CK 47481 Heavy Weather
Produced by Joe Zawinul and Jaco Pastorius
Released on 1977
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CK 47481 cover  

B eginning with an irresistible invitation to the dance (“Birdland”), Heavy Weather is a brilliant balancing act that shows off every facet of this remarkably talented band. After the opening “Birdland,” a truly celestial celebration of sound, Heavy Weather delves into the gentle, peaceful “A Remark You Made,” only to shake off that dewy sleep with Pastorius’ patented percussive magic on the invigorating “Teen Town.” It’s this alternating between different styles and composers that likens hearing Heavy Weather to looking at a finely cut gem in the light. The musical ground covered on this outing, and the unerring quality of the compositions themselves, are a powerful combination. Individually, these songs rank with the band’s best: “Harlequin” melting like a timepiece in the sun, Zawinul’s magical portrait of “The Juggler,” “Palladium” dancing like a bug in dappled sunlight, each arrangement a near reinvention of the band that played on the preceding track. Invariably, my favorite track on Heavy Weather is the track playing at the moment; even the live percussion solo “Rumba Mama” shines when the time comes. Note that the Columbia/Legacy remaster from 1992 sounds terrific on disc and features nice liner notes from Peter Keepnews, so I’d start there first. And I’d start here if you’re approaching Weather Report for the first time. This is arguably their greatest album, and thus one of the great fusion albums of all time. Best of all, nuances in the music continually come to light, so even on a rainy day (like today) an old standby like Heavy Weather can make staying indoors a pleasure.

CK 47481 back booklet
CK 47481 back booklet


  1. BIRDLAND    (Joe Zawinul)    5:58
  2. A REMARK YOU MADE    (Joe Zawinul)    6:50
  3. TEEN TOWN    (Jaco Pastorius)    2:52
  4. HARLEQUIN    (Wayne Shorter)    3:58
  5. RUMBA MAMA    (Manolo Badrena/Alex Acuna)    2:11
  6. PALLADIUM    (Wayne Shorter)    4:42
  7. THE JUGGLER    (Joe Zawinul)    5:04
  8. HAVONA    (Jaco Pastorius)    6:02


ALEX ACUNA -- drums, congas, tom toms, handclaps
MANOLO BADRENA -- tambourine, congas, vocal, timbales, percussion
JACO PASTORIUS -- bass, mandocello, vocal, drums, steel drums
WAYNE SHORTER -- soprano & tenor saxophone, assistant producer
JOE ZAWINUL -- Overheim polyphonic, ARP 2600, acoustic piano, vocal, Melodica, Rhodes piano, guitar, tabla, orchestrations
Ron Malo -- engineer
John Snyder -- reissue producer (1992)
Keith Williamson -- photography
Lou Beach -- illustration
Nancy Donald -- original design

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US 1977 Columbia LP/CS PC/PCT 34418  
UK 1977 CBS LP 81775  
US 1991 Columbia CS CGT 38223 repackaged w. BLACK MARKET
US 1992 Columbia/Legacy CD/CS CK/CT 47481 digitally remastered, picture sleeve
  1993 Sony CD 57185  
US 1994 Columbia/Legacy CD 64427  
JPN   Sony CD SRCS-9146  
WW 1997 Sony CD CK 65108 20-bit digital remaster


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