81124-2 Live In Moscow
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Released on July 1988
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81124-2 cover
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81124-2 gatefold sleeve
81124-2 gatefold sleeve


  1. BIRD OF PREY    (Mick Box/David Byron/Paul Newton)
  2. STEALIN'    (Ken Hensley)
  3. TOO SCARED TO RUN    (Mick Box/Bob Daisley/Pete Goalby/Lee Kerslake/John Sinclair)
  4. CORINA    (Mick Box/Phil Lanzon/Bernie Shaw)
  5. MISTER MAJESTIC    (Phil Lanzon)
  6. THE WIZARD    (Ken Hensley/Clark)
  7. JULY MORNING    (Ken Hensley/David Byron)
  8. EASY LIVIN'    (Ken Hensley)
  9. THAT'S THE WAY THAT IT IS    Bliss)
  10. PACIFIC HIGHWAY    (Phil Lanzon/Bernie Shaw)
  11. (CD bonus track:) GYPSY    (Mick Box/David Byron)

    CD reissue bons tracks
  12. ROCKARAMA    (Pete Goalby/John Sinclair/Trevor Bolder/Lee Kerslake/Mick Box)
  13. HEARTACHE CITY    (Pete Goalby/John Sinclair/Trevor Bolder/Lee Kerslake/Mick Box)


TREVOR BOLDER -- bass guitar, vocals
MICK BOX -- guitar, vocals
LEE KERSLAKE -- drums, vocals
PHIL LANZON -- keyboards, vocals
BERNIE SHAW -- lead vocals
Janos Mihaly and Gabor Hegedus -- engineers
Uriah Heep and Bob Mallet -- mixing
Pen & Inc -- original sleeve design
Tony Mootram & Ray Palmer -- original sleeve photography
Mick Box and the UHAS Archives -- extra photos & clippings
Albert de Gouveia and Laura Vallis -- reissue design

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UK July 1988 Legacy LP/CD/CS LLP/LLCD-118 gatefold cover
CAN 1988 Attic/Legacy CD ACDM1354  
HUN 1988 Gong LP SLPXL37233  
  1992 World of Hurt CD/CS 1002  
  1993 Castle CD CLA 276  
  November 18, 1994 Grififn Music CD 238  
UK March 25, 1998 Essential CDX ESMCD611 digital remaster w. bonus tracks
US October 9, 2001 Castle Music/Sanctuary CD 81124 digital remaster w. bonus tracks


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