ESMCD594 The Best Of... Part 2
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Released on November? 1997
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P hbthhphbthh. That’s for Rolling Stone and everybody else who said Heep were ‘orrible. Part 2, baby. In your face. This picks up after David Byron (“one of the most strident and annoying singers in rock history” - RS) left the band, a period in which the band struggled to find someone to fill Byron’s strident and annoying shoes. John Lawton was pretty strident, John Sloman pretty annoying, but with Peter Goalby and (later) Bernie Shaw people stopped pining for Byron. All four vocalists are featured here, from Firefly (Lawton’s best) to Conquest (Sloman’s only) to Abominog to Raging Silence. During that time, the band moved from an outmoded ‘70s hard rock band (“Wise Man”) to a tight ‘80s metal band (“That’s the Way That It Is”) that could boast Ozzy’s original rhythm section. It was a long, strange trip, one with a happy ending despite the odds. They lost their leader (Ken Hensley), endured countless lineup changes and played wherever they were wanted, becoming ambassadors of rock in the bargain. I won’t tell you that the twenty songs on The Best of... Part 2 will make a Heepster out of you. “Free Me,” “Come Back to Me,” “Feelings,” those are pretty awful songs. But there are some nice surprises too: the live version of “Suicidal Man,” “The Hanging Tree,” “Blood Red Roses.” They were new to me, and settled somewhere near the top of the heap. Given that the post-Byron albums were often spotty, The Best of... Part 2 lets you fast-forward through the ‘80s without falling asleep. (I wrote a review of this for AMG too some years back and can’t find the link now. It’s probably floating out there somewhere.)

ESMCD594 gatefold sleeve
ESMCD594 gatefold sleeve


  1. THE HANGING TREE    (Jack Williams/Ken Hensley)
  2. SYMPATHY    (Ken Hensley)
  3. WISE MAN (single edit)    (Ken Hensley)
  4. FREE ME    (Ken Hensley)
  5. FREE 'N EASY    (John Lawton/Mick Box)
  6. COME BACK TO ME    (Lee Kerslake/Ken Hensley)
  7. LOVE OR NOTHING    (Ken Hensley)
  8. WOMAN OF THE NIGHT (LIVE)    (Ken Hensley)
  9. CARRY ON (single edit)    (Ken Hensley)
  10. FEELINGS (single edit)    (Ken Hensley)
  11. EASY LIVIN' (LIVE 1980)    (Ken Hensley)
  12. SUICIDAL MAN (LIVE 1980)    (Mick Box/David Byron/Lee Kerslake/Gary Thain)
  13. THAT'S THE WAY THAT IT IS    (Peter Bliss)
  14. THINK IT OVER    (Trevor Bolder/John Sloman)
  15. STAY ON TOP    (Jackson)
  16. THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT    (Mick Box/Bob Daisley/Pete Goalby/John Sinclair/Lee Kerslake)
  17. TOO SCARED TO RUN (LIVE IN MOSCOW)    (Mick Box/Bob Daisley/Pete Goalby/John Sinclair/Lee Kerslake)
  18. BLOOD RED ROSES    (Pete Goalby)
  19. HOLD YOUR HEAD UP    (Rod Argent/White)
  20. BLOOD ON STONE    (Trevor Bolder)


Robert M. Corich -- research and coordination, re-mastering, additional mixing
Richard Roy -- re-mastering
Mike Brown -- re-mastering
Albert De Gouveia -- reissue design

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UK November? 1997 Essential CD ESMCD594 original remasters, picture sleeve
US October 26, 1999 Castle Music America CD 534  
UK September 25, 2001 Sanctuary CD 81112  


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