82517-2 Highlights - The Very Best of Yes
Compilation produced by Yves Beauvais
Released on September 21, 1993
GOLD RECORD (4/10/98)
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82517-2 cover  

A h, where’s Chris Squire when you need him? Atlantic continued to milk their runaway cash cow with a third compilation in as many years, Highlights - The Very Best of Yes. This is little more than a refinement of Yesstory, itself a refinement of Yesyears. Unlike Classic Yes, which was unrepentant about heading straight for the sweet stuff, Highlights follows the tradition of chronological compilations and timid samplers. A track from their first album, a track from their second album, et cetera. The result isn’t exactly an abbreviated story; it sails over Tales From Topographic Oceans, dodges both Tormato and Drama. And Highlights couldn’t possibly represent the very best of Yes when nothing from Close to the Edge is on here. The lone attraction of Highlights (at the time) was that here were digital remasters of select Yes tracks. The Atlantic remasters themselves wouldn’t be released until the following year, so Highlights gave you an affordable ticket to witness the original wonders in all their digital glory. (The view was better from Yesyears, but it also cost more.) Here, and arguably only here, does Highlights succeed. The remasters are beautiful to behold, from the early classics (“Starship Trooper”) to the late marvels (“Rhythm of Love”). If you couldn’t wait to join the band on a higher three-dimensional plane of sound for sixty minutes, Highlights was the short answer. Over the years, I’ve developed an expectation for what a compilation can/should do: entice neophytes to dig deeper, represent the artist’s catalog, show their evolution as artists, include an unreleased or hard-to-find track for longtime fans, include generous liner notes that fall just shy of a lovefest, and feature improved sound over the originals. Highlights hits about .500, which isn’t bad. It will entice neophytes to dig deeper, it does show their evolution as artists, and it does represent a vast improvement in sound over the first CD releases. But Classic Yes regained its throne with a good remastering, and is the place to start for short fixes and introductions.

82517-2 back cover
82517-2 back cover


  1. SURVIVAL    (Jon Anderson)    6:18
  2. TIME AND A WORD    (Jon Anderson/David Foster)    4:31
    a. Life Seeker    (Jon Anderson)
    b. Disillusion    (Chris Squire)
    c. Wurm    (Steve Howe)
    a. Your Move    (Jon Anderson)
    b. All Good People    (Chris Squire)
  5. ROUNDABOUT    (Jon Anderson/Steve Howe)    8:31
  6. LONG DISTANCE RUNAROUND    (Jon Anderson)    3:33
  7. SOON (single edit)    (Jon Anderson)    4:06
  8. WONDEROUS STORIES    (Jon Anderson)    3:45
  9. GOING FOR THE ONE    (Jon Anderson)    5:32
  10. OWNER OF A LONELY HEART    (Trevor Rabin/Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Trevor Horn)    4:27
  11. LEAVE IT    (Chris Squire/Trevor Rabin/Trevor Horn)    4:10


Elizabeth Barrett -- art director
Steve Dana -- artwork

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EUR September 1993 WEA CD/CS 782517  
US September 21, 1993 Atlantic CD 82517 picture sleeve


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