SD 7244 Close To The Edge
Produced by Yes & Eddie Offord
Released on September 13, 1972
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SD 7244 cover  

Y es took their sound to even more epic proportions on Close to the Edge, arriving at a plateau that found their ambitious individual styles comingling in a profoundly organic setting. “Close to the Edge” may well be the band’s finest moment: surely its succession of brilliantly rendered musical themes is one of progressive rock’s crowning achievements. The side-long title track returns to the elastic and acrobatic sound of The Yes Album, forsaking the heavier sound of Fragile for a fluidity and clarity that brought all of the instruments into play. The vocals of Jon Anderson have rarely sounded so angelic, the guitar histrionics of Steve Howe intermingle madness and lucidity, Rick Wakeman’s arsenal of keyboards effervesce throughout the arrangements, and Chris Squire’s bass slides in and out of the melodies with often fantastic consequences. (Bill Bruford, while seemingly incapable of being less than creative and unconventional in his rhythms, is called upon to play the musical straight man through much of this music.) Open space, something that Fragile had little need for, plays an even larger role on “And You and I.” The song starts with an acoustic introduction from Howe, and the magical journey is soon underway, invoking moments of sublime beauty with uncanny ease. By comparison, the muscular “Siberian Khatru” is perhaps too heavy handed, although the broad lexicon of sound at the disposable of Howe and Wakeman is again amazing. Close to the Edge is easily the tightest tapestry of music that Yes has woven, and a culmination of the styles explored on their last two albums. Sadly, Bruford left to join King Crimson before the album was released, effectively ending what many still consider to be the band’s “classic” lineup.

SD 7244 inner gatefold SD 7244 lyric sleeve MFSL-1-077 front cover
SD 7244 inner gatefold SD 7244 lyric sleeve MFSL-1-077 front cover


  1. CLOSE TO THE EDGE    (Jon Anderson/Steve Howe)    18:50
    I. The Solid Time of Change
    II. Total Mass Retain
    III. I Get Up I Get Down
    IV. Seasons of Man
  2. AND YOU AND I    (Jon Anderson; themes by Bill Bruford, Steve Howe & Chris Squire)    10:09
    I. Cord of Life
    II. Eclipse    (Chris Squire/Bill Bruford)
    III. The Preacher The Teacher
    IV. Apocalypse
  3. SIBERIAN KHATRU    (Jon Anderson)    8:57


JON ANDERSON -- vocals
STEVE HOWE -- guitar, vocals
CHRIS SQUIRE -- bass, vocals
RICK WAKEMAN -- keyboards
Mike Dunne -- tapes
Eddie Offord -- engineer
Brian Lane -- coordinator
Martin Adelman -- photographs
Roger Dean -- cover, photographs

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UK September 13, 1972 Atlantic LP/CS    
US September 13, 1972 Atlantic LP/CS/8T SD/TP 7244 gatefold tactile cover, lyric sleeve
MEX   Atlantic LP GX01-588 gatefold laminated cover
UK October 1982 Atlantic 2LP/CS 80002 repackaged w. FRAGILE
US 1982 Mobile Fidelity LP MFSL-1-077 gatefold cover, original master recording
US 1988 Atlantic LP/CD/CS SD/CS 19133 gatefold cover, inner sleeve
US August 16, 1994 Atlantic CD 82666 digital remaster



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