MJR018 Stories From The Shed
Produced by Michel Delville & The Wrong Object
Released on January 2008
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A very wise man once said, “Jazz isn’t dead, it just smells funny.” And in the world of Frank Zappa, that makes perfect scents. His brand of avant-garde jazz, or experimental jazz, or fusion, or Nu Jazz (with or without an umlaut, depending on how much of a pretentious ass you really want to be, and there are times when I swear jazz critics have umlauts for eyes) was the turd on the manicured timelawn of musical history. Some people avoided it, some showed it to their friends with a salacious sense of discovery, others simply poked it with a stick and kept moving. The Wrong Object went one step further, taking it as their object of musical inspiration. That inspiration is nowhere more evident than on “Strangler Fig,” in which the bulging Belgian quintet burgles the original turd to a capital T. The strange interludes of “Theresa’s Dress” and “Rippling Stones” also return the smell of burnt weeny to the air. The Wrong Object’s opus moderandi is to pay homage to Zappa and Soft Machine and add their own two cents on top of it: a crackling duststorm of synthesizers that evokes vintage Hawkwind. The opening “Sonic Riot at the Holy Palate” is as bracing a beginning as you’ll hear in the sometimes staid quarters of experimental jazz discs. The following “15/05” reaffirms it, but that carefully controlled chaos soon yields to an album of gracefully lumbering lines (“Saturn”), sputtering rhythms (“Malign Siesta”), buzzing dreams (“Sheepwrecked”) and ambient soundscapes (“Waves And Radiations”) that suggest Soft Machine with an edgier, electronic outlook. Stories From The Shed is squawking boxes tumbling in traffic, the parallel lines of post-bop patriarchs criss-crossed over watercolors, intellect rattling in the black cages of Limbo, it’s dichotomy and duality and diabolical mischief. It’s jazz, that liberating land between intellect and emotion, and it’s great to hear a band that still gives a Shed about tending to the wild things that grow there.


  1. SONIC RIOT AT THE HOLY PALATE    (Michel Delville)    2:51
  2. 15/05    (Fred Deplancq)    5:37
  3. SHEEPWRECKED    (Damien Polard)    5:41
  4. ACQUIRING THE TASTE    (Laurent Delchambre/Michel Delville/Damien Polard)    2:00
  5. LIFTING BELLY    (Michel Delville)    3:13
  6. MALIGN SIESTA    (Michel Delville)    5:36
  7. THERESA'S DRESS    (Michel Delville)    1:22
  8. RIPPLING STONES    (The Wrong Object)    2:47
  9. THERESA'S DRESS (REPRISE)    (Michel Delville)    1:07
  10. STRANGLER FIG    (Michel Delville)    3:23
  11. WAVES AND RADIATIONS    (Laurent Delchambre/Michel Delville/Damien Polard)    3:23
  12. SATURN    (Jean-Paul Estievenart)    6:50
  13. THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH - PART I    (Michel Delville)    5:44
  14. THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH - PART II    (Michel Delville)    4:37


LAURENT DELCHAMBRE -- drums, assorted percussions, samples
MICHEL DELVILLE -- guitar, guitar-synth, electronics
FRED DEPLANCQ -- tenor sax
JEAN-PAUL ESTIEVENART -- trumpet, flugelhorn
DAMIEN POLARD -- bass guitar, electronics
Leonardo Pavkovic -- executive producer, graphics
Marc Atkins -- cover photo

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US January 2008 Moonjune CD MJR018  


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