822 476-2 The Best of Uriah Heep
Produced by Gerry Bron
Released on 1976
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822 476-2 cover  

T his is Heep at their full height: overlords of overload, mongers of mongrel mysticism, purveyors of pummeling riffs. And yet, by cutting the cord to the years 1970-1972, could it be that the band's best years were already well behind them? So maybe they should have subtitled this one "the early years," but delete one track here in favor of something later? Never! "July Morning," "Gypsy," "The Wizard," "Look At Yourself," "Bird of Prey" -- if that's not the best of Uriah Heep, what is? Regional versions of the band's "best" differ, testaments to the personal nature of Heep's music, since certain songs resonate with certain folks, and the band's singles are hardly a helpful compass through their body of work. This compilation is. It'll have you salivating for your next Uriah Heep record and, should you develop a taste for them in time, serve as a welcome reminder of why you stay faithful despite the occasional dog in their discography. Read the review at All Music Guide.

822 476-2 booklet back cover
822 476-2 booklet back cover


  1. EASY LIVIN'    (Ken Hensley)    2:36
  2. LADY IN BLACK    (Ken Hensley)    4:44
  3. BIRD OF PREY    (Mick Box/David Byron/Paul Newton)    4:05
  4. SUNRISE    (Ken Hensley)    4:04
  5. THE WIZARD    (Ken Hensley/Mark Clarke)    2:59
  6. SWEET LORRAINE    (Mick Box/David Byron/Gary Thain)    4:16
  7. JULY MORNING    (Ken Hensley/David Byron)    10:33
  8. LOOK AT YOURSELF    (Ken Hensley)    5:09
  9. GYPSY    (Mick Box/David Byron)    6:37


MICK BOX -- lead guitar, vocals
DAVID BYRON -- vocals
KEN HENSLEY -- organ, Mellotron, Moog, guitars, vocals
PAUL NEWTON-- bass guitar
Loughty Amao -- percussion (8)
Keith Baker -- drums (2,3)
Ian Clarke -- drums (7,8)
Lee Kerslake -- drums (1,4,5,6)
Manfred Mann -- Moog (7)
Alex Napier -- drums (9)
Teddy Osei -- percussion (8)
Gary Thain -- bass guitar (1,4,5,6)
Mac Tontoh -- percussion (8)
Peter Gallen -- engineer

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US 1976 Mercury LP/CS SRM-1-1070  
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US July 25, 1989 Mercury CD/CS 822 476 picture sleeve


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