Bill Bruford (drums), Allan Holdsworth (guitar), Eddie Jobson (keyboards), John Wetton

       (bass, vocals).


1978          U.K.

              1.In the Dead of Night  2.By the Light of Day  3.Presto Vivace and Reprise 

              4.Thirty Years  5.Alaska  6.Time to Kill  7.Nevermore  8.Mental Medication


(orig lp)     UK Polydor 2302 080, US Polydor PD-1-6146 [ps]

(reiss cd)    US Editions EG EGCD-35, Caroline 1555


     Holdsworth leaves, Terry Bozzio (drums) replaces Bruford.


1979          DANGER MONEY

              1.Danger Money  2.Rendezvous 6:02  3.The Only Thing She Needs  4.Caesar’s Palace

              Blues  5.Nothing to Lose  6.Carrying No Cross


(orig lp)     UK Polydor 2302 089

(reiss cd)    US Editions EG EGCD-39, Caroline 1585


1979          NIGHT AFTER NIGHT

              A1.Night After Night  A2.Rendezvous 6:02  A3.Nothing to Lose  A4.As Long As You

              Want Me Here  B1.Alaska  B2.Time to Kill  B3.Presto Vivace  B4.In the Dead of

              Night  B5.Caesar’s Palace Blues


(orig lp)     UK Polydor POLD-5026, US/CAN Polydor PD-1-6234, JPN Polydor MPF-1265 [gf/poster],

              NET Polydor 2302 096

(reiss lp)    June 30 1990: US Editions EG EGLP-42

(reiss cs)    June 30 1990: US Editions EG EGLPC-42

(reiss cd)    June 30 1990: US Editions EG EGCD-42, Caroline 1586



              1.Alaska, Part 1  2.Alaska, Part 2  3.Time to Kill  4.Carrying No Cross  5.Thirty

              Years  6.In the Dead of Night  7.Casesar’s Palace Blues


(orig cd)     Renaissance 704