GEFD-24417 Rag & Bone Buffet
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Released on February 20, 2007
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A coupla cabinetfulls of curios, keepsakes and two christmas carols. A feast for fans, Rag & Bone Buffet collects many of the band’s best B sides, nonalbum soundtrack selections and singles recorded incognito as The Three Wise Men and The Colonel. Beeswax? Buzz off. This is the sweet stuff: “Take This Town,” “Extrovert,” “Happy Families,” “Punch and Judy,” “Thanks for Christmas,” “The World Is Full of Angry Young Men.” On just about any XTC album, they’d be winners. Sandwiched in between two terrific and bountiful works (Oranges, Nonsuch), few had the appetite for this Buffet, but in the long emptiness that followed (and few could have imagined), the smart xtcfarers were those who tucked away a “Mermaid Smiled” or “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen” as a snack. Amazingly, these tracks don’t duplicate the numerous bonus tracks included on the Geffen CD reissues which were, for the most part, outtakes and upstarts. Some of the same sloppy workmanship slips into R&B Buffet: “Strange Tales, Strange Tails,” “I Need Protection.” In fact, the whole thing starts to topple over after the first half, only to regain its balance at the end. Some of this you’ve heard before (“Scissor Man,” “Respectable Street”), some of this you probably don’t need to hear again (“Cockpit Dance Mixture”), but it’s a buffet after all: you don’t need to like everything. You will find plenty to like, and you will come back for more, as I have over the years, because these songs fill in the xtcenery so well.

GEFD-24417 back sleeve
GEFD-24417 back sleeve


  1. EXTROVERT    (Andy Partridge)    3:35
  2. TEN FEET TALL    (Colin Moulding)    3:12
  3. MERMAID SMILED    (Andy Partridge)    2:26
  4. TOO MANY COOKS IN THE KITCHEN    (Colin Moulding)    2:47
  5. RESPECTABLE STREET    (Andy Partridge)    3:05
  6. LOOKING FOR FOOTPRINTS    (Colin Moulding)    3:28
  7. OVER RUSTY WATER    (Andy Partridge)    1:28
  8. HEAVEN IS PAVED WITH BROKEN GLASS    (Andy Partridge)    4:21
  9. THE WORLD IS FULL OF ANGRY YOUNG MEN    (Colin Moulding)    3:39
  10. PUNCH AND JUDY    (Andy Partridge)    2:42
  11. THANKS FOR CHRISTMAS    (Kaspar/Melchior/Balthazar)    3:50
  12. TISSUE TIGERS (THE ARGUERS)    (Andy Partridge)    3:56
  13. I NEED PROTECTION    (Colin Moulding)    3:40
  14. ANOTHER SATELLITE    (Andy Partridge)    4:20
  15. STRANGE TALES, STRANGE TAILS    (Andy Partridge)    2:18
  16. OFFICER BLUE    (Colin Moulding)    2:39
  17. SCISSOR MAN    (Andy Partridge)    4:21
  18. COCKPIT DANCE MIXTURE    (Andy Partridge)    6:02
  19. PULSING PULSING    (Andy Partridge)    1:35
  20. HAPPY FAMILIES    (Andy Partridge)    2:45
  21. COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS PARTY TIME    (Kaspar/Melchior/Balthazar)    4:12
  22. BLAME THE WEATHER    (Colin Moulding)    3:38
  23. TAKE THIS TOWN    (Andy Partridge)    4:08
  24. HISTORY OF ROCK'N' ROLL    (Andy Partridge)    0:22


COLIN MOULDING -- producer (16)
ANDY PARTRIDGE -- producer (15), sleeve
Martin Coplley -- producer (14)
Mick Glossop -- producer (4,13)
John Leckie -- producer (6,15)
Steve Lillywhite -- producer (5,19,23)
Hugh Padgham -- producer (8,10,12,18,22), engineer (5,8,10,12,18,19,22,23)
Todd Rundgren -- producer (1,3)
Jonathon Russle - producer (14)
The Three Wisemen and The Good Lord -- producers (11,21)
Phil Wainman -- producer (2)
Tony Wilson -- producer (17)
XTC -- producer (7,9,10,12,18,10,22,23)
David Dade -- engineer (17)
Fred Kay -- engineer (14)
Glen Tommey -- engineer (20)
Harold and Albert at The Clinic -- sleeve
Johnnie Rutter -- photography
Emma -- bits

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UK August 1990 Virgin CD CDOVD-311  
US August 1990 Geffen CD/CS GEFD/GEFC-24417  


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