R2 78264 Jools Holland's Big Band Rhythm & Blues
Produced by Laurie Latham
Released on December 8, 2001
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K ronomyth 10.0: BIG BAND AID. 20 years ago, Jools Holland seemed fated to be a footnote—the original keyboard player in a band (Squeeze) that had already gone through three of them. And then there was his first solo album, Jools Holland and His Millionaires, which was released as Squeeze stunned the world with their retirement, turning every head back to Misters Difford and Tilbrook. Fate, however, has a funny sense of humor, even if it takes a while to reach the punchline. Fast-forward 10 years and Holland is an international star as the host of his own highly popular musical television show, Later… With Jools Holland. Later… brought a who’s who of musical personalities into contact with Jools, many of whom joined Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra (a big band built specifically by Holland) for live jam sessions during the program. This album is the first in a series that pairs Holland and his Orchestra in the studio with a rock & rolodex that anyone would envy: Sting, George Harrison, Paul Weller, Joe Strummer, Mark Knopfler, Van Morrison, Steve Winwood, Jamiroquai, Eric Clapton, and I wouldn’t dare “et cetera” anybody else but there are more stars where those came from. Usually, you don’t get an album like this unless somebody is either dying or starving. A good half of the album has Holland and his Band backing the artists on interpretations of songs by Ray Charles, Willie Dixon, Billy Preston, The Beatles, Louis Armstrong, Jonny Mercer, Screaming Jay Hawkins and others. The other half—the better half, surprisingly—is original material cowritten in most cases with Mr. Holland himself: “Valentine Moon,” “Orange and Lemons Again,” “All That You Are.” The styles are as eclectic as the artists themselves and include ska, soul, blues and rock. And far from the perfunctory performances you could rightly expect from an album like this, many of the artists sound rejuvenated; Dr. John, Steve Winwood, Van Morrison, Paul Carrack and John Cale seem absolutely energized in the studio. I hadn’t expected much from this disc, certainly not 22 tracks of new, quality music, but Big Band’s got some big hands to hold it all together. Looks like we’ll need to leave some pretty big margins at the bottom for this footnote, since Holland is living large.


  1. Sting: SEVENTH SON    (Willie Dixon)    3:04
  2. George Harrison: HORSE TO THE WATER    (George Harrison/Dhani Harrison)    5:00
  3. Paul Weller: WILL IT GO ROUND IN CIRCLES    (Billy Preston/Bruce Fisher)    3:31
  4. Sam Brown: VALENTINE MOON    (Jools Holland/Sam Brown)    4:02
  5. Joe Strummer: THE RETURN OF THE BLUES COWBOY    (Joe Strummer/Jools Holland)    2:41
  6. Dr. John: THE HAND THAT CHANGED ITS MIND    (Jools Holland/Mac Rebennack)    3:25
  7. Ruby Turner: NOBODY BUT YOU    (Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil)    3:45
  8. Stereophonics: REVOLUTION    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)    :18
  9. Mica Paris & David Gilmour: I PUT A SPELL ON YOU    (Screaming Jay Hawkins)    4:07
  10. Suggs: ORANGES & LEMONS AGAIN    (Jools Holland/Suggs)    3:38
  11. Eric Bibb: ALL THAT YOU ARE    (Eric Bibb/Jools Holland)    3:15
  12. Mark Knopfler: MADEMOISELLE WILL DECIDE    (Mark Knopfler)    2:24
  13. Van Morrison: BACK O' TOWN BLUES    (Louis Armstrong/Luis Carl Russell)    3:27
  14. Chris Difford: TOWN AND COUNTRY RHYTHM AND BLUES    (Jools Holland/Chris Difford)    3:50
  15. John Cale: I WANNA BE AROUND    (Jonny Mercer/Sadie Vimmerstedt)    3:04
  16. Steve Winwood: I'M READY    (Willie Dixon)    3:15
  17. Marc Almond: SAY HELLO, WAVE GOODBYE    (Marc Almond/David Ball)    4:35
  18. Mick Hucknall: T-BONE SHUFFLE    (Aaron T-Bone Walker)    3:01
  19. Paul Carrack: IT'S SO BLUE    (Jools Holland/Christopher Holland/Paul Carrack/Richard Holland)    4:02
  20. Taj Mahal: OUTSKIRTS OF TOWN    (William Weldon/Roy Jacobs)    4:53
  21. Jamiroquai: I'M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE    (Dorothy Fields/Jimmy McHugh)    3:07
  22. Eric Clapton: WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU    (Ray Charles)    3:27


JOOLS HOLLAND -- piano, vocals, co-producer (21)
MICK BALL -- trumpet
MARK FLANAGAN -- guitars, photography
ROGER GOSLYN -- trombone
PETER LONG -- baritone sax, clarinet, arranger (15)
JASON McDERMID -- trumpet, arranger (7)
RICO RODRIGUEZ -- trombone
JON SCOTT -- trumpet, arranger (13, 18)
DAVE SWIFT -- bass
PHIL VEACOCK -- sax, horn & string arrangements
ALISTAIR WHITE -- trombone
Gina Ball -- violin
Guy Barker -- trumpet (20)
Paul Bartholomew -- arranger (3,16)
Fenella Barton -- violin
Dinah Beamish -- cello
Ellen Blair -- viola (4)
Sam Brown -- vocals
Trevor Burley -- cello (4)
Emily Burridge -- cello
Rita Campbell -- backing vocals
Nick Cooper -- cello
Phil D'Arcy -- viola (4)
Barnaby Dickinson -- trombone (20)
Claudia Fontaine -- backing vocals
Alex Garnet -- alto/tenor sax
Ray Gelato -- sax
Howard Gott -- violin (4)
Leo Green -- sax
Anna Hemery -- violin
Sally Herbert -- violin
Ian Jennings -- double bass (12)
John Jezzard -- viola (4)
Laurie Latham -- percussion (1), engineer, mixing
Jeff Moore -- violin
Jackie Norrie -- violin
Claire Orsler -- viola (4)
Dave Peers -- trumpet (6,10)
Adrian Revell -- sax
Julia Singleton -- violin
Neil Smith -- trumpet (20)
Marina Solarek -- violin
Jayne Spencer -- violin
Anna Stephenson -- violin
Chris Storr -- trumpet (6,10)
Abigail Trundle -- cello
Steve White -- percussion (3)
Anne Wood -- violin
Brian Wright -- violin
Ron Barrow -- additional engineering, co-producer (21)
Jon Jacobs -- mixing
Jay Reynolds -- mixing
Mary McCartney McDonald, Olivia Harrison, Albert Watson, Andre Csillag, Brain Rasic -- photography
Christabel McEwan -- design, additional photography
Kerry Harper/IT Lab Creative -- layout

UK December 2001 WSM CD 42656 rel. as SMALL WORLD BIG BAND
US December 8, 2001 Rhino CD R2-78264  


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