B-5254 The Monkey Time
(A) Produced by David Foster
(B) Produced by Bobby Colomby
Released on 1983
US CHART POSITION #68 (charted Oct. 1, 1983 for 4 weeks)
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B-5254 w. picture sleeve
[high resolution scan]

K ronomyth 7.2: MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DUET. If you had told me that Fee Waybill and Martha Davis of The Motels would one day cover an old Major Lance hit written by Curtis Mayfield, I probably would have fallen asleep somewhere around the word “Motels.” No falling asleep during this song, though. It’s a hoot as Martha and the boys dial the wayback machine to Monkey Time and Tubularize it with their groovalicity. There may be some subtle differences between this and the elpee version (e.g., Martha’s voice is given an echo treatment on the single), so stay tuned for that magical day off in the distance when I actually have time to listen to the two versions and compare notes. The B side is a nonalbum track that missed the cut for the majors, but has inexplicably attached itself to two Best Ofs all the same. Go Tubes go (figure)!


  1. THE MONKEY TIME    (Curtis Mayfield)    3:40
  2. SPORTS FANS    (Tubes)    4:22


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US 1983 Capitol 7PRO P-B-5254 feat. A only
US 1983 Capitol 12PRO PRO-912 feat. A only
US/CAN 1983 Capitol 7" B-5254 picture sleeve
AUSL 1983 Capitol 7" CP-1132  


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