Big Generator


Big Generator

Produced by Yes, Trevor Rabin, Paul De Villiers, Trevor Horn

Initially released on September 17, 1987.



REVIEW The Yes lineup that recorded 90125 returned for a followup a few years later, Big Generator, making some minimal concessions to the band’s spiritual roots but otherwise picking up where their last album left off. The material is unerringly good, cowritten by most of the band, though Trevor Rabin again is largely responsible for these well-crafted love songs. The album produced a pair of hits in the tradition of Asia, “Love Will Find a Way” and “Rhythm of Love.” Equally impressive are the tracks that mix arena-scale hooks with flashes of brilliance from longstanding members Chris Squire and Jon Anderson, such as “I’m Running” and “Final Eyes.” Despite exceptional production, the sum effect is less stunning than 90125 - maybe the vocal choruses were too ‘80s or the guitar leads too few, but Big Generator sounded mechanical in spots. Jon Anderson takes more of the lead vocals, and at times the album transcends studio rock to create compelling moods (“Shoot High Aim Low,” “Holy Lamb”), which is true to the spirit of Yes if not the sound. Perhaps in trying to find a more suitable setting for Jon Anderson, the album reveals just how far from the original ideal Yes has travelled. If Big Generator is a slight disappointment following 90125, it still contains too much good music to be dismissed. In many ways Yes follows the same path as Rush: technically impressive and sonically deep, but still bearing traces of the studio’s impersonality.


  1. RHYTHM OF LOVE    (Tony Kaye/Trevor Rabin/Jon Anderson/Chris Squire)    4:49
  2. BIG GENERATOR    (Trevor Rabin/Tony Kaye/Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Alan White)    4:31
  3. SHOOT HIGH AIM LOW    (Alan White/Tony Kaye/Trevor Rabin/Jon Anderson/Chris Squire)    6:59
  4. ALMOST LIKE LOVE    (Tony Kaye/Trevor Rabin/Jon Anderson/Chris Squire)    4:58
  5. LOVE WILL FIND A WAY    (Trevor Rabin)    4:48
  6. FINAL EYES    (Trevor Rabin/Tony Kaye/Jon Anderson/Chris Squire)    6:20
  7. I'M RUNNING    (Trevor Rabin/Chris Squire/Jon Anderson/Tony Kaye/Alan White)    7:34
  8. HOLY LAMB (SONG FOR HARMONIC CONVERGENCE)    (Jon Anderson)    3:15


JON ANDERSON -- lead vocals
TONY KAYE -- keyboards
TREVOR RABIN -- guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, mixing, string arrangements, engineer
CHRIS SQUIRE -- bass guitar, backing vocals
ALAN WHITE -- drums, percussion
Kim Bullard -- keyboard programming
Soul List (James Zavala, Lee R. Thornberg, Nick Lane, Greg Smith) -- horns (4)
James Zavala -- harmonica (5)
Paul De Villers -- engineer
David Glover -- engineer
Alan Goldberg -- engineer
John Jacobs -- engineer
Paul Massey -- engineer
Dave Meegan -- engineer


UK September 17, 1987 Atco LP/CD/CS    
US September 17, 1987 Atco LP/CD/CS 90522 lyric sleeve, color variations on cover


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