X2 13052 Just In Time For Christmas
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Released on 1990
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J ustin Bieber. Justin Timberlake. Justin Timeforchristmas. You can see how this Christmas compilation would come to no good. This is, mittens down, the worst Christmas album I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard 3 Ships by Jon Anderson. The idea of a new wave Christmas album isn’t an awful one; XTC, The Kinks and The Waitresses have shown it can work. When I.R.S. shook down its shrinking stable of artists for yuletunes, it came up with an old single from Squeeze (“Christmas Day”) plus contributions from Wall of Voodoo, Stewart Copeland, the dBs, Dread Zeppelin, Timbuk 3 and people you’ve never heard of before. The trouble isn’t the talent but the songs. They are ho-ho crap. On the first track of Christmas, I.R.S. gives us the schizophrenic “Christmas Day,” which (like a lot of the early Squeeze songs) is clever but compresses far too many ideas and jerky rhythms into the mix. It also generates about as much Christmas spirit as a damp sponge. On the second track of Christmas, the girl group Rebel Pebbles (imagine The Go-Gos and The B-52s and Tiffany rolled together in a large carpet and pushed off a cliff) performs the truly, deeply annoying “Cool Yule.” On the third track of Christmas, Stewart Copeland’s alter ego, Klark Kent, appears for an un-super piece of Wall of Voodoodey, “Yo Ho Ho.” Despite a few bright spots (Reckless Sleepers’ “Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday,” The dB’s “Home For The Holidays,” Timbuk 3’s “All I Want For Christmas,” Deborah Holland’s “It Only Comes Once A Year”), Just In Time For Christmas is snow replacement for your classic Xmas records. The songs are generally dour, preachy or just plain tasteless (Steve Hunter’s acoustic “We Three Kings” is a classy exception). Far from spreading the Christmas spirit or adding a new voice to an aging canon, Just In Time For Christmas confirms that I.R.S. and Christmas have nothing in common except for a few letters. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Santa Claus had a restraining order issued against Miles Copeland the following year, since the man shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Christmas after this trainwreck.


  1. Squeeze: CHRISTMAS DAY    (Chris Difford/Glenn Tilbrook)    3:52
  2. Rebel Pebbles: COOL YULE    (Rachel Murray/Robin Barnetti/Michael Gurley/R.Murray)    3:15
  3. Klark Kent: YO HO HO    (Klark Kent)    3:38
  4. Torch Song: HARK    (traditional)    2:24
  5. Reckless Sleepers: EVERY DAY WILL BE LIKE A HOLIDAY    (William Bell/Booker T. Jones)    3:44
  6. Steve Hunter: WE THREE KINGS    (public domain)    2:30
  7. The dB's: HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS    (Peter Holsapple)    2:47
  8. Molly Johnson & Norman Orenstein: SILENT NIGHT    (public domain)    2:51
  9. Deborah Holland: IT ONLY COMES ONCE A YEAR    (Deborah Holland)    3:40
  10. Timbuk 3: ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS    (Pat MacDonald)    3:22
  11. Kennedy Rose: MORE THAN ONE NIGHT A YEAR    (Pat Bunch/Mary Ann Kennedy/Pam Rose)    4:04
  12. Dread Zeppelin: ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY TWO FRONT TEETH    (public domain)    2:55
  13. Wall of Voodoo: SHOULDN'T HAVE GIVEN HIM A GUN FOR CHRISTMAS    (Chas T. Grey/Ned Leukhardt/Marc Moreland/Andy Prieboy)    4:03


Tony Berg -- producer (9)
Frankie Blue -- co-producer (9)
The dB's -- (7)
Dread Zeppelin -- (12)
Greg Edward -- producer (7)
Michael Gurley -- producer (2)
Tom Harding -- associate producer (11)
Dennis Herring -- producer (10)
Deborah Holland (9)
Steve Hunter -- producer (6)
Jah Paul Jo -- producer (12)
Molly Johnson -- (8)
Mary Ann Kennedy -- producer, arranger (11)
Kennedy Rose -- (11)
Klark Kent -- producer (3)
Rasta Li-Mon -- producer (12)
William Orbit -- producer (4)
Norman Orenstein -- producer (8)
Rebel Pebbles -- (2)
Pam Rose -- producer, arranger (11)
Reckless Sleepers -- producer (5)
Squeeze -- producer (1)
Timbuk 3 -- (10)
Torch Song -- (4)
Wall of Voodoo -- producer (13)
John Wood -- producer (1)

US 1990 I.R.S. CD X2 13052  


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