The Woodentops


1984          A1.PLENTY

              2.Have You Seen the Lights  3.Everybody

              12: UK Food Limited SNAK-002


1985          A1.MOVE ME  B1.Do It Anyway

              7”: UK Rough Trade RT-165 [ps]

              3.Steady Steady

              12: UK Rough Trade RTT-165


1985          A1.WELL, WELL, WELL  B1.Get It On

              7”: UK Rough Trade RT-167 [ps], NET Megadisc/Rough Trade MD-5296 [ps]

              3.Cold Inside

              12: UK Rough Trade RTT-167


1985          A1.IT WILL COME  B1.Special Friend

              7”: UK Rough Trade RT-169 [ps]

              3.Plutonium Rock

              12: UK Rough Trade



              1.Move Me  2.Well Well Well  3.Plutonium Rock  4.It Will Come  5.Do It Anyway 

              6.Steady Steady


(orig ep)     JPN Rough Trade 25RTL-3012, 1986: NET Megadisc MD-7974


1986          WELL WELL WELL...

              A1.Move Me  A2.Get It On  A3.Do It Anyway  A4.Steady Steady  B1.Well Well Well

              (Long Version)  B2.It Will Come  B3.Special Friend  B4.Cold Inside


(orig lp)     US Upside Records UPX-60003

(orig cs)     US Upside Records UPCX-60003


     de Freitas, Mawby, McGinty, Staples, Thompson with Jack Emblow, Chucho Merchan, Danny

       Shogger, Steve Sidwell.


1986          A1.GOOD THING  B1.Travelling Man

              7”: UK Rough Trade RT-177 [ps]

              A1.Good Thing (Mix)  B1.Travelling Man (Mix)

              12: UK Rough Trade RTT-177


1986          A1.LOVE TRAIN  B1.Love Train (Live)

              12PRO: US Columbia 2634


1986.07       GIANT                                    UK.35

              Produced by Bob Sargeant

              A1.Get It On  A2.Good Thing  A3.Give It Time  A4.Love Train  A5.Hear Me James 

              A6.Love Affair With Everyday Livin’  B1.So Good Today  B2.Shout  B3.History 

              B4.Travelling Man  B5.Last Time  B6.Everything Breaks


(orig lp)     UK Rough Trade ROUGH-87 [ps], US Columbia BFC-40468 [ps], AUSL Rough Trade L-30117

              [ps], CAN Columbia FC-40468 [ps], FRA Rough Trade 70446

(orig cs)     UK Rough Trade ROUGHC-87, US Columbia BCT-40468

(orig cd)     UK Rough Trade ROUGHCD-87

(reiss cs)    1991: US Columbia PCT-40468

(reiss cd)    1991: US Columbia CK-40468

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 13.It Will Come  14.Special Friend  15.Plutonium Rock  16.Well

              Well Well

              August 7 2001: UK Cherry Red CDMRED-190


1986          A1.EVERYDAY LIVING  B1.Why

              7”: UK Rough Trade RTT-178

              C1.Move Me  D1.Well Well Well

              D7”: UK Rough Trade RT-178D [gfps]


1986          A1.GET IT ON  B1.I Want Your Love

              7”: FRA Rough Trade 90273 [ps]


1986          A1.GIVE IT TIME     

              12PRO: US Columbia 2548


1987          LIVE HYPNO-BEAT LIVE

              1.Well Well Well  2.Love Train  3.Travelling Man  4.Get It On  5.Plenty  6.Why 

              7.Everyday Living  8.Good Thing  9.Everything Breaks  10.Move Me


(orig lp)     UK Rough Trade ROUGH-117, JPN Rough Trade VIL-28075 [only 10 tracks?]

(orig cdx)    w. bonus tracks:  11.The Last Time  12.Plutonium Rock + STRAIGHT EIGHT BUSHWAKER


              FRA Virgin HCD-117, Upside Records UP-60012

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 11.Do It Anyway  12.Steady Steady  13.Cold Inside  14.Stop This


              2005: UK Cherry Red CDMRED-195


     de Freitas, Mawby, McGinty, Staples with Gary Lucas, Fred Maher, June Miles, Anne

       Stephenson, Mark Tunkara, Doug Wimbish, Bernie Worrell.


1988          A1.STOP THIS CAR  B1.You Make Me Feel

              7”: UK Rough Trade RT-179 [ps]

              3.You Make Me Feel (Late Night Version)  4.Stop This Car (Motor Mix)

              12: UK Rough Trade RTT-179



              Produced by Rolo McGinty and Scott Litt

              A1.Maybe It Won’t Last  A2.They Can Say What They Want  A3.You Make Me Feel 

              A4.Wheels Turning  B1.Stop This Car  B2.Heaven  B3.What You Give Out  B4.Tuesday

              Wednesday  B5.In a Dream


(orig lp)     US Columbia BFC-40861 [ps], UK Rough Trade ROUGH-127 [ps], EUR Rough Trade RTD-75

              [yellow vinyl], GRC Rough Trade VG-50352 [ps]

(orig cs)     US Columbia PCT-40861, UK Rough Trade ROUGHC-127

(orig cd)     US Columbia CK-40861, UK Rough Trade ROUGHCD-127

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 10.You Make Me Feel (Late Night Mix)  11.I Want Your Love 

              12.Keep a Knockin’  13.Hallelujah  14.Why

              April 19 2002: Cherry Red CDMRED-208


1988          A1.WHEELS TURNING

              12PRO: US Columbia 02912

              2.Wheels Turning (US mix)  3.Wheels Turning (A Sherwood Mix)  4.You Make Me Feel

              (Late Night Mix)  5.Stop This Car (Motor Mix)

              CDS: JPN Victor VDP-28042



              1.Get It On  2.Good Thing  3.Travelling Man  4.Last Time  5.Everything Breaks 

              6.Maybe It Won’t Last  7.You Make Me Feel  8.Stop This Car  9.Heaven  10.Tuesday

              Wednesday  11.Why  12.Move Me  13.Well Well Well  14.It Will Come  15.Love Train 

              16.Everyday Living  17.I Want Your Love


(orig cd)     JPN 3D


2007          THE BBC SESSIONS

              1.Well Well Well  2.Everything Breaks  3.Hear Me James  4.Good Thing  5.Last Time 

              6.Plenty  7.So Good Today  8.It Will Come  9.Move Me  10.Give It Time  11.Special

              Friend  12.Have You Seen the Lights  13.Love Train  14.Why  15.Travelling Man 

              16.Shout  17.Wheels Turning  18.They Can Say What They Want  19.Maybe It Won’t

              Last  20.Heaven


(orig cd)     UK Renascent RENCD-21