VS 23312 Go+
Produced by John Leckie
Released on October 13, 1978
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VS 23312 cover
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R emember those horrible dub mixes from The Clash that seemed to go on forever? Apparently, we didn’t know how good we had it. A year before “Robber Dub” introduced Clash fans to the concept of fast-forwarding, XTC released an entire EP (okay, twelve minutes) of radically edited remixes to accompany the first 15,000 copies of the already indulgent and patience-testing Go 2 album. Before hearing this EP, I was convinced that Andy Partridge could do no wrong. Turned out I was wrong. Very wrong. These five tracks represent the most indulgent side of the Andy and John Leckie association. They’re poorly produced and (except in the case of “A Dictionary of Modern Marriage”) poorly mixed; inexcusable crimes for a mini-album of dub remixes. In its defense, it does make Go 2 sound like a pop masterpiece by comparison. Aligning the remixes with the originals is sometimes tricky, so navigate by title. “Dance With Me, Germany” is a sparse and spastic treatment of “Meccanik Dancing;” “Beat the Bible” follows “Jumping In Gomorrah” more closely; “A Dictionary of Modern Marriage” is a new original work based only loosely on parts of “Battery Brides;” “Clap Clap Clap” bores “I Am The Audience;” “We Kill The Beast” stalks “The Rhythm” from a distance. Save your time, save your money, save string for goodness sake, do anything but pay perfectly good money for this quasi-collectible. It is not an example of Andy Partridge’s radical re-vision of the XTC’s second album. It is an example of what happens when alcohol and leftover studio time collide.


  1. DANCE WITH ME, GERMANY    (Andy Partridge)    3:29
  2. BEAT THE BIBLE    (Andy Partridge)    2:16
  3. A DICTIONARY OF MODERN MARRIAGE    (Andy Partridge)    2:36
  4. CLAP CLAP CLAP    (Colin Moulding)    2:25
  5. WE KILL THE BEAST    (Colin Moulding)    2:17


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UK October 13, 1978 Virgin EP VS 23312  


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