90474-1-Y 9012Live - The Solos
No production credits
Released on November 7, 1985
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90474-1-Y cover
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T his is product released prior to Christmas, plain and simple. Awful skinny product too: a few songs from the 90125 tour, a few solos, a few bucks less than a proper album. If you’re not a Yes fan, you are sooo not interested in this album. But if you love Yes and can’t live without them for four minutes, let alone four years, The Solos are a stopgap solution worth seeking out. Rabin is a beast on the two tracks from 90125. The solo, Solly’s Beard, is a different story: an acoustic display of spellbinding celerity that favors Di Meola over wanky Dio metal. The real treat here is at the end. Squire’s Amazing Grace is, in a word, amazing; the fat fuzz tones make this one of the most original reinventions since Hendrix’ Star-Spangled Banner. (Did I mention that I love Yes?) That sets the stage for a medley of instrumentals dubbed Whitefish that includes The Fish and Tempus Fugit. I don’t see how this qualifies as an Alan White solo any more than Soon is a Jon Anderson solo; I suspect someone was looking to fabricate balance. The solo approach is an interesting one, with its precedent in Fragile. Yet there are plenty of honest-to-goodness albums of live music from Yes to consider first, not to mention the 9012Live DVD, of which this is but a sampler. In a perfect world, this music would have been appended to the end of the 90125 expanded remaster, but do we live in a perfect world? No, not yet we don’t.


  1. HOLD ON    (Trevor Rabin/Jon Anderson/Chris Squire)    6:57
  2. SI    (Tony Kaye)    2:40
  3. SOLLY'S BEARD    (Trevor Rabin)    4:39
  4. SOON    (Jon Anderson)    2:18
  5. CHANGES    (Trevor Rabin/Jon Anderson/Alan White)    7:00
  6. AMAZING GRACE    (Traditional)    2:10
  7. WHITEFISH    (Chris Squire/Alan White)    8:40


JON ANDERSON -- lead vocals, keyboard, guitar
TONY KAYE -- keyboards, vocals
TREVOR RABIN -- guitar, vocals
CHRIS SQUIRE -- bass guitar, vocals
ALAN WHITE -- drums, vocals
Casey Young -- synthesizer system design & programming
Paul Devilliers -- sound engineer
Paul Massey -- sound engineer
Garry Mouat -- design structure

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US/CAN November 7, 1985 Atco EP/CSEP 90474-1/4  
UK/GER March 17, 1986 Atco EP 790474-1  
ARG 1985? WEA EP 83971  
BRA 1985? Atco EP 6107 053  


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