CMEDD171 Anthology Volume II - Blood On Stone
(previously released material)
Released on March 19, 2001
(no chart information)
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    Disc One...
  1. THE HANGING TREE    (Ken Hensley/Jack Williams)
  2. FIREFLY    (Ken Hensley)
  3. WISE MAN    (Ken Hensley)
  4. FREE 'N' EASY    (Mick Box/John Lawton)
  5. ILLUSION    (Ken Hensley)
  6. FREE ME    (Ken Hensley)
  7. COME BACK TO ME    (Ken Hensley/Lee Kerslake)
  8. LOVE OR NOTHING    (Ken Hensley)
  9. FALLEN ANGEL    (Ken Hensley)
  10. WOMAN OF THE NIGHT    (Mick Box/Lee Kerslake/John Lawton)
  11. CARRY ON    (Ken Hensley)
  12. FEELINGS    (Ken Hensley)
  13. THINK IT OVER    (Trevor Bolder/John Sloman)
  14. LOVE STEALER    (Myhill/Wainman)
  15. ON THE REBOUND    (Russ Ballard)
  16. THAT'S THE WAY THAT IT IS    (Peter Bliss)
  17. HOT PERSUASION    (Mick Box/Bob Daisley/Peter Goalby/John Sinclair/Lee Kerslake)
  18. STAY ON TOP    (Jackson)
  19. LONELY NIGHTS    (Adams/Vallance)

    Disc Two...
  20. THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT    (Mick Box/Bob Daisley/Peter Goalby/John Sinclair/Lee Kerslake)
  21. WEEKEND WARRIORS    (Mick Box/Bob Daisley/Peter Goalby/John Sinclair/Lee Kerslake)
  22. EASY LIVIN' (LIVE IN MOSCOW)    (Ken Hensley)
  23. THE WIZARD (LIVE IN MOSCOW)    (Ken Hensley/Clarke)
  24. GYPSY (LIVE IN MOSCOW)    (Mick Box/David Byron)
  25. HOLD YOU HEAD UP    (Rod Argent/White)
  26. BLOOD RED ROSES    (Peter Goalby)
  27. VOICE ON MY TV    (Mick Box/Phil Lanzon)
  28. CRY FREEDOM    (Mick Box/Phil Lanzon)
  29. WHEN THE WAR IS OVER    (Prestwich)
  30. BLOOD ON STONE    (Trevor Bolder)
  31. DIFFERENT WORLD    (Mick Box/Phil Lanzon)
  32. ALL GOD'S CHIDLREN    (Mick Box/Phil Lanzon)
  33. WHICH WALL WILL THE WIND BLOW    (Trevor Bolder)
  34. LOOK AT YOURSELF (LIVE IN EUROPE 1979)    (Ken Hensley)
  35. LADY IN BLACK (LIVE IN EUROPE 1979)    (Ken Hensley)


Steve Hammonds -- project co-ordination
Joe Geesin -- sleeve notes
Marcus Sprigens -- artwork and design

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UK March 19, 2001 Castle/Sanctuary 2CD CMEDD171 cardboard cover, picture sleeve
US September 11, 2001 Sanctuary 2CD 81106 cardboard cover, picture sleeve



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