60781-1 Can't Look Away
Produced by Bob Ezrin and Trevor Rabin
Released on 1989
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C an’t Look Away makes clear just how much of Trevor Rabin’s hand guided the reconstituted Yes (90125, Big Generator). Or you could have looked at the songwriting credits on those albums and come to the same conclusion, I suppose. Rabin’s heavy hand has always been better suited to the arena rock of Asia, his lyrical concerns align more with their love and war logic. On the scale of a smaller Big Generator, Can’t Look Away doesn’t disappoint. “Etoile Noir/Eyes of Love,” “I Can’t Look Away,” “Something To Hold On To” and the instrumental “Sludge” would have received consideration in a tallying of tracks for the new Yes album. Rabin is a heroic guitarist, which is to say he brews up a big battle of sounds and runs right into the middle of the fray, axe in hand. The precedent is Steve Hackett rather than Steve Howe, since Rabin and Hackett push many of the same buttons. Trevor Rabin likes to set the stage, build up the tension and then release it with a huge chorus. On the upbeat end, it sounds like “Love Will Find A Way,” on the downbeat end, “Shoot High Aim Low.” In between, be warned, is filler that sounds like late-period Foreigner, so I would go into this with open eyes. Bob Ezrin has never done anything by halves, and the high production quality pays off, so much so that you’ll be scanning the liner notes looking for the names of the other musicians. There aren’t any, just a few drummers and some backing vocals; Rabin rules the rest of it with a hot iron hand. If you really enjoyed Rabin’s work with Yes, you owe it to yourself to look into this, his first post-Yes album. Yes, it’s ultimately arena rock in search of a stage, but Trevor Rabin has earned the spotlight and, half of the time here anyway, he simply shines.


  1. I CAN'T LOOK AWAY    (Trevor Rabin/Bob Ezrin/Anthony Moore)    7:19
  2. SOMETHING TO HOLD ON TO    (Trevor Rabin)    5:05
  3. SORROW (YOUR HEART)    (Trevor Rabin)    4:28
  4. COVER UP    (Trevor Rabin/G.Rabin/Anthony Moore)    5:17
  5. PROMISES    (Trevor Rabin)    5:54
  6. ETOILE NOIR    (Trevor Rabin)    1:03
  7. EYES OF LOVE    (Trevor Rabin/Bob Ezrin)    6:53
  8. I DIDN'T THINK IT WOULD LAST    (Trevor Rabin/Bob Ezrin)    4:05
  9. HOLD ON TO ME    (Trevor Rabin/Patric Van Blerk)    4:42
  10. SLUDGE    (Trevor Rabin)    2:26
  11. I MISS YOU NOW    (Trevor Rabin)    5:38
  12. THE CAPE    (Trevor Rabin)    2:57


TREVOR RABIN -- vocals, backing vocals, all instruments other than drums, engineer
Basil -- drums
Bob Ezrin -- backing vocals, engineer
Duncan Faure -- backing vocals
Denny Fongheiser -- drums (7)
Lou Molino III -- drums
The Passion Brokers -- backing vocals
  Beulah Hashe
  Faith Kekana
  Tsidi Leloka
  Marilyn Nokwe
Alan White -- drums
Stan Katayama -- engineer
Rick Butz -- additional engineering
Julian Stoll -- additional engineering
Dave Subklewe -- additional engineering
Julie Last -- additional engineering
Tom Banghart -- additional engineering
Ringo Hrycyna -- additional engineering
Carol Bobolts -- art direction
Lisa Powers -- photography

US 1989 Elektra LP/CD/CS 60781-1/2/4 lyric sleeve


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