produced by Toni Childs and David Bottrill
Released on May 24, 1994
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DGCD-24618 cover
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Y ou know, I’ve never heard a guy write an album about the male experience. I’ve heard it in snippets, from XTC’s “Earn Enough For Us” to The Dead Kennedys' “Too Drunk To Fuck,” but never an entire opus. Women, on the other hand, seem to be able to write mystical works around the feminine experience. I suspect it’s because women are capable of creating life inside them. (You’ll never hear a guy wax poetic about the little tadpoles loitering in our left testicles.) The Woman’s Boat is a conceptual work about the female life cycle: life, love, birth of a child, death. For men I think it’s life, love, work, death. Of course, I’m not suggesting that’s a hard template or anything, but women write songs about childbirth more often than men. If that horrible song that goes “When she told me, she was going to have my baby...” is any indication, men shouldn’t either. The Woman’s Boat sounds a lot like Peter Gabriel’s recent work (Us, Passion) and Kate Bush’s more conceptual stuff (the second half of Hounds), with the difference being Toni’s voice. It’s very rough; Patti Smith or Marianne Faithfull rough. It gives her performance a pained intensity that makes listening to The Woman’s Boat a little like watching childbirth. Maybe that was the whole idea, I don’t know. And then there’s the African angle that clearly forms a part of Childs’ collected experience but always seems to arrive with so much baggage. It’s a heavy opus, like the pomegranate pictured on the cover a lot of work for a little bit of fruit. It lets up sometimes (“Welcome to the World,” “Lay Down Your Pain”), but otherwise The Woman’s Boat is a bitter feast. If the Kate Bush comparison caught your eye, paddle on over to Tori Amos instead.

DGCD-24618 lyric gatefold DGCD-24618 back sleeve
DGCD-24618 lyric gatefold DGCD-24618 back sleeve


  1. WOMB    (Toni Childs)    4:49
  2. WELCOME TO THE WORLD    (Toni Childs/Jimmy Smyth)    6:24
  3. PREDATOR    (Toni Childs/Jimmy Smyth)    6:44
  4. I JUST WANT AFFECTION    (Toni Childs)    5:57
  5. I MET A MAN    (Toni Childs)    4:41
  6. THE WOMAN'S BOAT    (Toni Childs/David Rhodes)    5:01
  7. WILD BRIDE    (Toni Childs/Jimmy Smyth)    3:59
  8. SACRIFICE    (Toni Childs/Jimmy Smyth)    5:16
  9. LAY DOWN YOUR PAIN    (Toni Childs/David Rhodes)    6:09
  10. LONG TIME COMING    (Toni Childs/Jimmy Smyth)    4:33
  11. DEATH    (Toni Childs/Jimmy Smyth)    10:28


TONI CHILDS -- vocals, synth
RON ASLAN -- programming, additional engineering
PAPE DIENG -- drums, voice
PANDIT DINESH -- tabla, voice
ROBERT FRIPP -- guitar, Frippertronics
LEE HARRIS -- percussion
TREY GUNN -- stick
SALLY NYOLO -- voices
JIMMY SMYTH-- guitar, bass, synth, piano
Kirtsy Allen -- voice (7)
David Bottrill -- voice (7)
Jules Brooks -- programming
Caroline Dale -- cello (11)
Ben Findlay -- voice
Sylvia Franklin -- voice (7)
Peter Gabriel -- voice (5)
Nemo Jones -- guitar
Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan -- voice (7)
Ustad Sultan Khan -- sarangi (4)
Peter McKinney -- drums
Nitya Mohan -- tamboura
Mark Mondessir -- drums
Jenny Newman -- voice
Ayub Ogada -- voice, nyatti (5)
David Rhodes -- guitar
Ron Reeves -- didgeridoo (3)
Carol Rowley -- voice
Kate St. John -- cor anglais (11)
Sundar -- clay pot, mridangam, tavil, moorsing
Martin Tillman -- cello
Karl Wallinger -- synth (5)
Annie Waterhouse -- voice (7)
Richard Litt -- photography
Kevin Reagan -- art direction/design

US May 24, 1994 Geffen CD/CS DGCD-24618 lyric sleeve


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